Facing down the Money King

Geroge Soros, it is said, is the real life version of Luke Skywalker’s evil Emperor. From what I’m reading on that link, he’s doing it all for money – although at 87, with tens of billions of dollars amassed, I would be doing no such thing. I’d be drinking the very top shelf whiskies and letting the world go to Hell on its own.

That is not the George Soros way. He is a man on a mission and it really doesn’t matter how many people end up dead or destitute on the way. The world must be united under one world government, whether they like it or not.

He’s been unstoppable so far. Well, with all those billions at his disposal he can buy off any conscience – at least, he has so far. He’s funded people who hate other people in the name of universal love, he’s funded single issue groups in the name of inclusivity and he has sowed war in the name of peace.

I’m sure, in his head, all those deaths, beatings, threats and imprisonments for trivia are just collateral damage in his quest for world peace. He thinks it’s all worth it. So do all those he pays very well to agree with him. He is used to getting everything his own way.

So Sebastian Kurz, the new Prime Minister of Austria, must have come as a shock – and not just to Soros.

I am sure the aged sneering basilisks of the EU saw Kurz as easy prey. Young, inexperienced, he’d soon bend the knee to the EU machine. He has, so far, told them where to shove it.

Soros might well be richer than Austria but Kurz isn’t cowed. He has given Soros 28 days to get his political machinery the hell out of Austria or he’ll be prosecuted.

This is going to make Soros very angry indeed. Much more powerful nations have given in to his demands. Who does this Austrian child think he is dealing with? This is the man who has Hilary Clinton in a panic. She lost, with Soros funding, and Soros does not like to lose. It’s not just what the Trump administration might find in the files that scares her.

It’s what her master, the Emperor, will do to avenge her failure.

She’s already been linked to the wave of Hollywood sex pest exposures and her sales of Uranium to Russia have come to light. How much more will she be debased as the Emperor unleashes the dark side of the force upon her?

But this is not about her. She’s doomed and she knows it.

Soros is now contemplating how he will deal with this Austrian upstart. Ironic, since Soros spent some time working for another Austrian upstart in the 1940’s…

I hope Sebastian Kurz is a very, very careful man. He has angered the Dark Lord of the One World Order. Soros is not going to just walk away.

The first World War started with an Austrian assassination. Soros finds war a very profitable mechanism.

Mr. Kurz, keep looking over your shoulder.


10 thoughts on “Facing down the Money King

  1. A Google search for George Soros Austria seems to indicate the story is false. I think it’s one of those stories that you wish it were true, they’re the stories that need to be checked the most diligently.


    • It’s impossible to know for sure what is true these days. A reliable source claims there have been a series of bomb blasts in Sweden in the past week, no mention on the BBC.

      There is a massive scandal over the Clintons’ involvement in selling uranium to Russia. CNN… not a peep. Other major US networks have ignored this too.

      Twitter is abuzz with the claim that the police will not cover Remembrance Day because of cuts, while they have money for nail polish, high heels, animal head masks, videos about Islamophobia, chasing internet trolls and rainbow paint jobs for their cars. It sounds plausible but I cannot find a definite verification anywhere on that one.

      We are at the point now where nobody can be sure what is true. Media sources cannot be trusted – none of them.

      From here, it’s downhill fast. Hold on to your hat!


  2. It seems to me that these wealthy-beyond-belief who are coming toward the end of this life take it upon themselves to achieve some form of immortality by establishing foundations, trusts or other tax-exempt vehicles to further their aims.

    It’s Old Hat that’s been going on since about the 1920’s. I looked into many of the older established ones and found that several are no longer complying with their original missions or mandates. Most – especially those at the forefront of ecology, global warming and overpopulation are funded by these vanity foundations.

    Bill Gates has his own foundation and has been doing his level best to bully other very wealthy individuals to pledge one half of their worth to charitable causes. Billy – as you might expect – has a thing about smoking and has poured millions into China to push for smoke-free everywhere.

    Michael Bloomberg was big in the anti-smoking business, however he’s changed tack of late with his pets being gun control as well as managing big cities. His philantropic does of course continue to channel funds into anti-smoking initiatives. One very close to home (look just above the map – donors)


    What I find is the people behind these philanthropic ventures are almost invariably not in the least popular with the masses. Just look at Ted Turner (founder of CNN) and Jane Fonda. So it’s nice that many of them have to employ bodyguards. Unfortunately they also surround themselves with clones who, dependant on their salaries by their benefactor, arse lick them and pander to their egos. Result is they actually get worse because they generally get no criticism – something Trump does do, he literally sits glued to television and web based news outlets. And he fights back, which I for one admire.

    This stuff’s been simmering in the background for years and the very fact that you and others are outing Soros for what he is – fundamentally evil – is excellent.

    Now that politicians have started to get serious about him (Hungarian politicians wanted his university closed earlier this year).


    It starts a contagion effect – as the article states many American politicians loathe the man as well.

    So yes when I learned that Russia had a crackdown on NGO’s it chuffed me greatly, because NGO’s are the vehicle of choice for these intrusive, rich, walking-dead.

    Of course we have our own, what with Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (aka Tony) using his charities to avoid paying taxes. Methinks he may have over extended himself, even by the very lax standards of today’s politicians, by setting up something to block Brexit.

    Unfortunately it’s not practical to amend tax codes to ensure the super-rich continue to get away with these vehicles after their death. Reason is it’s world wide; countries actually seek these people when they’re genuinely creating wealth (we talk Amazon and Google, but really what we’re talking about is their founders – they make the final decision). Check out Jack Ma (Alibaba), who’s wined, dined and can charge vast sums for a 60 minute chat with accolades.

    End of rant. Thanks for reminding me – I’m after some super rich git in Sweden called László Szombatfalvy, though it’ll take a while before I join all the dots and make something sensible (even if that’ll only be to me).


  3. We don’t need Soros to fuck up the UK we can rely on the Brexit negotiation team to do it. So far they have let the EU call all the shots–like holding us to ransom over the divorce settlement BEFORE moving to trade talks and deciding that THEY will say when enough progress has been made. Arrogant twats.
    As Daniel Hannan says if the UK were a country TAKING money out instead of PAYING money in would they be arguing about how much they insist on continuing to pay us after we have left?
    Like hell they would. We, or rather Treason Maybe, has bent over forwards to give them all they ask for. “Forget 30 billion how about 50 billion” At this rate we will shortly be talking real money.
    Sorry for that rant on your blog. Excellent post as usual.


  4. Joining the ERM in the early 1990s, particularly at such a ludicrously high exchange rate, was an open invitation to currency speculators. I don’t think Soros did anything more than take advantage of the stupidity of the Major government. I won’t defend anything else he’s done though.
    Unfortunately we’re saddled with another government that’s eager to give our money away. We don’t owe the EU a single penny.


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