The current gender insanity has been a great help to me.

A story I’ve been working on for a long time has a genderless society. The people in that society actually have no concept of gender, and have no idea whether they were born male or female. They are merely worker drones and not required to reproduce.

I know how to construct it physically, all of that is already in place in the real world anyway, but how to make it stick politically? How did people get to where they would accept the beginnings of it?

Lately there has been an increasing amount of noise about the 57 (probably more by now) varieties of ‘gender’. Reality time folks. Check between your legs. If there are things dangling you’re a male. If there are not, you’re a female. If you have both then you’re both but that isn’t a third gender. That’s both in one. Two is all there are.

There is now even ‘genderfluid’ where you can wake up as a man and try out every type of ‘gender’ over the course of the day. To fit them all in you would probably only be able to devote 10 minutes to each one.

Now there are calls for transgenderism to be applied to children. Of course. Much more easily malleable if you get them before puberty. And then this –

Yep. Babies are born without gender until they are old enough to decide which they want to be. Surgery at 5? Defy these loonies and they will call you names and, ultimately, resort to physical violence to get their way.

Oh this is not restricted to a few Twitter idiots. Transgender surgeons have started to say things like ‘assigned male at birth’ as if gender depends on which box the midwife prefers to tick. And one day, if this continues, it will be.

Gender is being removed from everything, even biology now…

The print on that one is small so here’s the link to the actual article.

The useful idiots believe that all their rapidly-multiplying ‘gender’ definitions and their ‘preferred pronoun’ nonsense is theirs, and will lead to a world where everyone can be what they want to be (unless you’re white, in which case they want you dead). It leads to no such thing.

On preferred pronouns, I will use three. He, she, or it. Pick one. I will not use any others.

I give it no more than a year before you start to see calls for all babies to be neutered at birth so that they can choose their gender later. Once that’s in place there’s no point in choosing a gender, you might as well stay genderless for life because you can’t reproduce anyway. The genderless society is within grasp, worker drones produced by the elite and their harems. Neutered drones who are brought up in nurseries where they are politically corrected before being sent off to work.

They don’t even know what ‘gender’ is by that stage.

So, I now have a viable method to produce the genderless society in the story I’m making up. If I’m lucky I’ll even finish the story before it comes true. Most of the rest of it is coming true or has already come true.

It still leaves the question of how did it get this far? There have been transvestites, gay people etc. for millenia at least, probably since the dawn of humanity. Transexuality has been around all that time too, although the means to do something surgical about it is more recent.

So why now? Why, all of a sudden, has this explosion of gender lunacy happened? Today I realised how it happened.

Degrees in gender studies.

We have laughed at these for years. What the hell use is that degree? There is no employer interested in it so the only thing you can do is become a gender studies lecturer and there are far more graduates than jobs.

We were wrong to laugh at it. It does indeed serve a purpose, one that is now becoming all too clear.

How do you make a living with a gender studies degree? A few will become gender studies lecturers and produce the next round of useful idiots, most will end up whining about nobody wanting to employ them because the degree marks them as a likely troublemaker, some will get into personnel departments and screw up companies from within…

…and some will become researchers and media whores. They are the ones gender studies is designed to produce. The cream of the crop.

See, ‘gender studies’ should really take no more than twenty minutes. There are two genders. One has these bits, the other has those bits. My mistake, twenty seconds.

The rest of it is fantasy. I mean, I really don’t care how you identify yourself. You can pretend to be Super Mario or his kart or a pink unicorn or Tinker Bell on crack if you want. That does not make it real. All these identities do not create new genders and that is not their real purpose. Their real purpose it to make the genuine two genders invalid. Once that’s done, forced neutering of children is not only possible, it’s going to be demanded.

The gender studies graduates must keep inventing new genders to study and push for gender neutrality in increasingly bizarre places because their living depends on it. It’s all they’ve been taught to do. The whole gender studies game operates like a virus – in order to stay alive they have to infect more and more people with their ideas. It’s a mind virus.

I can’t remember who first coined the term ‘meme’ to describe an idea that replicates by spreading in a manner similar to a gene but this is what is happening here. This particular contagion is spreading faster and faster and it will lead to that vast array of new ‘genders’ being abruptly reduced, not to two, but to zero.

The genderless society. An army of compliant worker drones who have not even the concept of gender. Run by an elite who will pick the best of the litter for themselves and send the rest to be neutered and politically corrected. You know who’s going to be part of that elite? Hint: It’s not me.

