Talking to walls

Today I tried conversing with progressives. These are people who want Donald Trump ‘impeached’ but have never really articulated what he is to be accused of. As far as I know, even in this lunatic modern world, ‘being an arse’ is still not illegal. So maybe they know something else?

Anyway, I wondered if it were possible to have a polite conversation and work out what it is they are all so angry about all the time. Here is the result.

It began here…

I questioned the obvious inference. They rejoice at a counter-protest to a group calling themselves ‘white lives matter’ when they would be utterly outraged at anyone protesting a ‘black lives matter’ rage-fest. Therefore, logically, they don’t believe white lives matter, right?

The response… and my second question…

All I am asking for here is a consistent response. If one group asking not to be killed because of their skin colour is hateful Nazi bigotry, why is another group doing the same thing to be lauded?


And that was it. No further response. Others did weigh in though…

It ended with this…

No argument, no definition of their position, nothing but insults and an assumption that I must be fascist for questioning their doctrine. They have clearly never questioned it themselves. So, I left the conversation none the wiser about why ‘black lives matter’ is good and ‘white lives matter’ is evil.

Until later…

At the end of that section of the conversation, added after I had abandoned any hope of finding a reasoned discussion, is the answer.

They hate ‘White Lives Matter’ because ‘Black Lives Matter’ was their idea, it was first, and the other gang is copying their game. That is really it. That is the sole justification for all the threats and name calling and counter protesting.

My mistake was assuming I was talking to adults.


20 thoughts on “Talking to walls

    • It’s like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter what you do it’s going to kick over the pieces, shit on the board and strut around like it’s victorious.

      I stopped interacting before the stupid became infectious.

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    • The problem is there is a growing army of witless whiners and scrambled screamers who will not listen to a single word of reason and, in my view, are herding us all to towards the end of civilization.

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      • Try arguing with animal rights people if you really want to experience the witless, emotional and fact-denying pillocks for real.

        A really good example of this is the current furore about badgers and bovine tuberculosis. DEFRA conducted some trials on wild-caught badgers, which aimed to test how effective BCG vaccine was on preventing the badgers catching bTB. The results were stark and simple: BCG vaccination never prevents a badger catching bTB if exposed to it.

        And yet, the Welsh lot have been busy catching badgers, injecting BCG vaccine into them and releasing the animals, never checking to see if they are catching a spread of animals and not just the same few over and over again, and never checking the vaccine effectiveness. A recent follow-up demonstrated that the DEFRA paper was accurate; vaccination of wild badgers had no effect on the disease reservoir at all.

        Shooting badgers works, though. So does gassing them. Fewer carriers means less disease but oh how the loons deny reality!

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      • That is, indeed, what their objective is. But it won’t matter to them, for they – or their mates, the ones they’ll save – have got all the guns. And if billions of the rest os us die, it shan’t matter to them at all. For there’ll be enough subsistence-food for their sequestered-slaves to gather for them.


  1. Their kind never argue in good faith. All their arguments are rhetoric designed to get their way, not sincere attempts to establish common ground and mutual comprehension. They have no consistent governing principles, only tactical positions.

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  2. I believe you are not a regular reader of this organ. Perfectly understandable, however once in a blue moon something slips through that cheers me up.

    And the comments seem to confirm that our message has been picked up, checked and agreed.

    Of course even this newspaper has its trolls, however for the most part they’re outed rapidly.

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  3. Whenever confronted by such idiocy in person I find the following phrase of great use. “That’s an interesting point of view.” How it is received can be altered by how much spin and emphasis you put on the first syllable of ‘interesting’.

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