The pointing finger points

The book is done. Print and eBook versions formatted, links in the eBooks, covers, all of it. I just need to write a short description for the sales page. I’ll leave it overnight in case someone finds another correction but if everything is okay it’ll get loaded up tomorrow.

So I have time to blog properly for a change. Let’s see if I can remember how.

I have seen, on Twitter, references to the ‘six rivers’ that produce 90% of the world’s floating sea trash (figures may vary). This is held up to prove that we in the West aren’t the ones polluting the sea, it’s all coming from China and Africa.

Well I don’t know about Africa, but there’s a good reason for a lot of that waste to come from China. It’s because we Westerners send it there. Then we blame China for producing it and the Chinese have had enough.

As of January 1st, China has new rules for the ‘recyclables’ they will accept and they don’t want all the added crap. The plastic bags, the bits of mouldy food residue etc. That stuff that ends up dumped in China instead of over here and then washes into their rivers, then into the sea.

In addition to all the waste China produces itself, and has to deal with, they’ve been dealing with a big chunk of ours too. Then we blame them for being polluters. Oh, and we send the stuff over on those massive container ships, six of which can equal the polluting output of the total of all the cars on Earth. That’s really green.

There’s also the matter of rare earths – we use a lot of those over here but we produce little to none. We use a hell of a lot in those massive wind powered ornaments we set up everywhere to wave hello to the Green God. We plan to use much more in those electric cars we’re all going to drive to reduce pollution and save the planet. Yet we don’t mine those rare elements ourselves. Most of the supply comes from China.

Those ‘rare earths’ aren’t really rare. It’s more that they are thinly spread and don’t occur in convenient seams or deposits where you can mine the ore and get them out fairly easily. So you have to process tonnes of rock to get much of anything as an end product.

That processing produces vast amounts of waste, and that waste is very toxic indeed. So, to fuel our lust to claim we are reducing our pollutant output and saving the planet, we have created a market that causes Hell on Earth. That’s really green.

Now that China isn’t taking our waste any more, not unless we clean it first, the recycling game is suddenly far less profitable than it was. If China has enough of turning its country into a pit of sulphur, where will we get all our vital electronic components from?

Or if China gets pissed off at us and decides to stop emptying our bins, stop supplying us with stuff we dare not mine ourselves and dump its vast dollar reserves back into the market…

They can wipe us out without firing a shot.

We won’t have any petrol cars left by then. All our information is already on computers we can’t fix without new parts. Our power stations will be gone, replaced by lawn ornaments and fields of solar panels that depend on materials whose extraction produces far more pollution than the power stations ever did. Our Green God is pleased because that pollution only happens in a country that does not worship him. Well okay, it leaks into the sea but we can point the finger at China for that. That’s really green.

China does not need to invade. They just need to wait. Once we are utterly dependent on their rare earth supply with no backup technology left, once we are wading knee deep through plastic bags and McDonald’s wrappers, China will take over the world with nothing more than one little word.



11 thoughts on “The pointing finger points

  1. Perhaps the reason why a river in Africa is included is because we’re dumping our waste there as well.

    Very sorry to use this link, but it’s really far too big an issue to just pick one.…11005.18327.0.20520.….0……35i39k1j33i21k1.777.bctPUpT8hwQ

    And we’re getting our big ships broken up Pakistan.

    Oh and we use thudding great trawlers and fishing nets that’d get you jail time in the EU for length and mesh size that go up and down the coast of West Africa so we can get cheap fish fingers.

    But we’re not alone in doing this, China does much the same off the coast of Cambodia and Vietnam.

    And there’s a huge combine that’s busy sterilising the waters off western Greenland of all marine life.

    Yes the whole green thing’s a thumping great con. And believe this or not, there’s a 5p tax on single use paper bags in Scotland!!

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    • I’m glad you posted that long-assed link. πŸ™‚

      It led me to a coupla bits, and I’ll spare LegIron’s comments section of my normal abnormal ranting, and let Roob deal with my madness. πŸ™‚

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  2. Leg, a masterpiece of a return! Best sharpened tooth summary of the problem that I’ve seen and a GREAT insight into the power that China now has over us. All by itself China could hit us with “sanctions” that would cripple us with the rare earth thing as we grow more dependent on it, and your comparison of the amount of pollution produced versus the amount avoided with the wind turbines sounds accurate.

    Anyone know if there’s been a reliable analysis done on a standard wind turbine over its expected life cycle? I.E. comparing the amount of pollution (including construction and mining etc) from a clean gas/oil/coal plant over x number of years and the amount produced (again including construction and mining etc) by wind turbines producing equivalent energy?


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    • If you want a reliable source of well educated, well informed facts for this kind of thing, look at Jo Nova’s blog at .

      The input (and most of the comments) there come from people who can read, write well, think and also do arithmetic, mathematics, physics & engineering to a very high level. Dr David Evans, in particular, has a phenomenally impressive background.

      The question you asked & many more besides have been covered there several times over. Proper life cycle analysis is something that the powerful green lobbying lobbying groups around the world have successfully swept under the carpet, doubtless to be washed down a river in Africa or China in due course.

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  3. Nobody seems to address the issue of the amount of electricity that will be needed to charge all the car batteries. I read that the electrically driven Mercedes requires to be charged for 9 hours from a 16Amp single phase feed for a range of about 100 miles. That’s a load of about 3.5kW. Multiply by a couple of million or so and you are consuming something like a half of the UK current power generation. Talk of “better batteries” is rubbish in this context, they are like fitting a bigger fuel tank to your car, you can still only get out what you’ve put in.

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    • Something to consider as we think along the lines of “current power production”, and that is “future power production”. No telling what is “in the can” and/or on hold with respect to electrical power generating sources. But considering the infrastructure that is being built here and there, I get the feeling that some groups are hedging bets on something that they feel is going to be big/revolutionary with respect to electrical power production.

      That said, there are things to consider…

      If you read the story, there are reports from Apollo astronauts who saw the same types of things on their trips outside of our atmosphere. Small flashes of light, and at the time of Apollo, these flashes of light were determined by science to be micro-meteorites. But there is no real qualification as to what these “meteorites” actually are. The assumption being, rocks of some kind, since that’s what meteorites are…right?

      What is omitted, is the entanglements that these particles are simultaneously interacting with. What they have recently passed through. Where they are and/or were going. The energies that they are reacting with, and the energies that they themselves are generating. Lots of things to consider there with respect to isolating certain energies and certain types of matter(s). If you think in terms of things such as lightning or rain or hail, there are always other factors involved in their production.
      Lightning = Leaders
      Hail = Dust/Particulate
      Rain = Dust/Particulate

      Even snow grows unique windfoils to better distribute their moisture and prevent massive snowmen from falling from the sky. πŸ˜€

      ^cEvin Key – Music For Cats – Meteorite^

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        • I don’t do the twitter twaddle, but no doubt they’ll rock up in their misguided hordes. Living in South Devon (a returned native), I’m surrounded by the buggers. There are thousands of them here, often retired on big, fat, index linked, gold-plated public sector pensions, regurgitating all forms of green goo.

          Many are keen on ‘debating’ all sorts of pseudo-science but the majority would be baffled by a simple quadratic equation & have absolutely no idea of what the scientific method is or any grasp of elementary physics.

          Taking my late dad’s advice of ‘never argue with an idiot’ I don’t even bother speaking to them any more. But it can get lonely – it’s why I come here to read some sense. And the amusement comes free, of course :^) .

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