Calling in souls

There was an enjoyable film called ‘Wishmaster’ some years ago. There was also a sequel. Maybe more.

In this film, a Djinn was released into the world by an unsuspecting person and it was to grant them three wishes. On the granting of the third wish, the rest of the Djinn would be free to take this world. That’s the basic plot.

Of course, Djinn aren’t in any way friendly so if you wish for a million dollars, you’ll get it when a relative dies after naming you as beneficiary on their insurance. There’s always a catch.

The Djinn can also grant wishes to others, just one wish, and it seems to be free. It’s not.

When you accept the proceeds of the wish, you grant the Djinn your soul. The Djinn will call that in later.

That’s the film, it’s fiction, it’s fun and it’s not real. It’s a Hollywood take on an ancient legend. It doesn’t happen in real life.

Does it?

Suppose you believe yourself at either extreme of a scale. Righteously privileged, allowing you to call others privileged and lay your guilt on them. Or feeling oppressed and playing victim.

Suppose you get all the support you need from a benefactor who asks nothing in return, only that you believe in what they want you to believe.

Free wishes, and they come true. Who could say no? Hardly anyone did.

The souls are being called in. Hollywood is first. I didn’t expect that. I thought Islam would be first. It makes sense though. Keeping the Hollywood wishes going is expensive and they really aren’t useful any more. Nobody is listening now. Islam costs very little really, they do it anyway, you just have to let them. You can’t not listen. They keeel you! Except… Islam has accepted the wish of the Djinn. They don’t know it yet.

Even there, Islam is not getting such an easy ride any more. Ire is rising and the protection is pulling back. Those souls are not yet ripe for collection. They get a bit more time.

The LGBTXYZ(runes)(numbers) movement is done. It’s fragmenting under pressure to accept insanities like 57 varieties of gender and paedonormalisation. Real gay people are abandoning it in droves while police and fire services embrace the rainbow. Which, like the word ‘gay’, meant something different and innocuous in my lifetime.

We can now be arrested for saying all of that if anyone, anywhere, defines it as hate speech. What will that do? It’ll drive us to TOR and underground and eventually spark another civil war. Is that what you want?

Trump seems to be a spanner in the works. As does the Austrian election result. They are not. They are all part of the plan. Hilarious Clinton was never going to win, I mean, come on, even Democrat voters know she’s a shrieking psycho harpy. The Democrats never intended to win or they would have put up a potential president, not a lunatic.

Likewise in the UK, if Labour really wanted to win, who is the worst possible leader they could have chosen? Jerry Cordite, the IRA’s cheerleader dancing with short skirt and pom-poms.

I know, it’s a horrible image to put in your head. But it’s nearly Halloween and you might be looking for dress-up ideas.

Our alternative was Tessie Maybe, the authoritarian ex-Home Secretary who emasculated the police, who wanted a DNA database of everyone and who wanted total control of the internet. She still wants those things.

Same thing in the US. You want straw haired fat boy or the banshee from hell? That’s your choice. Vote. Not the best of choices, was it?

Ah, poor Hilary. Sounding more and more like a whining loser every day. They say the Clintons’ enemies are suddenly found as suicides. So are those your bosses no longer need, Hilary. Did you think you were in the top rank? Really? Bohemian Grove is no place for a woman. Just saying…

Inconvenient people often commit suicide, don’t they? It happens all over the place.

They say the ones at the top, the mysterious ‘them’, are all Satanists. I don’t think Satan exists, at least not in the Biblical sense. But they do believe and they base their actions on that belief.

It’s not Satan, real or imaginary, that is dangerous. It’s the people who believe he is.

Halloween is coming. Samheim. An important date for these people. And the soul collecting is accelerating. LGBT(whatever) is fragmenting and is supportive of, while being diametrically opposite to, Islam (apart from the baby-fucking part which even the BBC thinks is justifiable). Right wing governments are taking control all over the place. Islam is not so well defended by the idiot progressives. The protected gays are fragmenting. Feminism is being broken by radical transgerderism. The darker skinned people are determined to bring hate upon themselves. Chaos is coming.

It’s all been set up. All of it. All part of the plan. Nobody panics when it’s all part of the plan.

