Nearly there…

Editing is finished and the author contracts are all sent out. I plan to spend the weekend assembling this monster of a book and it should be uploaded on or before the 14th.

I’m going with a ‘Christmas past, present and future’ division within the book because I’ve always been a big fan of old Ebenezer and because… well because. Most of the stories fit into ‘present’ so the other two sections will be smaller but that’s not too big an issue, I think.

It won’t be as cheap as the other anthologies because it’s going to be a lot thicker. I’ll have to cut profits to within a hair of zero – but then these anthologies aren’t about profit. They’re about getting the word out. And, long term, they might break even one day. The authors get paid up front, I take all the risks, but I’ve always been one to take risks. At least this kind of risk is unlikely to kill, maim or permanently disfigure me.

I see I have missed many things to rant about while engaging in real work. It’s paid off. This anthology will be the fifth publication from Leg Iron Books in six weeks. Once it’s done I’m taking a rest. I’ve picked up a load of old, cheap, ‘spares or repairs’ model railway stuff on eBay and I can’t play with it until I finish this book. There are films on DVD that are still in their plastic coverings. I also need to move ahead on the house decorating and I’m starting to hear mumbles about putting up a Christmas tree…

Still, the book is now down to the technical stuff – putting it together, formatting, putting in internal and external links for the eBook versions, all that stuff. Takes time but I’ve done it so many times now it’s not particularly difficult any more.

Oh, and the cover. The reindeer will be on the back. The front, so far, looks like this…

The real image is bigger, of course, but it would use up a lot of storage here. The back cover isn’t finished yet, I need to write an engaging blurb. I don’t actually need the back cover for the eBook but I do like to include that back cover within the eBook versions.

Soon the blog will return to normal ranting mode and there is a new story coming up for Christmas this year. It’s in the book but won’t be on the blog until Christmas day.

The book will be available well before then.


UPDATE : Not as big as I expected. There are some really long stories but also some really short ones. It’ll come in at 200 pages or less so won’t be all that expensive.

5 thoughts on “Nearly there…

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  2. Good luck with the book Leggy. I am intrigued that you can publish so late for Christmas. With music, I really have to be ready by the end of October to hit the streaming and downloads market in the run up. Then again, my stuff gets played at Christmas parties whereas I suspect people don’t sit round at parties reading books 😉

    Have a good one and hope all continues to go well with your venture

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    • The actual publishing part only takes a few days. It’s getting it ready for publication that takes all the time. If the files aren’t in the right format the print files won’t be right and the eBooks will be scrambled. One character from a non-standard font and the converters stop dead – then you have to find that stray character!

      Still, if it all goes smoothly, it can be a very quick process.

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