Today it is possible to be globally connected within a narrow bubble-like mindset. A recent departure from Google’s workplace has this take on it. (h/t @RooBeeDoo1 on Twitter).

In the days before widespread internet, we all knew one or two who believed the moon landings were faked, that the new Ice Age was imminent (caused by rising CO2, incidentally), who believed Russia was behind everything bad that happened and that the Earth is flat.

I never met anyone who believed the Earth is flat but all the others, yes. They were harmless. They were entitled to their opinions of course, nobody would force them to change their minds and mostly, the ideas they had were at least entertaining. A diversion from football in the pub chatter.

Now, those ideas are dangerous. All those individual tinfoil hatters have formed, across the Internet, into large groups. Mostly composed of idiots manipulated by a few smart ones with an agenda, they have formed an army of Pub Nutters and they have assumed quasi-religious status.

I recently tried to talk to a few Climatologists on Twitter. They had reached the point where they claimed anyone who does not believe in climate change is an idiot. I interjected at that point, suggesting that the opposite of ‘believer’ is ‘heretic’.

The Cult of the Green God did not approve of the terminology. I said I wasn’t in this fight, they said the only way I could not be in this fight was if I had another planet to go to. More than once in recent years I have wished for just that.

So, the summary is, if I don’t join the ranks of Believers in Climate Change, the Green God will visit Armageddon on us all.

And still they object to this being called a religion.

I gave up when someone pointed me to the ‘facts’ presented by the IPCC. The argument had gone full circle and it was time to step off. It had reached the point in religious arguments where someone says ‘It’s in the Bible/Quran/Torah therefore it is unquestionable.’ You must believe because It Is Written. Not a religion? Really?

The IPCC depends for its funding on the existence of man-made climate change. If they were faced with proof that we have nothing to do with it, that it’s just the same old climate change the planet has always had, the IPCC would all be out of a job. The same is true of many Climatologists now – they have moved from benignly watching it get warmer and cooler to being utterly dependent on man-made chemical death for funding. Admit we aren’t actually responsible and they go back to tapping the barometer and noting the readings. So, would they say ‘Okay, we’ll all pack up’ or would they set their drones to silence the dissent? Give it a little thought, if you need to.

I was presented with arguments including a conflation with being a gravity denier. Gravity is self-evidently real and needs no proof. As someone who was once stuck beneath a heavy rhubarb and who has fallen off a great many things, I am assured of the reality of gravity. The reality of one thing does not prove the reality of another thing. Anyone with the most basic understanding of science would realise that.

Climate heretics are compared to ‘flat-earthers’. Refusal to believe one thing does not automatically indicate belief in another thing. I do not believe in God. That does not mean I worship Satan. Anyone with the most basic understanding of science would realise that.

I don’t believe in Satan either. I have seen and experienced things I cannot prove but I have not seen evidence of any God or Satan in charge of those things. I’ll keep my own counsel on those things until I have solid evidence for them, I get enough derisory comments from those art students who think they know about science as it is. That’s actual science by the way – I don’t want you to ‘believe’, I want to show you data that supports what I say. I do not yet have that data so I keep quiet about it.

As for flat earthers, show me pictures of the edge of the world, explain the lunar eclipse and time zones and seasons and we’ll talk. Until then, I’ll stick with the oblate spheroid with a tilted axis theory. It works for me.

I do not, and will not, simply ‘believe’ anything. There are things I don’t care about enough to investigate myself and many things I’d like to delve deeper into but don’t have time. Just telling me ‘it’s true, believe it or you’ll be damned’ gets you classified as a religion and we’re done. You have not won the argument. I have simply withdrawn from the fray and will leave you to your beliefs. You win the argument when you convince me you’re right and ‘Believe!’ will never do that.

Another thing that makes me give up on you as a waste of arguing breath is ‘the science is settled’ and ‘there is no meaningful debate to be had’. Those statements do not belong to science. They belong to religion. Once you have writings that nobody is allowed to question, you are a religion. Science has no unquestionable data. None. Not even gravity.

Oh we know gravity is there but we still don’t have a definite mechanism for it. Gravitons? Electromagnetics? Angels on our shoulders holding us down? Even something as self-evident as gravity leaves Science with plenty to argue about. Science is never settled.

