My head…

No, it’s not drink. That’s only in the mornings.

All authors should now, at last, have email telling them their royalties for the June to August quarter. It took a little longer this time, there are more books, more authors and sales in pounds, dollars, euros and one sale in Japanese yen. And Kindle in particular is not helpful when you are trying to work out who sold what.

If you have not heard from me, let me know. Royalties apply only to single author  books, remember. I pay a flat rate one off fee for the use of a short story in an anthology because a) it would kill me to work out how many pennies each author was to get and b) those anthologies have never yet paid back my investment in them. It’s not a big deal, they are part of my advertising for Leg Iron Books. They aren’t intended to make a lot of money. They are intended to get both authors and publisher known and to sell the other books.

So, if you have a short story in an anthology, include in your ‘about the author’ page any other books you have published. These are promo items which I why I price them as low as possible.

I have also tried to set up as a publisher on which is apparently not possible. They like readers and authors but not publishers. A bit like, liking cars and heating and electricity but not the oil industry. Not an uncommon attitude these days. So you authors need to publicise yourselves on there. I can’t do it.

There are two previously published books I have, ‘Jessica’s Trap’ and ‘Samuel’s Girl’ that are out of contract with their original publisher. I see them pop up on bookseller sites but I have received no royalties at all for over two years and have informed them I’m not renewing the contract. Those will be republished under Leg Iron Books soon. And cheaper too. I just need cover art, I can’t use theirs and won’t anyway because I have to differentiate the new publication.

The Halloween anthology is a go. I have enough submissions already but will take more. suggested deadline is 30th September but if it’s a bit after and good, I’ll work it in. I really need this sorted and done by mid September to allow for the delays that buggered with the release of the Easter one.

There could be a Christmas one too, if I get enough stores in. I have enough of my own that could be re-used if necessary…





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