The Spanish Acquisition

So the Catalan people remain Spanish, whether they like it or not. We’ll never know how much they don’t like it because the Spanish Robocop brigade have been stealing the ballot boxes. Spain has just invaded its own country and taken control of its own territory, using violence. That’s a tough one to get your head around.

Sure, I have heard that this referendum was not legally approved but really, all that means is that the Spanish government could ignore the result. There was no justification for sending in Stormtroopers to beat up people trying to vote. No distinction either – if someone planned to vote ‘no’ to independence they were beaten up anyway. I bet that changed their minds. If that vote ever takes place there won’t be any doubt about the result. Not now that the Spanish police have shown they are no better than a legal version of Antifa.

There are no videos showing riots by the people. That doesn’t mean there weren’t any, of course, but I haven’t seen any. All the violence came from the riot police. You aren’t supposed to start riots, guys. Read the manual again.

They beat up people standing with their hands up, they beat up old women and they even beat up fire brigade personnel who were trying to protect people from the police. No doubt the police all went home well satisfied with their actions and looking forward to the next time they are called upon to don full armour and beat the shit out of unarmed civilians.

I have heard the counter arguments, mostly involving Mrs. Thatcher ‘using the police against miners etc’ but that’s hardly the same thing as using the police to attack a queue of voters. The Catalans weren’t blockading anything, they didn’t threaten anyone’s fuel supplies, they didn’t threaten anyone at all. They were just in line to vote.

This is the Spanish government using Spanish thugs dressed in armour to attack people voting on something the Spanish government could have just ignored. Declare the ballot illegal and the result is not binding on the government.

Of course, the likelihood is that the vote would have come out in favour of independence and that would have been almost as embarrassing for the government as being seen to be no more than a mob with hired thugs. Still, there was always the possibility of a ‘no’ vote. It could have gone that way.

It won’t now.

7 thoughts on “The Spanish Acquisition

  1. Apparently (as you quite rightly predicted), something like 90% of those who managed to vote, voted for independence. And who can blame them? Conspicuous by its absence is any word of condemnation from the EU, overseers of all their members’ parliamentary assemblies and thus, indirectly, the way those assemblies conduct the forces under their control. Now, could that possibly be because, privately, they don’t think that this kind of use of a nation’s own police force is in any way wrong? Says rather a lot about how they regard the role of “the authorities” vis-à-vis the population, maybe?

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  2. What I am wondering about is what the EU plans to do with France’s nukes, in the even of poor France not leaving in time. Ours might be OK as we’ll probably escape before the JunckerNazi and sadfaced Tusk twig that they’ve lost any say over these.


  3. I recall an old Gibraltarian friend talking about Spain’s attitude to Gibraltar. He said that if you are trying to woo a girl you send her chocolates and flowers and romantic poems; you don’t threaten her or kick her in the teeth. I think it applies to Catalonia too.

    I wonder if it has anything to do with Spain’s Moorish/Mohammedan ancestry and influence.

    Oh dear, am I guilty of a hate crime? No hate was intended.


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