If a subject area is completely explained and nobody can refute it, then it’s done and we move on to the next. This is not true of… anything yet. Science once had the atom as the smallest indivisible particle of matter. Well that soon changed, and the particles we know about now are still being investigated. They might turn out to be made of smaller bits. Nothing and nobody is science has yet managed to escape debate. Not even Einstein.

You say your science is unquestionable, you are claiming to be smarter than Einstein. I don’t claim to be that smart and I have the hair. Yeah, I should get to a barber before I start looking like Gandalf… but I digress.

We have an army of Green God Cultists predicting Armageddon unless we protect the environment by mining neodymium for magnets to put into vast steel windmills with miles of copper wire inside to protect the environment from industrialisation… yeah, sounds rather like starting three major religions based on the invisible voice that told Abraham to cut the end of his knob off then kill his son. Sorry, religion, but that is how it looks from the outside.

Actually that’s unfair. Most religions don’t advocate doing this to the planet in order to save it. That’s just for the windmill magnets, we won’t go into all that steel and copper wire production, nor the diesel used by the transport and maintenance trucks, and let’s not mention the hundreds of tons of concrete under each and every oversized lawn ornament pretending to save the environment out there…

Climatology is a religion but it’s a religion with a purpose.The dopes who believe in it won’t see that and they’ll laugh it off and call me heretic – or rather the modern variant, ‘denier’. They’ll call me a flat earther and a gravity denier and an idiot while they march to their doom. I have no problem with any of that. You march on, folks. I’ll wait here with beer and a bacon sandwich and watch you march away.

The insularnet is working exceptionally well. The thing we thought brings us all together is the thing that most effectively separates us into insular groups.The Climatologists have no truck with Population Control and no interest in Immigration Insanity and will distance themselves from the Anti-Sex League who will not mingle with Health Police nor with Political Correctness…

…but they, and more, are all facets of one thing. Facets kept separate, specific, isolated on the global net and easily controlled. If they saw the whole thing they’d refuse to take part. Well, a few jackboot-lovers would still take part but mostly, no. You know, the Righteous have learned a lot from their repeated slapdowns over the centuries. This time they intend full control by a series of backdoors. They hope to open them all at once, before any one group realises what is happening.

I’m not going to say any more at this stage. I want you all to break your own bubbles and see who’s been blowing them. Hint: It’s not lizard people. It’s humans. Not very nice humans but they don’t have scales and rarely eat insects.

I have sometimes wondered if Rolf Harris was brought down not because of some insidious political agenda but because of one line he kept repeating. A line that had to be removed from broadcast, a line that might get people to think things they should not be thinking. A line based on an incomplete picture made of a few brush strokes with the rest yet to fit in.

Can you see what it is yet?


20 thoughts on “Insularnet

  1. Whenever I come upon a fb item where a dozen or more people are enthusiastically embrassing political or scientific hogwash. I suppress the urge to jump in and even gently Socratically question them knowing the upshot will only be, at best, advice to crawl back into my dark and fetid Neanderthal cave. Faith is unshakeable and woe betide the infidel. …For some reason your post here reminded me of “A Canticle for Liebowitz” -monks worshipping a pre-nuclear-blast scrap of paper that read “pound pastrami, six bagels” –articles of faith.

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  2. “I recently tried to talk to a few Climatologists on Twitter. They had reached the point where they claimed anyone who does not believe in climate change is an idiot. “

    Well, they’d be right. The climate is changing, and has changed for millennia, and will go on changing until the sun burns out.

    But what they believe in isn’t climate change. Is it?

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  3. 1. Baotou – never heard of this before, horrible. Makes one want to become a Greenie.
    2. Windmills: seems they do pay for themselves in energy terms, see Fig. 3 here –
    3. Climate change – haven’t a clue. It’s always been changing, hasn’t it? Seems the Permian extinction was down to rising magma – so maybe the world will end again but cheer up, it won’t have been our fault after all! And it could be happening again:

    I do like your heavy hat. Maybe it will come in useful, certainly far better than tinfoil.

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    • There are methane clathrates under the sea too, methane locked in ice that only needs a little push to become a vast bubble heading up. Could be responsible for sudden disappearances of ships. You’d be sailing along a calm sea, a huge bubble appears beneath you forming a momentary crater in the surface. Your ship drops into the bubble and the surface closes over you. No time even to radio a single word.

