Head, meet desk

I have been trying to set up as a publisher on Goodreads.com and it is driving me nuts. It was much easier on Smashwords but they only do eBooks. Goodreads prefers print, it seems, and they like books, booksellers and authors but they don’t like publishers. I don’t know where they think books come from but it’s like driving a car to protest at an oil refinery… Oh yeah, people actually do that too.

So basically, if you are one of the authors at Leg Iron Books you will need to set up your own Goodreads account, find your way through the maze to identify yourself as an author and tell them you are published at Leg Iron Books.

I will provide five print copies if you want to run a signed-book giveaway. I had hoped to do the whole thing for you but it seems impossible. They love books and booksellers and authors but hate us publishers who are evilly trying to sell books to book addicts. We are pushers! Text maniacs! Promoting a book is spam and will get you banned. Yes, really. On a site dedicated to books.That’s the rules.

A sort of book version of tobacco/ booze/ everything control, I suppose.

Goodreads still has no cover image for some of my short story books from 10+ years ago and they still list Samuel’s Girl and Jessica’s Trap which are long out of contract with the publisher now. I am not impressed, I have to say.

As a self published or real published author, the site is great. As  a fledgling publisher supporting those who can’t get published elsewhere, it’s a fucking waste of time.

You need to set up your own author accounts there, and link them to Leg Iron Books. Pain in the arse, I know, but that’s the only way they allow.

I’m not going to make it a rule. I have spent a few hours figuring out what they want and I still don’t know. But if you want to try, go for it.

Dirk – Goodreads does not recognise ‘Han Snel’ as a book even though it’s available on Amazon. I can’t work out why.

Perhaps this will help…


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