Going to take a while to get to the point. Same as always…

Busy here at the moment. Today was the nicest day since about June and I’m hoping the ground will dry out enough to finish the grass and re-do the weeding. I have a similar problem to the farmer who owns this farm – it gets almost dry, and then it rains again. On the farm, harvesting has been frantic and often continuing into darkness when weather allows. The same goes for baling the straw. Today though, it looked like this –

I didn’t even have to photoshop the blue sky in, like you usually have to with Scottish photos. I did crop out the thunderclouds…

The farm here has no livestock, it’s all wheat and barley. Barley – all grain –  prices are likely to be high this year because a wet harvest means paying more to get the grain dried, but as most of the barley goes to whisky distilleries, they can afford it. The rest gets made into beer.

The wheat is made into flour to make bread, butteries and batter for deep frying. Yeah. Scotland takes your green vegetarian crops and says ‘fuck you pal, we’ll use it to make booze, flat rolls made of fat and deep fried lard’.

I expect to soon be in possession of a grass blade for my scythe. I bought the ditch blade first because I mostly use it in the woods but the mowers can’t cope with long wet grass. The scythe doesn’t care how wet the grass is, it reaps it anyway, But the ditch blade is not designed for lawns so I ordered a grass blade. Basically it’s a 75 cm long razor that I attach to the end of a stick and swing around in the garden. Best keep the dog indoors, she already has short enough legs. I also expect a monsoon as soon as it arrives but I’ll be out there with it, swingin’ in the rain. Like a herbicidal maniac.

It’s time for the quarterly author payments. A little more complex this time because there are more books than last time, but it’ll just take a day or so to sort it out. Better get used to that, there’ll be more books every time. Technically I shouldn’t count the ones I buy to send to authors as part of their contract, nor should I count the ones I buy to give away as advertising, but I’m not going to make it difficult for myself. Those count too.

Okay, finally, to the point.

I have watched with interest the sudden acceleration of the genderless agenda. It’s been ticking along for years now, with ‘I am gay, I am a rug muncher, I shag anyone, I am a woman who is really a dickless man’ and so on. It was harmless, it seemed, and sure, some people genuinely feel they should be the opposite gender to the one they were born with, Nothing wrong with that, it’s how they feel, no problem.

LGBT seemed like a harmless group to those of us (straight white males) who are excluded from every group anyway and who have to cringe while white girlie-men insist we deserve eradication while not taking the initiative themselves…

What happened to ‘the courage of your convictions’, eh? Cowardly bastards.

Now, the LGBT movement has developed its own alphabet and is LGBTZJYMTOLflippityfloppitythingywhatnot with more Q’s than have appeared in all the Bond films so far.

It includes ‘pansexual’ (as in ‘I fuck frogs and badgers’) and there is pressure to include paedos in that group because shagging infants is okay as long as you have a letter and a rainbow flag.

I should maybe mention that this is likely to offend. If it does, get over it or watch me not care. Seriously, it’s grow up time. You can throw all the abuse and death threats at me you want. I have spent time surviving homelessness, you want a fight? I remember how. You wasters have grown up in bubble wrap. The people I grew up around will kick your arse into hamburger.

Real LGBT people are getting the hell out of this crap now. Gay is not the same as paedo and not the same as pansexual. A man who likes men is not the same as a man who likes dogs or weasels or any kind of children.

I wonder if they include duck egg fuckers now? That would be P-squared, paedo pansexual…

Tickling trout, when I was younger, had a different meaning. You weren’t trying to give them an orgasm.

Lately it has become more sinister. Now we have ‘experts’ (the new word for ‘money driven idiot’) declaring that children have to be reassigned gender (expensive surgery and to hell with the consequences) just because they indulge in a bit of dress up.

I have worn a kilt. It’s a pretty decent skirt and doesn’t easily blow up to expose your bits. I found it quite a comfortable thing to wear. I hear John Lewis stores are no longer labelling clothes ‘for boys’ or ‘for girls’. Well, okay. I buy what I like to wear anyway and labels are for pigeons. I don’t want to be pigeonholed but I will be. I’ll be in the ‘scruffy bastard charity shop’ box.

I’m okay with that. You can pigeonhole me if you want. You can pretend I’m racist and misogynist and an actual demon just because I’m white and straight and non-religious and I’ll let you know if I ever start to care.