      I don’t know if that’s ever really happened and there’s probably no way to find out. There’s nothing we can do about it anyway, it’s just one of the hazards of life on the planet.

      Likewise there is nothing we can do about the climate. I live in Scotland where the climate changes by the hour. We had one of those occasional August frosts a week ago. Some years it’s T-shirt weather in November, sometimes the heating is on for midsummer. We cannot control climate, we have to adapt to it.

      Claiming we are responsible for, and can control, the climate is like Druids insisting that without their prayers, the sun won’t rise in the morning. If we don’t build windmills the world will end. It’s the same thing.

      Yes, the planet could release a lot of CO2 and methane as part of its internal cycle and wipe out a huge part of life on Earth but we can’t stop that happening. What we can do, and what the Permian species couldn’t do, is watch for signs that it might be about to happen and get ready for it. Oh, most life will still die but some of us could make it through.

      But if it’s going to happen then it’s going to happen and no amount of windmills or solar panels will stop it happening. We do not control the climate, the planet has gone through many changes, some dramatic, and it’s not going to stay the way we like it forever. We cannot stop it changing so we adapt to the changes or we become extinct. Pretending those changes aren’t going to happen if we pay enough money to the Green God is the best way to ensure we become extinct.

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  4. Once upon a time the PTB decided that they would tax every breath every human took. But how to do it? Along came a very clever chap who suggested that rather than taxing inhalation it would be much better to tax exhalation. Carbon dioxide. The new demon carbon dioxide could be easily taxed in all manner of ways.
    The clever chap made a film of how carbon dioxide was really, really bad and then he got given large amounts of money.
    Hereth ends today’s lesson.

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  5. “Another thing that makes me give up on you as a waste of arguing breath is ‘the science is settled’ and ‘there is no meaningful debate to be had’. Those statements do not belong to science. They belong to religion.”
    At the risk of being pedantic they don’t belong to religion either :> (I sometimes wonder if I’ve just never been diagnosed as on the autistic spectrum…)
    I’m reading Fay Weldon’s novel the “De Cameron Spa” at the moment which includes stories that the participants at the hotel tell each other to entertain. One such is “The Conspiracy Theorist’s Tale”. It’s all there from AGW to the infantilization of the adult population and the line that smoking was banned in pubs because They don’t want people socialising but isolated in their own homes being dumbed down on a diet of reality shows. In the novel, disappointingly, as the characters are supposed to be high-achievers, the others are bored stiff by the tale. As time goes by to me conspiracy theories seem to be making more and more sense.

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  6. My big niggle with the ecowarriors/energy nuts/CO2phobes is the renewable energy scam which has huge trucks – yes, you, Eddie – burning vast amounts of fossil fuel to cart inefficient fuel from one end of the country to the other so it can be burned to justify its own existence.

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    • I do think Rolf was set up – but I’m still trying to work out why.
      I’ve just watched “Rolf on Impressionism” – an inspirational tutorial. Wish he’d been my art teacher.

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  7. Great read.

    I guess the absence of acceptance of the paradox of their plight is the first thing that bothers me. “Climate Change” activists will eventually join forces with “their enemy/enemies” and it’s unavoidable since they are both doing the same thing…changing the climate. If certain interests are trying to “return things to the way they were”…that scares the shit out of me because it means that you are making things go backwards…which means you are tinkering with time itself. (or at least…you are attempting to) How far backwards can you go before you see the oceans inundated once again with Stromatolites because Oxygen levels have dropped to what science says they were 750 million to 1.5 billion years ago? You gonna start farming Stromatolites like you do everything else? Cause you may wanna think about that/rethink considering your current war on bacteria(s) AND the current fascination with ocean acidity levels as well as building, moving, repairing and regrowing reefs. Gonna have to think about the oil & gas as well as medical industries since they both have interests in the ocean, nevermind the fishing and travel/tourist industries. Maybe someday there can be enough oil platforms that hydrafoil cruise ships can slalom through them while your guests troll for their own fishes…but I digress.

    All of this, relies on and depends upon science and it’s own findings. Better hope your numbers are correct. Might wanna address that irony of making changes via a discipline that doesn’t itself change/allow change.

