The Mouse that Jingly-Jangled

North Korea is a little country with a population so impressively oppressed that Socialists want it to happen everywhere. They never seem to notice what Socialism, when it takes power, does with its most vocal supporters on its way to power. Lenin was a big name in the Russian revolution. Stalin later had him airbrushed out of photographs – after he was airbrushed out of life. Even the big names get wiped out. You activists become a liability when they win.

Kim Jong Jingly-Jangly is, let’s face it, madder than a bag of badgers. He’s had his own relatives shot for annoying him (actually, we’ve all had moments when we wish we could do that but we’re not bonkers enough to really do it).

So the news that he has tested a hydrogen bomb is no surprise. Well he says he has one, or rather had one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he got the seismic effect by ordering his entire population to jump up and down in unison.

North Korea’s only ally, and a reluctant one at that, is China. China are getting more and more pissed off at the Beatle-cut fat boy who takes communism to its final conclusion. At least China can tell its people ‘Could be worse, you could be North Korean’.

China has a border with North Korea, and Russia has a short border with the House of Kim too. Neither of them want hordes of refugees crossing their border. They can’t run into South Korea because Kimmy-boy has a hell of a border there and the South Koreans are quite happy for it to remain intact.

Recently, the Kimminator launched three missiles in the general direction of Japan. Two failed in flight and one detonated at launch. Japan, the general population at least, noticed nothing. Sushi preparation continued as normal.

So if the grinning chubby has a hydrogen bomb, it’s not too alarming because his delivery missiles are Socialist shite and don’t work. If they try to launch one and the H-bomb goes off on the launch pad, I for one will laugh hard enough to need incontinence pants. He’s a threat to America? Really? It’s a big target but a lot of it has nobody living in it.

In WWII the Japanese sent balloon bombs to America. A balloon with a bomb attached, which the prevailing winds would carry over America and the bomb dropped randomly when the balloon burst. Hardly anyone in America even noticed. Huge parts of it are forest or desert and there are places where nobody would notice an asteroid strike, so Kimbo’s idea of firing one of his ‘target – that general direction, sort of’ missiles at America is likely to raise no more than heavy sigh from the American people.

Trump, however, will not stand for it. A Democrat government might have said, as a UK Labour government would. ‘It’s okay, it landed in the desert so no big deal’. Trump is not a politician and that makes him something new. The world doesn’t know what to do with him. Kim Jong Jinglebells still thinks he’s dealing with the Obama administration and he’s pushing against what he thinks are easily cowed Americans. Oh dear.

Another thing that is often overlooked is China’s role in all this. There was an incredible tweet where some snowflake said ‘I’m scared that if North Korea nukes us, Trump will take us to war’ with nary a thought to the point that if someone nukes you, they already started the war.

China does not want a nuclear war. China doesn’t want war with the West at all. They’re doing very well financially through trade with us and they don’t want that messed up. Russia doesn’t want a war either. Putin is happy sitting back with popcorn watching us destroy ourselves. He doesn’t need to do a thing.

If Kim Jing Jong Hurdy Gurdy really attacks America, I think that country will be gone before America arrives. China is most likely to annex it and make it part of China. I think Russia would see it as too much bother and would be happy to let China have it.

It would be a hell of an improvement in the lives of most North Koreans if China took it. They’d fight American or Russian invasion but they’d be okay, I think, with Chinese rule.

I hope Trump has the sense to let China deal with it. DPRK would become part of China, South Korea would be Korea, and there would be no need for nukes. Most of the DPRK people would welcome China anyway, it’s a lot better than what they have now and not too far from what they are used to, just less oppressive.

So, the world is pretending to be scared of a mouse of a country led by a muppet with an appetite and no forward thinking. Kim the Hutt cannot win if he starts a fight, he has the three biggest countries staring him down.

If he fires one missile, his country is gone. So the real question is…

How mad is he?


8 thoughts on “The Mouse that Jingly-Jangled

    • You’re perfectly correct. It triggered their early warning system (that’s usually only used for Tsunami’s).

      In fact it seems Kim’s lot are doing their level best to steer them over water, because it only skimmed the very southern tip of that island.

      However IMO I suspect Kim’s really just playing to his own domestic audience. There does appear to be a certain pride that their country can achieve such technological advances – and that news anchor woman, boy does she lay it on thick!

      Sanctions are working but Kim’s real support network is a large. Pretty well anyone who is allocated an apartment Pyongyang is someone who has proven their loyalty to the State.

      But they like their lights, hospitals, schools, foodstuffs and of course their cars. And those things are breaking down, partly because the State ain’t got the dosh to pay for parts, goods or fuel.

      So what Kim’s doing is putting his all into the military. They – effectively – control the sodding place for him – and they keep him in power.

      But the wee fella’s got smarts; like Hitler and Saddam Hussein, he prefers his bunker, or safe houses – and with jolly good reason.

      Yup, they’ll want the head, the rest they’ll leave.

      And we’ve learned a lot about regime change since Iraq. Leave the security infrastructure alone, just slowly reign it in (though it’s not quite worked out in Libya – yet).

      Once that message gets through to the people at the top in N. Korea, someone’ll turn. It’s just a question of time.