Okay, you’re a guy who prefers to go for the tradesmen’s entrance or a girl who prefers tribbing or a guy/girl who goes both ways or a man/woman who feels they should have been a woman/man… This is all fine with me. I don’t care. Go your own way. Live your life the way you want to. You only have one go at it. All you can do is try to get it right and that will never mean, to me, ‘do as you are told’. You are not free when someone else tells you how to live.

That attitude is going to get me banned from Twitter, Farcebok etc one day because the real ‘tolerance’ is not tolerated there.

We now have ‘experts’ talking about transgender children. They talk about an eight year old who was ‘assigned’ female at birth like someone ticked a form. We have more varieties of gender than Heinz had of beans.

There are two genders. Two. Male and female. Plug and socket. You can have as many varieties of ‘sexual preference’ as you like but that is not gender. Gay and lesbian animals exist. It does not change their gender. There are seals in the Antarctic who like to shag penguins. They are not a different gender. They are… probably Muslim.

Yeah, I’ve been expecting death threats from you buggers for a long time. That’s why I have certain things.

You are not assigned a gender at birth. Gender, one or the other, is decided when a sperm gets into the egg. X or Y are the only choices there.

Sexual preference is not gender.

Gender is male or female. Plug or socket. You can change gender these days surgically but it does not change your genes. You can be an XY woman or a XX man and if you  are happy in that life then good for you. But your genetics have not changed.

X or Y are the only choices for gender. I fully expect YY males to appear in the future, and the feminists can imagine what a Hell that will unleash. No they can’t, but I can.

There are not multiple genders. Multiple sexualities,. yes, but including those which are illegal is not going to keep your core support,

I’m a white straight guy. I never knew it would make life so much easier.


37 thoughts on “Genderless

  1. I go slightly further, there are 2 genders, there is sexual preference and there is mental illness.

    We should treat the mentally ill not use them as the left does or pander to them.

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  2. Coincidentally, just now when I was reading a blog with comments by Disqus, I had a notification of an upvote to a comment of mine on an old article (5 months ago) in Spiked! on the same subject, more or less.

    This was my response to that article:

    Frankly, I’m fucking sick to the back teeth with all the ‘gay this’ and ‘trans that’ that’s being shoved down our throats daily by the oh-so-right-on MSM and entertainment industry.

    Why don’t they just shut up about it?

    I couldn’t give a monkey’s left bollock about all that shit. If you want to be gay or trans or whatever, fine, get on with it. With my blessing.

    But in private.

    It’s none of my business, I’m not interested, and I don’t want to hear about it. And especially, I don’t want to hear about it every fucking day.

    I don’t care what you ‘identify as’..

    And in return, I won’t bore you with my sexual preferences, or demand special treatment, or insist that a big song and dance is made about ‘people-like-me’ having done something wonderful, like telling everybody how I like to dress and who I like to fuck and how I was part of the brave and selfless movement to allow men into the ladies toilets in the Barbican and boys into the girls’ changing rooms at school.

    Do we have a deal?

    And my opinion hasn’t changed.

    All this LGBT whatever stuff is a really minority issue (0.3% of the population or something?) and doesn’t deserve the amount of column inches devoted to it. They are trying to persuade everyone that transgenderism is the new normal, but it isn’t. It’s far from normal. In fact it’s so far from normal that in reality we should barely be aware of its existence.

    There’s something fundamentally wrong with teaching kids about sexual deviancy and telling them that it’s acceptable and normal. It’s not normal, and hopefully it never will be, otherwise the human race will die out. And kids have much more important life lessons to learn. Indoctrinating them with this shit will only serve to fuck with their minds and turn them into confused adults

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      • It’s really an old political trick. Here are some excerpts from “TobakkoNacht — The Antismoking Endgame” on The Children and how they’ve been abused by the Antismokers for political ends:

        (Leg, this is pretty long. If you want to cut it or put it somewhere else or something that’s fine.)


        “The use and abuse of our love for our children has been the cornerstone of some of the bloodiest wars and dictatorships in history. Attila the Hun promised to spare women and children only if the men would surrender – and to rip them to bloody shreds otherwise. Hitler frightened the “Good” Germans with tales of Jewish ceremonies where the blood of Christian children was sacrificed. George Bush Sr. heightened American hatred for Saddam with tales of Iraqi soldiers dumping Kuwaiti babies from incubators onto cold hospital floors, and Saddam responded by ‘lovingly’ ruffling the hair of a young American hostage in front of TV cameras. …

        Even worse than the simple political playing of the children card is the wider-reaching effect of the massive advertising and educational effort aimed at young children. ‘Raising a generation of nonsmokers’ may be a laudable goal, but the long-term results of such intensive childhood indoctrination are yet to be seen.