But now, if you were part of the plan, it’s payback time. They’re calling you in.

Harvey? He was just the beginning.

Does that sound like someone hinted at this before?


15 thoughts on “Calling in souls

  1. To be honest, the LGBT folks aren’t bad company down the pub. Most of ’em just want a quiet life and the opportunity to indulge whatever sexual preference cruel biology has gifted them with. Sometimes, however, fate has a truly wicked sense of humour.

    In Aberystwyth in the mid nineties, the town and university was probably one of the nicest academic institutions on the planet. The town had and still has a plethora of bars, enough for most student societies to find a back room once a week for a get-together. I fondly if blurrily remember the Rock and Metal Music society get-togethers in the back room of the Angel on a Tuesday night.

    However, every so often fate would decide to have a laugh. Such as when the LGBT (and others) society accidentally got double-booked in the same pub with the Caving Club. It only happened the once, but the jokes live on.

    The evening started quietly enough; a group of semi-nocturnal hunch-backed trogs lurking in the darkest corners of the bar, drinking “Feeling Foul” and discussing dark shitty holes in tones of reverence.

    Then the LGBT lot turned up and the place livened up. Each side assumed that everyone else was interested in the same sorts of things, you see; the beer was flowing freely and many a happy misunderstanding was had that night. The next morning was, well, interesting for all concerned…

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  2. I’m not sure the Weinstein thing has anything to do with your otherwise sound thesis.

    We all know of course, that if you’re a “Movie Mogul”, you get to be able to shag any of the pretty young wannabes queueing 10-deep outside your building, in the hope of a “major part” in your next movie. they want the money, and it’s far, far more than just being an escort-girl in LA (much less trouble to be that I would say…steady income, not that huge, but, well…less work.) It’s a lottery-win by comparison – and the odds are somewhat more in the ladies’ favour here.

    In the 60s and early 70s, we used to try to tell “our birds” (who we’d take to “dances”) “DON’T go afterwards with the DJ! Not with any DJ! And DON’T “GO WITH JIMMY SAVILE! He’ll touch you up!” All our young women were incentivised by was being able to “go to his room”, and BEG him to let them be allowed to gyrate behind his desk, him in shot, on “Top Of The Pops”. They begged him. They didn’t listen to us, and sometimes we even got jilted. Our parents knew something about DJs; I wonder, Legiron, whay that was? Don’t you?

    Weinstein is now “being had” by all these middle-aged women, because (a) they weren’t alive when Jimmy Savile was active and so they couldn’t use him for money now since he couldn’t shag a non-existent embryo, and yet – contaminated with the prevailing zeitgeist as they are – need a male figure to pin witchcraft-allegations on. Weinstein will certainly have shagged at least one of these women, but one, now, is enough to damn him. Even though all the others – whichever those are that got him into his bed with them – wanted it and needed him to “be nice to them”, for their budding careers.

    I pause for a reply (as Brutus said.)

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    • Once the accusations start flying it’s difficult to know how many of them are real and how many are just ‘me too’ money chasers. Weinstein has been thrown to the lions on this one though and once this can of worms is open, there’s no closing it again.

      He might not be directly involved but he’s certainly proved useful in shutting down those ‘holier than thou’ voices 😉

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    • I’ve had this discussion many times. It’s akin to the ‘why did they use ‘deosil’ and ‘widdershins’ instead of just using clockwise/anticlockwise in ancient times?’ discussion. The answer is really quite obvious…

      Spelling in English wasn’t fixed until Dr. Johnson’s dictionary. So spelling varied depending on who was saying it/writing it, and writing wasn’t as common as now. The last one I had was Beltain/Beltane. It doesn’t matter how you spell it. All that matters is the recipient knows what you meant. And you did 😉

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      • Get your point about Deosil and Widdershins, they’re the same term in differing languages. However, it’s just that in all my reading about Celtic and pre-celtic societies I’d never come across ‘Samheim’ as a synonym for ‘Samhain’.


        • Maybe I’ve just been hanging around with people who say it that way.

          The ‘deosil’ one is even simpler than that. They come from the days before anyone had a clock 😉


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