Looking for typos

I’m almost ready to republish ‘Samuel’s Girl’ under Leg Iron Books at a price way below the previous print price.

When I put up the cover for ‘Jessica’s Trap’, you guys spotted a typo and some other issues. Still gave me time to fix it, but this time I’m looking for a quick check first. Here, then, are the new front and back covers for ‘Samuel’s Girl’…

The theme is a circle drawn in blood for a reason ๐Ÿ˜‰ The image is the Second Pentacle of Venus from the Key of Solomon, the pentacle that gets you your desires. There is a theme through this series of books and that’s why the covers will be similar. It won’t be obvious with these first two but will become very obvious indeed with the third.

Now for the back…

There will be an image between the Leg Iron Books logo and the space for the barcode but I haven’t decided on it yet. It’ll be something that will become clear later in the book and it will be in blue, because that’s the colour of the next book’s cover. That isn’t important right now – what matters first is whether a) there are any typos and b) whether that blurb would entice you to open the book.

I’m still on the big push for November. All this stuff has to be out of the way for December 1st so I can blitz the Christmas anthology and then take time off for Christmas.

So, anyone with stories for that anthology, December 1st is the deadline and then it’ll be done in 7-10 days and then I take a rest for a few weeks.

January 2nd, full steam ahead again. I need time off in late January too, for my father’s birthday. After that it’s full throttle.

I have five days to get Samuel’s Girl off my to-do list so any comments on those covers are welcome at this stage.

Six days from now, if you see a problem, keep it to yourselfย  ๐Ÿ˜‰


15 thoughts on “Looking for typos

  1. “regular church attendee” – I personally think it should be “attender” (I don’t know where this -ee thing came from, though it’s become commonly used for people who do things. I find it illogical: an ’employee’ is one who is employed, an ’employer’ is one who employs.) Otherwise, I found nothing to quibble at!

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  2. Top of the head and totally ignorable first reactions: no way to know tne circle’s drawn in blood because, first, everything else on the cover is red. It would seem to stand out more if the title and byline were in a contrasting color and/or if the symbol looked a little more hand-drawn and maybe leaked a little juice….Back cover: think the headline would read better if the “(and she’ll make sure you do).” were in parens. It’s a great teaser, btw. Then I just question whether you want to blatantly give away that she kills him. Seems like a spoiler.

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    • Churchgoer… ideal. Thanks.
      The covers are full of things with meanings that become apparent through the book. They’re also themed because the books are interlinked – not a series so no need to read in order, each one stands alone. Still, they all link into one big story overall.

      The circle is hand drawn ๐Ÿ˜‰ I drew it in pencil then scanned and meddled with it to get the red-on-white.

      It becomes clear very early that he’s doomed, and his death results in most of the rest of the story turning out as it should. Samuel is only alive for the first few chapters, then things get… interesting for him.

      Thanks though, your comments have been a big help. I’ll go ahead with loading this one now.

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