    Q: If subduction/continental drift/plate tectonics is correct, how much data is missing in it’s entirety from your equations? (yeah…as in, extinct and gone…as in wiped out and wiped off in it’s entirety)
    A: Might wanna consider super-volcanoes, global-killers/NEOs and ice-ages while you are tinkering with climate change.
    The more evidence and data and followers that you pile in and on, the greater the gravity. Or at least, I think that’s how it works.

    ^Foetus – Here Comes The Rain^

    CFrank Davis has some nifty thoughts about water today. It has me to thinking about…(drumroll)…power lines. Yeah…power lines. As in, power grid(s) and electrical transfer. Been thinking about it all week actually with repsect to spin(s) and “electron transfer.” Lotta heat to consider there, as well as what allows that heat to exist in the first place, as well as what keeps that heat from going from “normal” to “meltdown” under “normal conditions.” I mean, there’s a lot of energy in The Universe right? With all of this energy…how in the fuck does everything keep from exploding? (lolz)
    I have some ideas, but I still tangle with this notion that science has regarding The Big Bang like it’s over and done with. I mean, if The Big Bang actually happened, it’s still happening…right? That means that there is shit that exists that keeps it from happening over and over again in rapid succession. (Think pulsars, novae, neutron stars, regular stars and/or black holes here…that might help where I’m going with this)

    Anyway…yeah…systems that promote certain things in a different way, so as it appears that it is actually prohibiting. It’s not prohibiting, it’s just encouraging along different lines. If we apply that thought to people/animals/life, and how life sometimes gets clever with prohibiting through and via different ways of promoting, maybe that thought won’t be so confusing.
    (I think I just crossed the Newtonian line that divides the physical and ethereal realms there)
    Anyway…yeah, I’m thinking maybe that electrons don’t always move like we think they do with respect to electricity. That small vacuums are forms when particles align themselves so as to allow to pass certain particles need to move. In my mind anyway, this better explains expansion and contraction when and where they occur. In the case of more dense masses of matter, it’s like this matter is holding up a sign that says “go around” to most other matter(s). In the case of less dense masses of matter, it’s holding up the same “go around” sign…there’s prolly just a different makeup of surrounding matter because of this. Maybe sometimes this sign says “go away” instead of “go around”…and sometimes maybe this sign says “welcome…come on in.”

    Water is a great example, because under the right conditions it can be both inviting and foreboding. It all depends on who/what is trying to get in and how.

    ^SKINNY PUPPY ‘Shore Lined Poison’ TOO DARK PARK Backing Film excerpt (HQ Audio)^

    Meh…sorry for spamming your blog, but thanks for spinning my head. ❤

    P.S. – I still think that most particles are the same shit in different states. (i.e. – neutrinos are actually neutrons in a different state, with a different spin, with different entanglements, on a different path or paths, with a different purpose or purpose(s))

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  8. They have, many of the greenies, yet to decide whether gravity is a ‘pull down’ force from below or an effect of the curvature of space time causing an apparent ‘push down’ from above.

    There are serious questions about the various reasons for the ‘big bang’.

    Anyway, how serious can we be in our knowledge of what makes things work, when about 95% of our universe is ‘dark matter/energy’ about which we know nothing.

    As for Gods, there is at least a 50-50 probability that they/it exist.
    That is, absent solid proofs one way or the other, they/it either exist or they/it do not.

    As a gambler,all life is a gamble, I would never put all my money on a bet where there is a 50% chance that I could be wrong.

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    • I’ve argued about the Big Bang before. We can never know for sure, we can only extrapolate possibilities.

      Even if we had a time machine, we couldn’t go back and look because if the theory is right, the entire universe was compressed into a dot – and we’d still be inside the universe. So we’d be a dot of mush inside a dot of mush.

      Maybe, sometime in the future, someone invents a time machine and tries it. That extra dot of mush arriving might be what sets it off.

      One for the SF authors, maybe?


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  10. One other key feature of climate change that makes it a religion is how pretty much all of its key tenets boil down to me giving them money for obscure reasons. Never is the phrase “You do this, we’ll give you money for doing it” uttered; every single part of the Great Green Blob’s utterings comes at a cost to me, and generally at a profit to them.


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