      Our mistake is we’ve been far too slow to reassure those at the top of the pile that they won’t die, they won’t be jailed and they may be able to keep their perks. Maybe word it a little better, but await our lot getting their act together, hopefully real fast.

      Starting with a Trump tweet maybe?


  1. You piqued my interest in the current state of Tobacco Control in North Korea. It seems that, while Kim indulges in his floor fixation, the rest of the country is smoking as normal – more or less. Despite ratifying the WHO’s FCTC in 2005, they haven’t done much about it. Too busy making missiles, probably. Too busy to get a decent haircut too.

    According to the ‘Tobacco Atlas’ from which globalist fake facts website, Wikipedia, gets its information, 45.8% of men in N.K. smoke (it is a bit of a taboo with women).

    The website is a little out of date, but it says there is no tax at all on tobacco. The WHO recommends that 75% of the price should be excise, while complaining that tobacco causes ‘inequality’ by putting people into poverty. You couldn’t make up more ludicrous propaganda if you tried.

    There is a link to ‘Prevent20 coalition’ which campaigns for higher taxes on tobacco and has as one of its ‘friends’ the ‘Smoke Free Partnership’, whose main partners include CRUK and ASH.

    The ‘About Us’ page on the atlas mentions those lovely eugenicists, I mean “philanthropists”, Michael Bloomberg and Bill and Melinda Gates, who have “committed hundreds of millions of dollars to support global tobacco control”.

    The Tobacco Atlas main story is about “World No Tobacco Day 2017”.

    On this year’s World No Tobacco Day, the World Health Organization highlights that tobacco control policies are stimuli for economic growth and development, and calls on countries to prioritize and accelerate tobacco control in their efforts to reach their development goals.

    Yes, folks, job losses in cigarettes factories, closed pubs and clubs, etc. must be good for economic growth. I mean, it’s so obvious.

    While perusing this ‘Atlas’, I was quite surprised by the over-the-top propaganda, but it’s not surprising when you discover that it is WHO propaganda.

    To show that you should never trust Wikipedia at all, they regurgitate the WHO’s Tobacco Atlas nonsense:

    Re. N. Korea: Some 34.3% of men and 22.3% of women are reported to die as a result of smoking,

    Yet they admit that smoking among women is only 2.6%. This is described in the atlas as the sign of an ongoing and dire public health threat..

    If 2.6% is unacceptable to these people, there is clearly no safe level of exposure to Tobacco Control.

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  2. The problem here will be one of timing. Get it wrong and Seoul could be nuked. The best option would probably be a swift and well timed decapitation. One for the SAS 😀

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  3. A few minor errors in that one, Leggy.

    North Korea is not and never has been a Communist state. Communist doctrine unequivocably states that the military is subservient to the political leaders; if you as a general want power outside of the military, you have to stop being a general and become a civilian.

    North Korea, on the other hand, is a lot more like an insecure minor Medieval monarchy. King Kim, of the royal dynasty of Kims, is head of the military and all the power is concentrated in the hands of the military. Generals are effectively noble barons in North Korea, and everyone else who isn’t military is a peasant. Look at North Korea and you’re looking at a feudal monarchy.

    The problem for King Kim is that he hasn’t got any of the normal other things that secured power for a medieval king going on. He hasn’t got a state religion as such, and he hasn’t got a loyal cadre of priests chorusing on about how even God thinks that King Kim is the right bloke for the job.

    This leaves King Kim with a bit of a problem: disloyal generals. Most of ’em will stay loyal as long as they continue to be bribed correctly. Some however will look to supplant the king, and he can’t kill all of these dissenters lest the whole bloody lot of his general revolt. What he needs is some way to occupy the buggers and put down revolt that way.

    This is what all this military posturing is all about. King Kim is making aggressive noises at the world and in particular Trump (whom Kim must regard as a gift from heaven) so that the world makes aggressive noises back, which gives the generals something to be scared of and who but Good King Kim can save them from those evil Americans? All this sabre-ratlling, all these nuclear fizzles (the last one wasn’t big enough to be much more than a boosted simple atomic weapon) and all this posing with empty weapons casings, ALL of it is about getting that nasty little Trump to start yapping like the insane little terrier that he so resembles, so that the generals have something to do that isn’t deposing the king.

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  4. If Kim Ill Ding-Dong was able to launch something nuclear tipped and have it go off about 150 miles up over Murca, then all bets are off! The EMP would wreck most of the infrastructure, power plants, most cars, transformers, aircraft etc. All your computers are dead so none of your water plants, traffic lights, fuel transportation pipelines work. the only hardened infrastructure in the US is military, so the ICBMs fly back and fuck Chinas or Russias opinion. Dan H; the blast was rated about 150 kilotons, so not exactly a city buster, but still ten times Hiroshima.


  5. Best outcome; Chinese assassinate Jingleballs and his inner military cabal. (Nuclear accident, DPRK misfire hits Jingleballs palace, whatever) Install their own controllable puppet who institutes Chinese style capitalism. Americans froth at mouth publicly, Russians make noises, but in private all sit back and breathe a huge sigh of relief as the DPRK missile and nuclear programme gets dismantled and Ker-razy Kimmy baby gets quietly forgotten.


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