        If the only effect was to reduce the number of young smokers, few would argue against it being a good thing. But children do not easily make fine distinctions. A fear of and aversion to smoking all too readily becomes a fear of and aversion to smokers, and that fear and aversion will all too readily translate into an avoidance of, and eventually a hatred of, the people, rather than the custom. And that fear and hatred may well carry over into adult lives and attitudes.”

        (And my own satirical(?) take on where we might head in the future under a program from S.A.F.E. — Substance Abuse Free Environments …)

        “Families that drank ‘responsibly’ had no fear of social workers despite the ready access of their children to a poisonous and addictive drug. Parents openly drank in front of their children, often using the excuse of ‘company’ or ‘a glass of wine with a meal’ to satisfy their cravings while setting an example for receptive and imitative minds. This must and will change in the new century. Just as tobacco users have begun to have their kids removed by courts, in the future alcohol users will also find their children moved to safer quarters.

        Skillful use of media can reduce the number of active drinkers to the same manageable levels as smokers. We are tired of seeing alcohol on TV and in sports arenas. Fans will happily pay higher ticket prices or cut some playoff events to save their children from exposure to alcohol ads. Drug pushing does NOT belong on TV or at sports events where much of the audience is under twenty-one. We do not let Big Tobacco target our children in these media; nor should we allow Big Alcohol into their minds. Network TV generally forbids portraying smoking as “normal or acceptable behavior” and should apply the same rule to characters using alcohol. Programs such as Cheers and M*A*S*H should never again be allowed to pollute the airwaves! (Addition: I later found that in the first ten seasons of the medical/crime series BONES there were only five “smoking instances” portrayed — but roughly TWO THOUSAND “alcohol instances”!) Those who produce and promote this deadly drug have gotten away scot-free with the mass murder of our children. It is time the Alcohol Cartel and their media lackeys feel the full legal fury of the millions whose lives they have destroyed…

        While not focusing as strongly on the problem of caffeine abuse at this point, S.A.F.E. recognizes that caffeine is also a mind-altering drug very similar to nicotine in terms of brain chemistry and addictive behavior. Research has shown how ‘soft-drink’ companies addict our children by injecting carefully measured doses of caffeine into their beverages. Coke and Pepsi freely sponsor not only sports, but all sorts of events specifically aimed at very young children; they know that when the caffeine habit is introduced early it will ensure a lifelong source of profits. Remember: Coke costs more than gasoline, and Coke, just like Big Tobacco, refuses to publish its ‘secret’ formulae!

        While health problems from caffeine are less than those from alcohol and nicotine, it’s still a mind-altering addictive drug. Children need only pure water and fruit juices. Treats of non-addictive soft drinks are sometimes OK, but the gateway drug of caffeine should never be given to those under twenty-one. Caffeine-drugged drinks may be acceptable in adult-only settings, but adding a $1/liter tax will help keep them from the young and gladly be borne by adult users.

        A final note on caffeine: that morning coffee ‘aroma’ wafting through the house contains thousands of poisonous and carcinogenic substances. There are over 700 volatile oils in a cup of steaming coffee… and if you know the meaning of the word ‘volatile’ you’ll readily see the danger of the drug to others when used in this particular form.”

        (and then there’s the whole new angle with “Thirdhand Smoke”…)

        “Seniors who smoke are perhaps the hardest hit of all when their children deny them access to their grandchildren unless they literally strip and shower to cleanse their ‘contamination’ and as those grandchildren are warned not to get too close because they might breathe the leftover ‘poison’ coming through Gran’s dentures.

        Eventually, one of the greatest joys of grandparenting – the unrestricted love and adoration of one’s children’s children – is destroyed as the prejudices of the parents are injected into the unknowing grandchildren. As one mother said of her mother-in-law on a parenting blog, ‘I know my children do not like to be held by her since she smells like an ashtray.’

