Treeskull Stories, done in time for Halloween

It’s done. Amazon currently list the paperback and Kindle versions separately but they will merge the listings in a few days.

Other eBook formats are available from Smashwords, and hopefully I’ll figure out how to get through Smashwords’ anthology rules to reach a wider audience. It’s easy with single author books but has become a chore with anthologies like this.

I have to work out how to sell eBooks direct. I can get them converted into all kinds of formats and really the whole thing could be automated so readers can get copies when I’m asleep. Print books, well, I’d have to keep a stock of those and have no idea how well any particular one will sell, so that’s a risk. I can leave that side of things to Amazon.

Right. Couple of days to catch up on sleep and then back to it. There’s lots to do…

6 thoughts on “Treeskull Stories, done in time for Halloween

  1. Jolly good. I still don’t understand the smashwords issue. Multi-author anthologies aren’t exactly a new phenomenon and it’s not usual to have the complete list on the front cover.

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    • The cover is no problem. It’s the faffing around afterwards.
      I have to create ‘ghost’ accounts for authors so I can attribute books to the authors. No problem for single author books, that’s easy.
      There is no mechanism for attributing multiple authors to a book – I found out how to do that on Kindle so a search on your name should bring up Treeskull Stories as well as your own book – but Smashwords insist on having it done without an actual mechanism on site to do it.
      This means getting in touch with them to get them to sort it out at their end, and that takes time…

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