Before anyone shouts ‘Typo’, the only error in that title is that I can’t find a way to add the accent on the final ‘e’.

Mark Ellot’s collected ‘Morning Cloud’ stories, featuring the half-Comanche gunslinger, Sinistré (I can add it in the text, but not in the title) are now available in one book. Five stories, three from the Underdog Anthologies, one from his own collection, Blackjack, and one new one (which will appear in the Christmas anthology too). So if you have, or plan to get, all those books, maybe you won’t want this one.

However, if you just want a book of Western gunslinger stories then here it is.

That’s the cover for the print version which will appear in a few days. The eBook versions also contain the back cover and I managed to get all Mark’s illustrations to work in eBook format this time – something I haven’t managed to do before. All artwork in the book, including the cover, as well as all the words, are the work of Mark Ellott.

Christmas is coming up so if you know a fan of Western stories who wouldn’t really be interested in reading the other stories in five other books, well, here you go. Pure Western throughout. I’ll be sending one to my father. He’s always been a big fan of Westerns.

Anyway, the print book is loaded and will be out soon. eBooks are already out – for Kindle, and in any format you like on Smashwords. I expect this one to get through Smashwords’ distribution with no trouble so it’ll pop up on Barnes and Noble, Kobo and everywhere else after that.

In other news, I have been gradually moving my own books over to Leg Iron Books, which is swelling the catalogue a little. I’m reaching the point where I’m going to need a proper website.

The two previously published novels, ‘Samuel’s Girl’ and ‘Jessica’s Trap’ are now out of contract with the publisher and they’re mine to republish. I have been in touch with the publisher to confirm this.

Amazon are still selling eBooks of ‘Samuel’s Girl’ which is naughty of them. They stopped selling eBooks of ‘Jessica’s Trap’ after I had a bit of a to-do at them. Print copies of both those books are either Amazon residual stock or sold by others with stock. There won’t be new ones with those covers.

‘Jessica’s Trap’ is formatted and ready to roll, I just need to finish the cover. That won’t be long.

And Hugo, if you’re out there, I just need your OK to go ahead with updating ‘Cultish’.

The Christmas anthology could be a big one. Twelve stories already and I’ve only put in one so far. Could turn out to be big enough to batter Santa unconscious and grab his sack.

Don’t get the wrong idea, ladies…

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