The cull nears…

The meek shall inherit the Earth… simultaneously true and rubbish in equal measure. How can this be?

Well, those who consider themselves ‘the meek’ are in fact the oppressors. They think they will inherit the Earth because they are slapping down their ‘oppressors’, the white people. I’m one. I’ve never oppressed anyone. They hate me anyway.

That hate is water off a duck’s back to me but to many it is biting deep. We now have the white race as the oppressed. You can’t be racist against Honky, you can call us all the names you want. You can wish us all dead. Extinct. Deleted from history. And you are the oppressed?

I’m a straight white guy, I smoke and I drink and I know things. All these are hateful to ‘the oppressed’ and they would delight in watching me swing for any one of them. In the name of spreading the love they would kill us all. What a pity their cause is hampered by them being so weak that they need to be protected from mere words.

Emotional support. For words. Forgive my blasphemy, Stewart, but Jesus Fucking Christ! These people are what we are to be scared of now? You can take them down, turn them into blubbering emotional jellyfish, by disagreeing with them! They are utterly pathetic.

Okay, I admit to putting on the horns and tail and having fun with the antismoker versions in the past, present and future but their willingness to believe anything anyone tells them is not laudable. It’s contemptible. These are the people who ‘deserve’ things, like a house and a car and free money. They deserve utter contempt and mental torment and that is what I have and always will provide for them. I live with a dog and two guinea pigs who are smarter and more deserving than those fuckers. Heck, the spider in the bath (Boris, he keeps coming back because he knows I won’t kill him) is a better companion than these pathetic excuses for humanity.

We have supermarkets bragging that all their meat is Halal. Not the bacon, at least not in Tesco. I asked and they checked and the manager wasn’t sure…  *sigh*

It used to be the preserve of Halal butchers but they are being put out of business by the likes of Tesco. It’s what Tesco do.

Muslims, the strict ones, are not going to be any happier about it than the rest of us. We infidels are not allowed Halal meat under Islamic law and meat not identified as Halal is haram anyway so none of them buy stuff in Tesco  in case it came into contact with the pork they also sell. Tesco and all the other supermarkets are fucking idiots.

They are pandering to a small set of customers while alienating everyone else. Good business? Not my idea of it.

There is a big thing about race now. If you are white you are racist, if you are black and call for the death of all whites you are not racist. Black people call for a new Holocaust of white people and imagine they are not Hitler because they are anti-fascist. Even the sad white people are revelling in guilt they have imagined they need to feel.

Fascists do not bother about genocide. Fascists are about money. Socialists are always the ones about genocide.

So. I am white, male, not a hint of experimentation with other sexualities – not because I oppose them but because they have no interest for me. I smoke and drink, I like those things, I try to do neither to excess but these days a fag and a snifter are far too much. The weak cannot stand it so they must deny it to everyone.

Now, as noted by on Twatter, we have children being dehumanised in schools. They don’t even know about human reproduction  yet and they are already being taught to shag trout and weasels. It’s all good, poke it anywhere warm and wet.

It all looks like bits of nonsense but it’s all the same thing. Race war, religious war, yeah, either will do, both is best. Don’t you know who’s running all this, all you ‘oppressed minorities’ and white useful idiots?

It’s all run by whiteys.

You take your money from the Rockefellers and the Soros to destroy whitey and you don’t look at their faces. Just those dollar bills. Look again and see where this is going.

Did you really imagine that the latest trans-mania was an overnight sensation? That schools implemented it after some research? Don’t give me that #woke shit, nobody #woke has changed a single thought in their head. It was set up ready to go

At the top it is all financed and run by honkies. Yeah, you silly fuckers, we’ve been running the show all along. You sad white trash who want to be extinct will get your wish. Non whites, basically, you’re doomed. You have been set up to be and you love the fake preference you get now.

Keep playing victim. You don’t really know what that means but you will, very soon.

You might even get an idea of how a straight white smoker feels….


There is something nasty on the way. It is  going to be big and vicious and even Stalin might go ‘Whoa’ but we white guys will survive it. Our people set it all up.

How can you not know that?


37 thoughts on “The cull nears…

  1. Quite an interesting and well argued post there Leggy which I would agree with you on many levels.
    However, I feel that the RoP loonies that our PTB are using as one lever of this grand plan are going to be the spanner-in-the-works. They delude themselves into thinking they have this tiger by it’s tail. Yet it will turn upon them with dire consequences for their cunning plan.

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    • I have a feeling we might see another French revolution, and a resurgence of Vikings in Sweden in this lifetime.
      They have pushed way too far and too fast. They should have waited for us oldies to die out.

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  2. “We have supermarkets bragging that all their meat is Halal. Not the bacon, at least not in Tesco. I asked and they checked and the manager wasn’t sure… *sigh*”

    Oh, Lordy! ROFL

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  3. “Pupils have been saying why do boys have to where ties and girls don’t, and girls have different uniform to boys,” he said. “So we decided to have the same uniform for everybody from Year 7.

    I don’t ever remember uniform being an issue but where, wear, and ware, definitely were. How times have changed.