        Another, whipped up by fears over recent thirdhand smoke scare stories, spoke of her restaurant-working husband, ‘I know it is difficult for him especially since our son is more aware now and usually goes crazy with joy and wants to be held right away as soon as he sees Daddy coming through the door after work. He can’t understand why Daddy has to wash hands, brush teeth and change clothes before he can give his hugs and kisses.’ ”

        (Of course it’s all worth it to protect The Children right? You wouldn’t, for example, want them all to grow up toothless… )

        “A web page titled, ‘Secondhand Smoke Harms Children’s Health,’ dragged the children in with a warning that ‘Periodontal disease [is] a leading cause of tooth loss…. No amount of secondhand smoke is safe for children. If you smoke, … quit. It’s important for your health and the health of your children.’

        Sounds pretty serious, right? Kind of makes you think that parents who smoke will end up raising herds of toothless young geezers who’ll be laughed at in school. And that’s exactly the image that was meant to be conveyed. But what the headlines and quotes artfully hide is that the study was done using highly concentrated clouds of smoke and that the “subjects” studied were actually thirty-six specially bred Wistar rats! (The study concentrations were equivalent to) a fairly standard two story home offering 1,000 square feet per floor and ten-foot-high ceilings… 20,000 cubic feet of air space … To duplicate the conditions of the experiment, you’d need to sit down and smoke roughly three quarters of a million cigarettes a day while your little ones tried to watch the Teletubbies through the haze.”


        “Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment conducted a study of 6,400 children aged eight to seventeen and found that boys regularly exposed to secondhand smoke at home had an average systolic blood pressure reading 1.6 mmHg higher than those who had no such exposure. Virtually every headline on every news story I have seen focused on this finding (while ignoring) the fact that the study also had a stronger and actually more significant finding: exposure to secondhand smoke at home seemed to lower the blood pressure in girls by 1.8 mmHg.”

        (Heh, in one statement where the researchers DID note the girls’ drop they suggested that it was also ‘a cause for alarm!’ Anyone think that if it were found that an apple a day slightly lowered kids’ blood pressure that it would be called “a cause for alarm!”? I eventually concluded with the question… )

        “What drives this sort of research? How much of it is truly being done because of researchers’ concerns about children, and how much of it is being done because the researchers want the grant money and know that if they phrase their grant proposals properly, and produce the desired results, that they’ll get even more money in the future? In the case of thirdhand smoke we can easily find the same sort of thing that we noted in the grant proposal of the earlier Klein study – promising potential grantors results that will support specific public policies favoring bans provided that the researchers get the grant money.”

        (If you visit the TRDRP — Tobacco Related Disease Research Program — pages on the Internet you can find details about their grant applications. Here’s the quote from the one about thirdhand smoke that caught my eye):

        “[O]ur proposed work will be a critical step in a timely assessment of whether the THS exposure is genetically harmful to exposed non-smokers, and the ensuing data will serve as the experimental evidence for framing and enforcing policies prohibiting smoking in homes, hotels, and cars…”

        (Note the jump from “whether” to the promise that the “data will serve as the experimental evidence for framing and enforcing policies prohibiting smoking.” And the nice thing about “The Children” is that you can drag them into almost any campaign your heart desires… e.g. the current push toward banning menthol cigarettes: p. 244, orig. from Rutgers News Service):

        “Stanford School of Medicine researchers compared pricing and advertisements for [Newports and Marlboros] at 407 stores within walking distance of 91 schools in California in a 2006 survey. … school neighborhoods were increasingly likely to have lower prices and more advertising for Newport cigarettes as the proportion of African-American students rose”


        Sheeesh… I apologize for the length of this. Those examples represent less than a third of the instances of child abuse by the Antis that I wrote about in TNacht.

        The antismoking movement is run by highly paid and highly skilled full-time professionals. They know that our love for our children is one of our strongest biologically implanted weak points and they have no shame at all about sticking it with a dagger… over and over and over again.

        It *IS* a form of child abuse, even if not as obvious as lining up captured children ahead of your spear-carriers on an armed march toward the enemy. Same principle… just more palatable by today’s standards of pseudo-decency.

        – MJM

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  3. “… ‘pansexual’ (as in ‘I fuck frogs and badgers)”

    What? Pansexual doesn’t mean sticking the handle of a Le Creuset into some oriface? Gee thanks Leggy, for correcting my misunderstanding, I learn something new every day.

