Treeskull Stories in press at last

I have gone through the tortuous process of loading the third Underdog Anthology onto Amazon (print and Kindle) and Smashwords (eBook in various formats). It’ll take a day or so to start showing up. Finally I can call this one ‘done’.

There are already six stories in for the Christmas anthology so that’s already a definite. There might or might not be an Easter one next year, it depends on how much interest there is. Easter is a tough subject, much more than Halloween or Christmas. Still, you never know.

I’ll post links as soon as it becomes available. Meanwhile, there’s work to do…

Update – Forgot to mention, the print copies will sell at £4.25. I’ve set fixed prices on the print version to see how well that works out. It’s a good one to try it with because there are no royalties to worry about – if it hits zero or negative profit, nobody else is affected.

The Kindle version is tied to the dollar price so it’ll vary depending on the exchange rates.

Oh, and the full cover looks like this –

Remember, only the print version has interior illustrations.

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