Extra number

Yes, this will be in bad taste, and I’m sorry if I trigger fellow peeps who’s gone through this, but in times like these where the world seems to be falling apart and people are screaming racism at fake tattoos I find that humour is your best friend. No matter how twisted. What’s it worth if you cannot laugh at it in the end?

So bringing out my competitive nature, Leggy dared me to make a version of White Christmas and here’s the verse I came up with.

So without further ado, White Christmas as song by Bill Cosby

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
One where she’s sleeping on dick
And she won’t remember
Our time together
Which means less in lawsuit fees

7 thoughts on “Extra number

  1. I really must complain in the strongest possible terms at the inadequacy of your trigger warning. I will now have to spend the rest of the day in my safe space. You heartless, unthinking brute. Expect a letter from Shyster, Shyster and Shyster, my solicitors. 😦

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    • It was the “peeps” that did it wasn’t it? I thought about leaving it out, but I figured I’m just a basic white chick in ugg boots, hanging out at Starbucks, may as well be offensive all the way.

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  2. I dreamed about a White Christmas
    That’s why they threw me in the nick.
    Going down for hate crime
    I’m doing hard time
    Where the walls are five feet thick…..

    Ho, bloody ho. Up Dancer, Up Blitzen, sorry officer didn’t see you there….

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