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  4. I fully agree with your sentiments Leggy, there are only male and female and anything else that is being pushed/forced upon us is all in the mind of the oppressor.

    I fully support the right of anyone to believe in anything they like. Faries at the bottom of the garden, flat earthers and all the rest of the basket cases. But they cross my line in the sand when they try to force their beliefs and practices down my throat. No longer will they have any support from me instead I’ll fight them all the way.

    And it’s all going to end in tears for the poor deluded feckers.

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    • I don’t think holocaust denial should be a crime. Anyone who thinks it didn’t happen is ignoring a mass of film and photographic evidence including some taken by the Nazis while it was happening, pretending some Jews and many others thought arm number tattoos were a cool fad, and generally an idiot.

      The holocaust happened and it wasn’t only Jews. Stalin had a bigger one but the left don;t like to talk about that. But if someone wants to pretend it didn’t let then show their stupidity to the world. It’s as daft as insisting the earth is flat or that rain comes through holes in the big blue colander we call the sky.

      As you say though, they cross a line when they try to force their beliefs on others.

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      • I sometimes think they (the LGBT community) are being used by the elite to browbeat the people into silent acceptance, first it was a persons colour, then LGBTxyz, then global warming, then Islam, then……. We cannot speak out or criticise, for fear of social backlash and even police intervention for “hate crime”. Our opinions, values and beliefs must be suppressed. Soon the majority of people will be trained to accept anything, any law, any action, any decree not only without complaint or thought but to actively support and denounce deniers. The dumbing down of education and the rise of the snowflake generation is becoming ever more sinister.

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  5. My solution? Abolish all official registration of sex/gender, starting with the birth cert.
    Sounds daft? But why do they need to know, now we have equality?
    All current (and future) discrimination and fuss should evaporate.
    The only problem I see is sport. I can live with that.
    And urinals, perhaps.

    Otherwise, it’s just gonna get sillier and sillier. And sillier!

    Let’s move on.

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  6. So I haven’t been the only one to notice this pervasive agenda. I’m tempted to wonder whether they’re being lined up for use as the next stage when the great plan and its enforcers pull the plug on the muslim immigrants.

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  7. What you said about kilts! I remember lo these many years ago when I was in a highland regiment (Camerons) and of course on full dress parades we wore the kilt. Always seemed to be a few smirking cunts about as we marched and counter marched; when they then sent us out on a march down the city routes and back, it was with shouldered FN rifles and fixed bayonets, oh look, cunts have fucked off at high speed!

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  9. I am a trans guy. Pretty much agree with you. It’s madness these days.

    One point though, there is also intersex, but most intersex people seem to come down either on the male or female side of things anyway.

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    • Read somewhere that it’s about 80% of genuine intersexed who simply lead their life based on their gender. Meaning that much of this baloney about gender fluidity is just as much crap to them as it is to the rest of us.

      Nevertheless it is fearsomely difficult for a man to be accepted as such if he happens to have a vagina and boobs, made far worse when they decide to self medicate on testosterone. Or insist on decorating themselves with stacks of tattoos.

      As with all who chose to go the body art route, I just hope they have the common sense to pay a first class artist to do the work, because those who trust some mate or buddy or friend of just look yuck.

      And this craze about tattooing a bloody bee in solidarity with the Manchester atrocity, Don’t. Just give your £25 to their fund.

      Oh and here’s an example of 1) how tattoos age 2) how they look on an 87 year old 3) that business of getting a good artist to apply them.

      Yup our very own Sean Connery. Really expensive watch (and I am talking 5 figures Sterling) and a bunch of rot tattoos on his right arm.

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    • Biology isn’t perfect, there are errors in reproduction in all species where instead of getting XY or XX you might get XXY or XYY or other variants sometimes. Hermaphrodites (it’s probably non PC now but it’s still biologically correct) arise in all species and for a human that must be a hell of a life to have to live.

      But it’s not a new gender. The poor bugger might have the sex organs of both genders but nothing that is unique, nothing that justifies classifying as a new gender. There are still, biologically, two genders.

      Within those two genders you can get occasional reproductive screw-ups where someone gets both sets of genitals or someone gets a male body but a female brain and vice versa. It does happen, it’s rare but a few people get the short straw.

      What these activist loons are banging on about is actually sexual preference, not gender. Gender is a biological fact, preferences are down to the individual. Except… straight men are not allowed to have a preference. Children are being confused to hell over something that won’t ever happen top most of them unless it is forced on them. They will grow up believing they can have sex with anything but the opposite gender.

