Halloween update

Okay, so far, here is the contents list for the next anthology. I have to close submissions on the 14th (midnight, GMT) so there’s a little time left. This time I am determined to have an illustration for each story, so after midnight on the 14th I really can’t take anything new. There were delays outside my control on the Hollow Bunnies book that meant the book didn’t show in time for Easter. This time I’m going in early.

The contents so far –

Lee Bidgood – Cobalt Blue

Roo B Doo – Trick or Treat
– Afterword

Stephen Duffy – All Change

Mark Ellot – Tout Passé
– Ghost Riders (A Morning Cloud story)
– The Eagle

H. K. Hillman – Oak and Holly
– The Macbeth Trio
– Bernie’s Bargain

I’ll also have to write a short foreword.

There is still time for a few more if you want to get in. The illustrations are a combination of heavily Photoshopped photos and hand drawn ones and combinations of the two. Mark Ellott has provided his own, and that helps a lot with my workload (hint to those who plan to send a story at five to midnight on the 14th).

Interior images have to be monochrome. A single colour image will put the book into silly prices. As always, the anthology will be priced for absolute minimum profit because they are more advertising vehicles for Leg Iron Books than anything else.

Here’s a sample image, the one for ‘All Change’ –

Yes, it’s a ghost train variant. A new twist  🙂

I will need an ‘About the Author’ page from all authors. Those who are repeat offenders, I can just re-use the ones from the previous books unless you want them updated. The author page is yours, you can say what you like there within the bounds of legality and promoting your other work is absolutely encouraged.

Authors can elect to be paid in cash (£10 per story) or in books. I will price this as low as possible, I aim for no more than £5 per print book and the absolute minimum on eBook. I can send authors an eBook in any format they want for free and spreading that around is allowed. It’s not piracy, it’s advertising. If you can get a review then that’s even better.

One thing I have to take into consideration is the Smashwords rule that all the author names have to be on the cover. That means the Smashwords eBook cover will be plastered with names and will look untidy but it’s their rule, so I have no choice.

This one is a definite ‘go’. There will also be a Christmas anthology, the rule there is simple. It has to be based at Christmas. Any genre as long as it’s Christmas. Anything from the whimsical to the horrific. It can be Christian or Saturnalia or ghost story or science fiction or whatever takes your fancy. The only rule is that it has to be at Christmas.

And it has to be good. That’s never been a problem so far.

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