Strange times

The original versions of Jessica’s Trap and Samuel’s Girl are finally vanishing from Amazon. There are second hand copies of the print books floating around still but meh, you can’t stop the second hand market. Anyway, it’s good advertising – people pick up a book in a charity shop and if they like it, they might look for more by the same author.

The most important thing to get rid of were the Kindle versions. I wasn’t concerned about the print books. The original publisher of Jessica’s Trap had it priced way too high – the new version is less than half that price in print. Well okay, I don’t have to pay any staff and since this one is by me, I don’t have to split the profit with an author so I can take half the profit I would normally go for. The print books make pennies per book – the profit is better in the eBook market, where there are no print costs. Just the distributor/bookseller cut.

Jessica’s Trap should have gone out of print in April 2016 but it was still there until I contacted Amazon about it. I’ve no idea who was getting the profit from any sales but it wasn’t me – nor was it the publisher. This was off their lists. Naturally, Amazon at first refused to take it down (being the author doesn’t give you any rights over your own work at Amazon) and then things got a bit shouty and eventually they took it down.

The same thing just happened with Samuel’s Girl. Again, it’s only the Kindle version that concerns me. I can undercut the print book price by a very wide margin but not the eBook price. Again, contacting the publisher confirmed it wasn’t on their books (it went out of contract earlier this month) and again, things had to get shouty before Amazon took it down. The Kindle version seems to have vanished now.

I’ll put it back on after I translate it back from American to English and finish the cover. Should be out this month.

That means November’s releases so far are –

Es-Tu là, Allah? by Dirk Vleugels

Sinistré, the Morning Cloud Chronicles by Mark Ellott

Jessica’s Trap by H.K. Hillman

I have begun loading the new, shorter version of Cultish and that will start to show up in a few days. It’s quite a big change so it has to go through all the checking processes again. And, unless something horrible happens, Samuel’s Girl will appear before the end of the month. It’s all complete, just needs a cover and a check-through.

That leaves December free to finalise the anthology and get that out, then I have Lee Bidgood’s novel to work on. A day off for Christmas and then let’s see how many I can get published in January before I take a break for my father’s birthday.

If submissions fall I can get some of my own books finished – some have been idle for years!

The Christmas anthology is building into quite a big one but there’s still room for more stories. I won’t promise illustrations this time, I need it ready in early December, well before Christmas. Deadline for submissions is December 1st but I’ll start assembling it before then.

Somewhere in that lot I’ll need to find time for a good blog rant. It’s been a while…


8 thoughts on “Strange times

  1. Keep buggering on old man, I just would like to see you making enough money to live in that astonishing house you’re how in, with skulls in trees, unfathomable vegetation that allows all sorts of imaginative stories, and the like. Oh, and the vines.

    I can tell you how to prune grape-vines in the winter. To get more grapes a couple or three years later, at your geog latitude. I’ll mail you separately, as I’ve been looking at this problem since we last talked about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Did I tell you about the Egyptian Walking Onions? The garden is loaded with them.

      I have to cut back the black grape vine to give the green grape vine a chance. It’s right across 10 feet of roof! Any advice welcome.


    • Nah, it was written in English As She Is Spoke in the first place. Romulus is definitely English and it’s set in England so it seems appropriate.

      I have to watch mostly for car references. You guys made up new words for every part!


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