A prophetic title as it turned out. I hit ‘publish’ accidentally before writing anything. The rest will be up shortly… Here it is.

Today, a man drove a car (well, a Prius) into eleven people outside a London museum. Police reacted at once – this is the format of several recent terrorist attacks so it’s no surprise the police mobilised at once. The man was pulled from his crashed vehicle, pinned down and arrested.

Initially reported as a terror attack by some news outlets (The Daily Hysteria made it top story) but as a ‘crash’ by the likes of the BBC and Grauniad, it has now been officially listed as an accident.

Well, accidents do happen, and sometimes accidents involve a lot of people getting hurt. We’ve had some nasty motorway pile-ups in the past. So okay, I can go with ‘accident’ for now. Particularly since ISIS haven’t claimed responsibility so far. They’re usually quick with their claims.

Many people refuse to believe this was an accident and that’s no surprise either. The politicians and media have told so many lies that nobody believes a word they say any more. Except those who use filters to believe the stuff they like and not-believe the stuff they don’t like. Trust me, it’s safest not to believe any of it. You might as well get your news from the old ladies in the coffee shop these days. It’s probably more reliable.

So, whether this was an attack loony or just a driver who got confused and lost control, we’ll probably never know for sure. Any similar accident in future is going to be assumed, by many people, to be definitely Islamic terrorism no matter how many officials and reporters come out saying it was just an accident.

Politicians, press, police and any other official out there – you brought this on yourselves. You have lied and deceived to the point where none of you can be trusted at all. Some police will ask where they have lied and deceived the public – well, one example springs to mind right away. Rotherham. How long did you cover for those rapists again?

Now the police are to arrest anyone who repeatedly views ‘far right’ web sites. What is a far right web site? Anything they want to define as a far right website. Daily Mail, you’re pretty much screwed. The rest of us will soon be afraid to visit blogs that aren’t about cats or flowers or Marxist ideology. Meanwhile, those imported gangs get to do as they please. And the police wonder why they have lost the trust of the public.

As for Islam, you’re going to get the blame for every road accident, every accidental gas explosion, every building that catches fire and you, with the help of the liars who covered for you, made that happen. It’s too late to look for sympathy now. If you want to get rid of the criminal element in your midst, it’s up to you to deal with it. Our police aren’t allowed to do it and our politicians simply will not face it.They’d rather watch people getting killed than risk being called ‘racist’.

Otherwise, you’re going to find you are all tarred with the same brush.

I’m still thinking today’s event was an accident. Surely nobody planning to cause carnage would choose to do it in a Prius?

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