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  4. Halal meat is killed in a certain way, and blood drained from it. Non-Halal is pre-stunned then bled in much the same way, save that whatever died didn’t do so in pain; the end product is identical. So, if you want Halal without the bother, just label everything Halal and stop worrying. If God truly gives a shit and exists, he’ll turn up and say something to you and you can then do it the right way.

    Until then, scam the morons and trouser the profit from their stupidity!

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  5. Where are these supermarkets saying they have halal meat? This needs publicising because both halal and kosher killing is cruel. As you say, bacon, gammon and such are exempt. And that guy didn’t know. Amazing!

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    • Here you go, Dr E. This was on t’internet a couple of years or so ago, so might not be 100% accurate, but is probably a good guideline – it’s unlikely that the places which were selling Halal have stopped doing so. It was in the form of a table, but hasn’t copied over very well, but I think it’s just about understandable. Most notable is that, these days, all New Zealand lamb is Halal (which, IIRC, was the main thrust of the article it appeared in), so is probably best avoided if you have animal welfare concerns.

      Where is halal meat sold?

      Waitrose Yes. Some lamb is halal. All other meat is non-halal No halal labelling on New Zealand lamb
      Marks and Spencer Yes. All New Zealand lamb is halal. Chicken, beef and British lamb is non-halal No halal labelling on New Zealand lamb
      Tesco Yes. Most New Zealand lamb is halal and some other meats use halal techniques. Some halal-only counters At halal counters and kosher ranges
      Morrison’s Yes. Some branded halal chicken, lamb and beef. New Zealand lamb is halal No halal labelling on New Zealand lamb. Halal ranges show slaughter method
      Sainsbury’s Yes. A range of halal and kosher products Halal and kosher ranges are labelled
      Fortnum and Mason No N/A
      Asda Yes. A range of halal and kosher products Only branded halal and kosher meals
      Pizza Express Yes Not on menus, but on website
      Zizzi Yes No
      Ask Yes Not on menus, but on website
      Harvester Yes Not on menus, but on website
      Café Rouge No N/A
      Giraffe No N/A
      Byron No N/A
      Nando’s Yes, at most restaurants Information in some stores and online
      Beefeater Yes. 80% of chicken is halal No
      Gourmet Burger Kitchen Yes Not on menus, but on website
      Wetherspoons No N/A
      Slug and Lettuce Yes No
      Pret a Manger No N/A
      Costa Yes. 80% of chicken is halal No
      McDonald’s No N/A
      Greggs Yes No
      KFC Yes No
      Subway Yes Yes

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    • Jax got there first.

      I don’t think most store managers actually understand what ‘halal’ means, and the refusal of food outlets to label it as such only adds to their confusion.

      Next I think I’ll go looking for kosher pork bellies 😉

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  6. And another thing! I like dandelion and burdock; a simple thing from my childhood. Now try to find it made with sugar and not aspartame: not in our supermarkets, you won’t. Maybe it isn’t halal . . .

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  7. “a growing number of pupils questioning their gender identity”
    Really? Or do some pupils relish the idea of a bit of disruption and attention?
    “why do boys have to where ties”
    The Telegraph keeps saying ‘he says’, ‘he said’, rather than ‘he wrote’. Might the fault lie with the paper’s reporter who conducted the interview?

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    • Kids latch on to fads and this ‘charity’ depends on its existence for trans kids to be far more numerous than they really are. So they created a fad.

      Never mind that it is going to utterly ruin a lot of lives. Think of the children money.

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  8. I think that business of of changing the school uniform for all new entrants (existing pupils are exempt) to trousers / slacks may have been a reaction to that rather amusing rebellion by boys during the very hot days they saw in June of this year. Then the school banned them from wearing shorts, so the kids just got together and fronted up in skirts.

    So now all pupils can perspire equally should Britain experience another heat wave.

    However there’s another twist on this. Some schools have adopted a slightly different approach to gender neutral uniforms. They can chose to wear skirts or trousers, with over 120 schools addressing this “pressing issue”.

    And here’s the bumph on the so called “charity” behind all this.

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  9. Asiatics are more inelligent than Europeans and every population is brighter than sub-Saharan Africans. Generally speaking and averaging it out. Women are generally less intelligent than men. Facts are facts. Does this make me a racist? There is a reason that the third world exists – their populations are on average inept.
    There is a reason why women are not in the majority in science and engineering. The same one. They aren’t equipped to do it. It doesn’t make them worse but just different. If you need a sheepdog then don’t get a spaniel and vice versa.

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  10. The Meek – Was listening to a Jordan Peterson lecture recently in which he says this has been mistranslated and should say something like. Those who know how to use their weapons but show restraint will inherit the Earth.

    This interpretation makes archery a great idea.

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  11. I’ve said for a while that certain divisions are being set up, that sides are being deliberately set up for a fall. The snowflakes set up as fodder for the extremists and the rest of us as the fall guys who will eventually spill blood to sort it out.
    Or there is a shortcut where the extremists win and we all become Muslim, with the elite still on top because they always are, whatever the colour or creed of ordinary citizen underneath them.

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