And it’s not you.



22 thoughts on “Genderless

  1. I wonder if the technology exists to genetically modify humans to be ‘gender neutral’ and unable to reproduce, like seedless grapes.

    I’ve probably said this before, but this is clearly a Satanic plot, as everything God put in place is being usurped by these sickos. For example:

    God created man in His image.

    Satan: God doesn’t exist. Humans exist solely due to undirected mutations and natural selection and are descended, along with all other life, from a common ancestor that must have been so complex, nobody can explain its development rationally.

    God created male and female.

    Satan: gender is fluid; choose your own, suckers.

    God said that a man should leave his parents and marry a woman and the twain shall be one flesh.

    Satan: Fecal-ferreting is normal.

    God told us to have children and fill the earth.

    Satan: Fecal-ferreting is normal. Didn’t you hear me the first time? The world is overpopulated, so having children is selfish.

    God said to be good to one another and obey His commandments.

    Satan: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Aren’t you a fan of Aleister Crowley? He used to eat fecal matter. Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.

    I could go on, but I think everyone gets my point.

    One of the biggest ironies is that the people promoting the LGBT agenda tend to hate religion and want in banned. So ban all the Satanic LGBT stuff then.


    • I don’t have faith so don’t believe in the reality of a God or a Satan. But there are those who do believe, and the ones who believe in Satan are exceptionally dangerous because they believe they are doing his bidding.

      To be fair, the ones who follow God can be just as dangerous for the same reason…

      However, it’s the ones who believe they are doing Satan’s bidding who are running this particular show. The God followers want unification, unfortunate that they choose to do it by force but it’s their aim. The Satan followers want division, everyone afraid of everyone and everyone spying on everyone.

      This time round it’s Satan’s Inquisition who will silence dissent and punish the heretics.

      I wish the two of them would just square off in a fist fight and leave the rest of us out of it.


      • “To be fair, the ones who follow God can be just as dangerous for the same reason…”

        Really? I’m as dangerous as evil people like George Soros who spend $billions to fund hate groups? Or as dangerous as globalists like Tony Blair and his warmongering and treason? Or as dangerous as the murdering Crowley or child abusers or ‘suicide’ bombers?

        “The God followers want unification, unfortunate that they choose to do it by force but it’s their aim.”

        I’ve never used force to make anyone believe anything. I don’t know anyone who has. And the ones who want unification, e.g. the World Council of Churches and other interfaith groups, are probably globalist fronts.

        Are you ‘doing’ a Dawkins and saying that ‘religion’ equals Islamism and so it should all be banned?

        “I wish the two of them would just square off in a fist fight and leave the rest of us out of it.”

        That’s what is basically happening. Every last person is involved in this. A commitment is required. No amount of blogging is going to save us – that’s why I stopped. No amount of pleading with politicians can achieve anything – that’s why I more or less stopped, although I am preparing material re. prison and psychiatric hospital smoking bans.

        Only the Creator can save us now.

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        • You’re talking about you personally. I’m talking about religion in general. Islam also believes it is on the side of God, remember – and while Christianity is mostly peaceful at the moment, don’t ignore the past.

          Even the recent past. The IRA were Catholic, the Westboro Baptist Church believe they are on the side of goodness…

          I am not saying ‘religion equals Islamism’, I am saying that people do terrible things in the belief they are doing the right thing. In the name of their God.

          The Satan worshippers currently playing this game are not interested in doing what’s right for humanity, they have no such excuse. They are out for control, pure and simple. They are in it for themselves.

          There is a difference, but if you’re killed by someone perpetrating Satanic self-interest beliefs or by someone doing it for the glory of whatever God they believe in and for the greater good of humanity, you’re just as dead either way.


          • Certainly, many people have used religion as an excuse to do bad things, but there is a big difference between what the scriptures say and what individuals do. That is not the fault of the Creator, so to deny Him on the grounds of people misbehaving is faulty logic. It’s like saying that the beautiful game is bad because of football hooligans.

            Westboro is either run by a family of genuine nuts or is a CIA front. Either way, it is constantly used by the MSM to tarnish believers. These people are not representative of the religion they claim to adhere to.

            The IRA did not follow the tenets of Christianity or Catholicism, so they can hardly be called ‘religious’ other than having displayed a religious fervour for a political cause. The same goes for the Roman Inquisition.

