Daily Mail demands a police state

The video of my chat with Frank Davis is online but I’ll wait until he posts the link before posting it here. It was his idea and his hard work that went into it and I’m not going to steal the glory. I do need to get a proper webcam though, doing that with a handheld tablet was no fun.

[Update: Frank has now posted Part One]

The anthology progresses. I have five stories so far, one of them from a new author you haven’t read before and who has also sent in an impressively big novel. There’s a steady stream coming in now, it looks so far as if this publishing idea is taking off.

Enough digression. Time to get to the horror of Parsons Green. A Lidl bag! In Parsons Green? How can this be? Yeah okay, time to get serious.

It appears that an 18 year old arse planted the bomb, at least that’s who has been arrested for it. He is apparently a real twat of a teenager, his foster parents have given up on him and yes, he is an immigrant. Is he Muslim? The Mail didn’t say and at this stage I don’t know.

ISIS have claimed the attack as one of theirs but those camel fuckers claim responsibility if you cut yourself shaving. An ISIS claim means nothing any more. So, Muslim extremist or just a nasty little bastard, the coin is still in the air on that one.

The police arrested this teen plonker two weeks earlier but then released him. The Mail is incensed! Why did they not lock him up there and then?

Well, because he hadn’t blown anything up then. Whatever he was arrested for, he was either not guilty or the police didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute. They certainly had no evidence he was planning to bomb a train or they would definitely have held on to him – and searched the house, found the bomb and stopped the attack before it happened.

The police have now raided the house he lived in. Why didn’t they raid it before? Well because they had no evidence on which to base a raid before. That’s how it works here. This is not Nazi Germany.

Do you really want the police to be able to raid homes without having to get a warrant, which requires at least some evidence? Seriously, do you really want a police force with that kind of power? That is going down a very, very dark road.

The Scottish Daily Mail, which doesn’t seem to be online, has a front page headline ‘Internet giants with blood on their hands’ and claims Tessie May will order (yes, order) websites like Google to clamp down on extremists. That is, they must not let anyone find instructions on how to make one of these bombs or any other form of weaponry online.

Leaving aside the small matter that most of the big Internet search engines are American and not under Tessie’s jurisdiction, ignoring the undernet that the Chinese use to get past their country’s strict controls, pretending that proxy servers don’t exist…

This is the authoritarian Internet censorship that Tessie Maybe has striven for for many years. She loves having a reason to take control of the Internet. Porn and paedos didn’t get her there so it’s no surprise she’s trying again using terrorism.

And once she has the tip of that wedge in, it’s sledgehammer time.

All these new security powers, all these controls, say that terrorism is winning. Terrorism works. We are caving in and giving up all our freedoms to a dictatorship and that is what terrorists want.

It’s also what the control freaks in government – of all rosettes – want and the terrorists are handing it to them.

They are not scaring the government. They know that as long as they don’t blow up anyone rich or important, the response of the authorities will be minimal. So they can go out and be murderous bastards and the government love them for it.

Terrorism gives government the excuse they crave for deeper and harder control over all of us. Police who can kick in your door at dawn with no evidence. An internet so muted that it becomes as much a propaganda machine as the BBC.

And the Daily Mail demands that this all happens.

They are either in on the game or they are unbelievably stupid.




17 thoughts on “Daily Mail demands a police state

    • No, no, no, we don’t, precisely because it won’t stop with terrorism. Habeas corpus underpins our liberties. Give that up and we might as well wave the white flag.

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  1. The problem isn’t the internet nor is it bombs or guns. Anyone can make either a bomb or a gun. Seven cheap readily-available items and half an hour’s work can make a pistol including projectile and propellant and the only required tool is an electric drill. (Manufacturing a gun is an offence and potentially a danger to the user so I don’t do it nor recommend it.) This example is given only to show that the principle behind such a weapon has existed for around 800 years in the West, is widely understood, and cannot be unlearned. It is therefore always going to be available to malefactors no matter what “restrictions” are applied to internet access. The internet is merely a medium for the transmission of ideas. You could declaim against the printing press while you’re at it. Good luck with that.
    The problem is not technical knowledge nor it’s availability. It is the willingness of one side to use it and the lack of willingness on behalf of the other to recognise and act upon an existential threat. The reason for this is but one product of fin de sciele lethargy to which all empires succumb, the reasons for which, and symptoms of, are complex but readily discernable upon a reading of the histories of the decline of previous civilisations, in particular that of ancient Rome. The parallels are startling, especially the debasement of currency and the rise of the welfare state and the evils arising thereby.

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  2. “they must not let anyone find instructions on how to make one of these bombs or any other form of weaponry online.”

    Hmm… I guess that means we better all put in our orders for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Anarchist_Cookbook before the book burning, eh?

    Interesting article. Did you know the book was banned in Australia when it was published in 1971 and that a 17 year old was arrested and charged for possessing this book in the UK in 2007?

    – MJM

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  3. Could be worse. One could be an American in uniform.
    McCain said. “We have accident after accident after accident. We are killing more Americans in uniform in training than we are in engagement with the enemy. That’s not acceptable.”

    Accident or enemy your masters are out to kill ya!

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    • I served for nearly 30 years in a Police Force which set-up a hostage rescue team. They were trained initially by members of one of Britain’s “Special Forces”. These SF personnel stated, quite categorically, that at least two deaths per annum during training could be expected and that such an attrition rate was to be accepted if the desired level of expertise was to be attained.
      The attrition rate amongst the “opposition” was expected to be 100%.

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  4. I wonder how Ms May and the DM suggest we deal with the Dark Net? Shut down the internet in its entirety, perhaps?

    If you have access to Bitcoin and an internet connection, you can buy anything you want online. Weapons, ammunition, drugs of any description, stolen credit card details, whatever takes your fancy. All you need to do is to download the Tor browser, and the world is your oyster (or Lidl carrier bag).

    These sorts of internet controls are pie-in-the-sky ideas (fortunately), and will never be made to work. Governments around the world are just waking up to the fact that the internet opened a Pandora’s Box which cannot now be closed, and over which they have no control.

    And amen to that, I say.

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    • They would have to shut down the phone system entirely. The undernet runs below the TOR system and you’d have to check every phone bill to find it.

      I learned about this in the early 90s when a place I worked at had a ‘rebel network’ running on the same lines as the work network. The IT department never found it.

      It’s progressed so much further now 😉

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