Fact and fantasy

There has been another shooting in America, this time in Texas. The shooter was shot dead at the scene.

I’m fine with that. He was caught in the act and was actively shooting people so I have no problem with police shooting him (at this time it is not clear whether police shot him or he shot himself, but either way works).

If he survived, some cash-hungry lawyer would try to get him off and even if he did go to jail, the bleeding hearts would demand he serve only half his sentence and then he’d sue for hurt feelings while in jail. It saves a lot of time and money just to shoot the bugger while he still has his gun in his hand.

Twitter is alive with Lefties shouting ‘It’s a white supremacist attack! All white people are to blame!’ The same people who say ‘You can’t blame all Muslims just because Muslims are killing people all over the world, you racist-Nazi-bigots’. I used to imagine Orwell’s Doublethink was something he made up but it’s clearly a very real thing. This level of disassociative reasoning is surely grounds for medical intervention.

There is no description of the gunman as yet, beyond he was ‘dressed in combat gear’. You know, the thing about combat gear is that there are sizes available for most people and it does not evaporate in contact with a skin that isn’t white. Anyone can wear it. There is as yet no reliable information as to the gunman’s suntan level.

Police have said that as far as their information goes, this was not a terrorist attack, it was someone with a grudge against either the town or the church. Given that the town in question has around 400 people, it is a very unlikely target for any terrorist group. They tend to go for big cities – not least because you have a better chance of vanishing in the crowds rather than getting caught. Also because that’s where the news groups concentrate their efforts.

Further, most of those shot were white and Republican. Does that sound like a target for white supremacists? Is someone even now getting roundly slapped about at KKK headquarters for choosing this target? Somehow I feel this is unlikely.

No motive is known. The identity of the lunatic is unknown. His race, religion and political affiliation are all unknown. And yet all white people are to blame, especially Republicans. Does that include the ones he killed, maimed or injured, Lefties?

This is a small town. 27 deaths in a population of 400 is going to affect every family in that town. It is not a time for making political noises and shouting down Whitey.

But then, that’s all the Progressive Left ever do, isn’t it?

What will they do if it turns out not to be a white guy at all… or a member of the loony-tunes mob Antifa enraged at the utterly risible attempt at ‘revolution’ yesterday?

Time will tell.

11 thoughts on “Fact and fantasy

  1. The first I heard of this was at about 9 PM, just a fragment on the news and, given today’s rotten political climate, my first reflexive thought was, “I hope it wasn’t a black church,” knowing that would feed the screaming, exaggerated White Supremisist= Republican meme, so I was actually, unfortunately, and ironically relieved to learn it was white folks. The guy was 26, a dishonorably discharged enlistee from the Air Force and, according to one source (which means “subject to change”) had previously threatened the lives of his family. And of course the congregation of Our Lady’s Church of Perpetual Outrage (the same ones who bleated that Trump had politicized the truck-mowing in Manhattan by mentioning immigration) were again within minutes yowling about gun control. We do, indeed, live in those acursed Interesting Times.

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    • His gun was illegal – as a dishonourable discharge he wasn’t allowed to own one. Gun control would not have stopped him, but it would have stopped the man who had a legal gun from stopping him.


  2. Devin Patrick Kelly. White. Loser.


    Congregation seemed a racial mix, white, Hispanic and black. Pastor is black and one of his daughters aged 15, was killed. Youngest victim was all of 5.

    Seems remarkably similar to Dunblane (and many others), guy with a perceived beef takes it out on the softest target. And nothing’s softer than women and children.


  3. “What will they do if it turns out not to be a white guy at all… or a member of the loony-tunes mob Antifa enraged at the utterly risible attempt at ‘revolution’ yesterday?”

    Another Orwell coinage will apply. The whole situation will quietly be pushed down the memory hole.


    • He turned out to be white and Democrat. He’s alleged to be an Antifa member though I haven’t seen proof.
      Once again the loonies were out saying ‘Why didn’t Trump call for the death penalty for these white shooters’ even though both the recent ones were killed at the scene.


  4. “I used to imagine Orwell’s Doublethink was something he made up but it’s clearly a very real thing. ”

    As any of us fighting the Antismokers over the years know all too well. :/

    Re shooting details: The Gun Control folks are going to have problems with this one. Stronger gun control laws might not have had any effect in stopping the primary shooter, BUT they might very well have stopped the civilian who shot back at him and likely stopped much worse carnage!

    Gun control supporters have often asked the 2nd Amendment folks to name instances where innocent civilians carrying guns were able to stop something like this church shooting. Now there’s something that looks like it may be a real example.

    It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

    – MJM


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