Working, boss. Working here.

Underdog Anthology Three (Halloween 2017) is taking shape and now has a Morning Cloud story from Longrider to add to the list. I am working on a story based on the cover image – which looks like this at the moment. It could change, but probably not by much.

There will be a bit trimmed off around the edges for the print book. I already have an idea for the back which will give me a canvas for some text.

I still plan to have a monochrome illustration for each story. I’ll deal with those – unless any authors have a particular image they want to use. It has to be monochrome and you have to have copyright. No internet pictures, nothing that will get you sued.

The cover picture is of a little bit of decoration in my garden. It was there when I arrived and I’ve left it alone because, well, I like it. I took new photos today. It looks better now the tree has regrown a bit.

There might be a change in the Leg Iron Books pricing structure, especially for eBooks. Currently all prices are fixed to US dollars which means that they change in every other currency, depending on that currency’s status against the dollar. Smashwords don’t allow fixed pricing in each country but Amazon do allow it.

The trouble is, if the Smashwords (or any of their retailers) price drops below the Amazon price, Amazon will get all shirty and might pull the books from their site. So I couldn’t use fixed pricing on Amazon unless I could also do it on Smashwords.

However, Smashwords are working on allowing fixed pricing by currency. That will mean I can set prices (for eBooks at least) that don’t fluctuate with the currency exchange rate.

I’m going to have to be very careful with this. I don’t want to have a book go into ‘negative royalty’ territory which would mean I’d have to pay Amazon to sell it! I will investigate this new system and see if negative royalties is a possibility. If it looks safe, the book prices won’t wobble around as they do now.

I am determined that every book sold makes a profit, however miniscule, and every sale generates a royalty for the author. No creative accounting here, I’m not that good with money. I keep my accounts very simple indeed.

The Smashwords version of that cover will have to have all the author names on it. It will look a mess but they insist. I still haven’t got the Easter anthology through their tortuous system but this time, I am forewarned. Authors get paid anyhow, these anthologies pay a flat rate for one use of the story and breaking even on that is entirely my problem. One day…

I have three weeks to finalise this one so if you have a story still to go in, get writing. If you miss this one I’ll be doing a Christmas anthology, number four, and that won’t have to be scary stories. Just Christmas themed.

It already has four authors in it and I have plenty of old Christmas tales I can recycle – including a few that aren’t in my own anthologies.

Of course, mine aren’t all that cheerful.


10 thoughts on “Working, boss. Working here.

  1. Hi Leggy. I have the same problem with music. I can’t set the prices but then again I use a very cheap set up in the USA where I do all the work and they put it onto Googleplay, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and several other sales and streaming sites. When I say cheap, I mean cheap. I costs quite a lot to put music sales on line where as Distrokid which I use charge me a $20 subscription.

    Most of the money comes from streaming as opposed to sales. The disadvantage with eMusic is of course the same as for eBooks – piracy. I’m very big in Russia with two of my blues albums going big time on Russian pirate sites.

    I also get paid in Dollars and the PayPal take their cut in fees and conversion but on the other hand my distribution costs and overheads are pretty much zero apart from the production time and music takes a lot less time than a book.

    Glad it’s going well for you. Must download a few off Pirate Bay and have a read (only joking!)

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    • There isn’t much I can do to stop pirating since I don’t have an entire legal department to chase it up. But then I do buy a few of the books myself and give them away as advertising (authors get royalties and ad books are a business expense) so I suppose I could look on the pirated ones as free advertising.

      I just hope it’ll make a few people want the print copies. Or maybe get one pirated and the others legitimately. At least it’s getting the author and publisher names out there.


      • That’s pretty much how I look at it – it gets the content out there. Of course, I’m not trying to make a living doing it being happily retired. It does bring in a bit of useful cash.
        With the biggest and most expensive legal department in the world, you can never stop piracy. Take Pirate Bay for example. There are literally dozens of mirror sites out there and as soon as you shut one down, somebody opens another one somewhere else. Policing the internet just ain’t going to happen. After all, they can’t shut down terrorist site ffs so what chance books and music.

        I’m philosophical about it. I figure that most of the people who download my stuff illegally probably wouldn’t have bought the album anyway. Plus most of my income comes from streaming – mainly Spotify and iTunes. In the music world people just listen to it on line and never actually buy/download any of it. Works for me, but difficult to apply that model to books.


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  3. I presume you are going to use the two of mine you already have. I will pen a Christmas themed Morning Cloud story. It’s in my head, so I’ll get down to it as soon as…

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