Quick books update

Dirk Veugels’ ‘Es-Tu la, Allah?’ is now properly combined into one listing for Kindle and print versions on Amazon. It has also passed Smashwords checks and should soon appear on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and many other places as an eBook in pretty much every format going.

Still to come in November –

Revised (shorter and therefore cheaper) ‘Cultish’ by Hugo Stone,

‘Sinistre, the Morning Cloud Chronicles’ – the collected Morning Cloud stories by Mark Ellott, and

‘Jessica’s Trap’ by, well, me. All will be done in November because all are complete and need just a few minor details to get them finalised.

Then, December will see the next Underdog Anthology for which I need a sinister Christmas title and (hopefully) ‘Samuel’s Girl’ by me. I won’t promise to have Lee Bidgood’s book done in December because the anthology is going to take up time and Christmas will get in the way. But that one will be early in 2018 if I don’t get it done in December.

Next year I have a science fiction book which includes giant armoured scorpions, a FTL drive that turns out to be a total failure and a meeting of devious people with a pretty much Mediaeval culture. Could be fun…

Still accepting stories for the Christmas book, but can’t edit them until the committed books are done.

So. Back to work for me!


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