Anthology Tree

It’s the end of Raingust and about to be the beginning of Smoketember, soon to be followed by Drinktober.  It’s getting dark earlier. Time to think demonic thoughts and write them down.

Darkness falls. Time to play.

The third Underdog Anthology will be a Halloween one and will be the Treeskull Tales or a similar title. It’ll be some kind of play on three/tree anyway. Because of a thing I found in my garden –

The tree has grown back a lot so I’ll have a better photo for the cover.

Same game as before. I’m looking for anything Halloween themed, horror or otherwise (non-horror Halloween stories would be a novelty) and it’ll be a flat rate of £10 per story – negotiable if you want to send in a lot of very short ones or one very big one. As always, you can elect to be paid in copies of the book if you prefer.

I won’t get into royalties with the anthologies. They don’t sell many and dividing it up into fractions of a penny per author isn’t worth the effort. Better to pay up front for this one use of your story. You can use it again anywhere you like and/or send me one you published before. Copyright remains with the author. I pay for one use of the story in one anthology and anything else you want to do with it is up to you.

I would actually encourage authors to republish their story as a one-off 99-cent eBook as long as they mention it was in the anthology. Hell, I’ll even help you do that if you want!

For this one I’m starting early. The last Halloween one (The Underdog Anthology) was late and the Easter one (Tales the Hollow Bunnies Tell) was on time but plagued with delays in getting to print. I want this one available a minimum of a week before Halloween so let’s get to it. There’s no fixed closing date but really, if you can get something by around the end of September it would be good.

I have a dream of placing a ‘cover’ at the start of each story but that is time dependent. If it can be done, I’ll do it.

Format – any length you like but please don’t use any fancy formatting, headers or footers. It takes ages to get those out so that I can draft it into one book. I prefer Word format, Open Office, or if you’re using something weird, save as RTF or even plain text if you have no italics or anything. I just need the words, I’ll deal with formatting.

Yes, you will be proofread and edited (maybe with the help of RooBeeDoo again depending on her work commitments) but I won’t change your style. You will get the edits back for checking and approval before you sign anything. If you don’t like it, you can pull out any time before the contract – and you don’t sign that until you are happy with the way your story is presented.

Most importantly, you don’t pay anything. I deal with the book, I’ll price it as low as possible because it’s not for making a big profit. It advertises Leg Iron Books and the authors published with me. That’s what the anthologies are for. You don’t pay me, I pay you. I haven’t broken even on either of the anthologies so far but they might in future. You never know.

As for the novels and other single author books, the end of today is when I check what’s sold and work out how much I owe those authors. As a press that’s really only in its first year the sales aren’t going to hit the bestseller lists but I think everyone has at least some sales. Basically, authors, don’t order a Lamborghini yet but… it’s your round 😉

As for this anthology, well anything goes as long as there’s a Halloween link. It doesn’t have to be horror as long as Halloween is an important plot point.

If you’re having trouble thinking up a Halloween tale, I recommend whisky and a good stinky blue cheese before bedtime. Write your nightmares before they fade.

Works for me.


15 thoughts on “Anthology Tree

  1. ..if I can think up something that isn’t clichéd and been done to death….
    My only writing talent was for porn – how ‘adult’ can the stories be ? Do they need to be Child Safe or at least legal …cos I did have an idea involving a threesome with the Norns…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Norns –

      The average Texan has a vocabulary of about 100 words. With this new addition, I personally am now up to approximately 58 words. But I’m an Okie, so…yeah.

      Now all I gotta do is figure a usage.

      “A nornada’s gonna come and burn the boyscouts down.”
      -Me, to my grandmother, during a storm, early 1970’s

      Nornada = Tornado

      I guess I already have that one covered. 😉

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      • ““A nornada’s gonna come and burn the boyscouts down.”…the sequel to Snakes On A Plane?
        Spent some time this afternoon researching the ‘Monster of Morbach’ -the last werwolf killed on German soil…but he was a French Alsatian (did you see what I did there?) so that’s ok.

        Liked by 1 person

        • the sequel to Snakes On A Plane?
          Could be.
          /me shrugs
          I just know that I got laughed at forever with that one, and they still do laugh about that one. The “norn” connection was interesting, but it was the only association that I could pull up in the memory banks that even remotely resembled “Norn” when I saw that word.
          /me shrugs again

          Thanks for mentioning it. 🙂

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