            The gospels forbid murder, whereas, Muslims seem to think they have a right to kill as many ‘infidels’ as they can. But that’s Islam, which is a cult made up by a bloke who had no witnesses to his claims.

            Satan worshippers are the ones who are really in charge. They have changed all of God’s rules under the cover of ‘equality’ and ‘human rights’. It is why, after years of interactions with politicians, I have never got anywhere, because they have no power to change things. Not that they are the kind of people who tend to be interested in genuine human rights or justice anyway.

            Having finally read “How To Make Friends and Influence People” after having bought it from a charity shop many years ago, the author confirms how much individuals are preoccupied with self. E.g. a boil on the neck is of more concern to most people than a million deaths in an earthquake in China. (That’s why so many people don’t mind abusing religion for their own ends.)

            Satanists, I believe, know that their ‘master’ is real and use their knowledge of the occult and magick to effect change on the population. That’s the only way I can think of that bonds the controllers together and lets them get away with murder. For example, that so many people buy into the LGBT and gender fluid agendas is evidence for the sorcery of these people.

            They even try to rub our noses in it via Harry Potter and other assorted rubbish. Consider the vast array of occult symbolism in the gestures and even the tattoos of the biggest names in popular ‘culture’ and in corporate logos: the all seeing eye, serpents’ tongues, the covering of one eye, certain numerology, etc.

            I agree with Peter Hitchens that the country is finished. In a similar vein to religion, he notes that the ‘Conservative Party’ isn’t conservative and calls for its destruction so that a genuinely conservative party can take its place and save the day. But as long as people keep rejecting their Creator, the adversary’s agendas will continue to march rampantly forwards.

            The only ‘useful’ thing about that is that you will never be short of the latest sick idea to blog about!


  2. The Gender-Fluidity nonsense is, happily, not being pursued in our younger-boy’s High School. I’ve asked him about trends in pupil gossip, and he says everyone thinks it’s “nuts” so far. Possibly helped by the fact it’s a RC school under the auspices of the Catholic Bishop of Liverpool.
    That said, last month, it got a bad(ish) OFSTED report…We’re all wondering why exactly.


      • Yup. Probably. I’ve instructed him to “actively not be seen to think for himself” in lessons in: R E, Geography, and, er, any other stuff he deems suspicious. Sciences are now getting a little iffy too.


        • A decent Jewish school in London was given a bad Ofsted report for failing to teach LGBT propaganda. I expect it’s quite widespread, because, certainly here in Scotland, LGBT indoctrination seems to be a prerequisite for any job dealing with the public and consequently, a lot of the feeble-minded take it very seriously when they assume the role of ‘inspector’.

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  3. What these stupid, stupid people don’t get is that transgender folk (and I am one) do not choose our gender. We are born with a biological sex that is at odds with the hard wiring of our brain. This is not a choice, it’s how it is. If I had the choice, I would change sex and my brain would be in line with my body. If this was possible, I’d be female and would expect to be addressed as such. As it is, I’m biologically male so expect to be addressed as such. Gender neutral pronouns and choosing gender is bollocks, frankly.

    And, no, transitioning is not changing sex. It’s glorified plastic surgery that involves loss of fertility and a lifetime on hormone replacement therapy. Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll live with how I am. At least my male body works as it’s supposed to. For some, transitioning is the only way they can live with the mismatch. Fine, but it’s a sacrifice many of us cannot make.

    What really, really pisses me off is these twats deeming that they have the right to speak on my behalf and take offence on my behalf. They can fuck right off, frankly – them and the horse they rode into town on.

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  4. Dear Mr Legiron

    bae – a babyself with too much time on her (or whatever) hands.

    John Wyndham wrote a novella which describes a one-sex society – female naturally – called Consider Her Ways:

    I recall another story, author unknown, about a child wandering round some institution looking for the penis department, so he could be fitted with one.

    Maybe these folk have read them and think they are cool ideas.



  5. “The works of the contemporary historians
    of Baghdad in the early tenth century are still
    available. They deeply deplored the
    degeneracy of the times in which they lived,
    emphasising particularly the indifference to
    religion, the increasing materialism and the
    laxity of sexual morals.”

    From Sir John Glubb’s the Fate of Empires:

    Society (civilization?) keeps recycling itself. I guess we are currently on yet another downswing. 🙂



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