      Population reduction. It’s not tinfoil hattery, it’s a stated aim of most of those big organisations now. They are quite open that they want massive population reduction.

      They are just not so clear on how they plan to do it.

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  10. I can’t believe the potty mouths around here. Most of you need some toilet training.

    Or try these. Initially, I thought these were made for chutney ferrets whose backsides had been damaged as part of that hideous ‘lifestyle’ thus producing involuntary seepage.

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  11. It’s almost a form of grooming, isn’t it? They keep trying to ‘educate’ us with their way of doing things and sod how we feel about it. Do you think we will be able to sue them years later, when we realise how much indoctrination they’ve shoved down our throats? Will we be able to claim they were doing a ‘Jimmy Savile’ on us and our kids? If they’re willing to go for our kids, you know, they won’t stop at anything….

    God help us all.


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    • It absolutely is grooming. The other day, our local police force recommended, via Facebook, a local LGBT event. A woman asked, “Is this for all ages like 5 years old and 9 years old xx”

      I explained about indoctrination and posted this link: Dare to debate this damaging idea that gender is a social construct

      I was informed by the mother of two young children, “U need help mate”

      People are eager to sacrifice their own children on this altar. This woman’s maternal instincts have been overridden through constant exposure to media mind control. Either that, or she’s reprobate and a bit of a psychopath. Someone mentioned mental illness. Yes, in many cases, I’m sure that it is, in others, a crazed obsession with unnatural carnal gratification due to sin.

      I wondered if I could sue for having my tonsils removed at age five, obviously without my informed consent. Not that I would want to bring about such a lawsuit, although it was the chinless wonders of the materialist movement who convinced surgeons that we are full of vestigial organs from our imaginary evolutionary past.

      Now we understand differently. A prime example of lies becoming ‘truth’ if told often enough, so that parents do the wrong thing, believing it to be the right thing.

      I hope that youngsters who were pressurised into ‘sex change’ procedures, for example, do take legal action, especially if “84 per cent of children who experience gender identity issues resort to their biological gender by the time they are in adulthood.”

      There are going to be a lot of very damaged people because of this.

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      • There was a mong on Twitter insisting that any man who doesn’t want to sleep with a man who has been surgically womanised must have issues he has to deal with.

        Well look, some people like brown eyes and some prefer blue, some prefer chubby partners and some prefer thin, some want to control and some want to be controlled. There are all sorts of preferences so singling out one as ‘needing re-education’ is silly or sinister.

        And yet that’s the teaching to children now. You are the wrong gender, all of you, and you will be surgically assimilated into the nonreproductive future.

        Resistance is futile.

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        • Twitter is about the worst place to find any common sense, or common decency. The average user utters incomprehensible drivel in 140 characters – one character per brain cell.

          I am also intrigued by the response I get when I tweet on certain subjects. Dozens of people – a horde of cyberzombies, none of whom I follow or follow me – can attack my tweet like a flock of ravenous vultures whose diet is verbal diarrhoea.

          Who are all these people? Certain topics appear to be very important to the Controllers and anyone attacking the Narrative must be silenced/ridiculed. Are any of them paid?

          A few months ago, I had a Twitter spat with Nicky Campbell, who was asking Creationists questions, appearing to be genuinely interested, but I noticed that he was asking questions which evolutionists use to try to trick Creationists, such as: “is a hyena canine or feline?” (I think most people assume they are dogs.)

          I warned a very knowledgeable American man, R.M. Huffman, to be careful, because of the type of questions Campbell was asking him and because he dissed my Creation website in terms I won’t go into. Campbell, of course, is a highly paid (£400K+ pa) BBC mouthpiece, as well as garnering Establishment gongs and praise for charity work (of course). In other words, an Establishment boot-licker.

          My point is that Campbell told Mr Huffman, after insulting me, that I am “a renowned troublemaker”. I suggested that he was doing research to do a ‘hit piece’ BBC prog. about Creationism, which he denied.

          Wondering how he knows I am a ‘renowned troublemaker’, I asked him what lists I am on. He replied, “You know well and good what lists”.

          Then he blocked me as all good Establishment trolls are programmed to do. It has happened numerous times with me, mainly with politicians.

          This is what he said prior to blocking me:


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