New Year Revolutions

Looks like there might be one in Iran at least.

Don Trumpet has supported the anti-oppressive-religious-idiot protestors in their refusal to be oppressed any more. Therefore, CNN takes the opposite stance by default because they hate Don Trumpet so much they are willing to support the utter subjugation of an entire country, especially its women.

It really has become that petty now.

Don Trumpet recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city. Well really, any country can declare any city its capital. Maybe England will declare the capital city to be Merthyr Tydfil since it has fewer no-go zones than London and contains a higher percentage of English people. That would be funny. If I was in charge I’d do it for the lulz.

Although I might pick Ynysybwl because of the fun watching anyone else try to say it.

The United Nations voted to annul Donnie Trumpton’s recognition of Jerusalem. Well, first of all the UN does not have the authority to do that. Secondly, who is giving them most money? Oh yes, that’s right. the USA. Which Don the Trump is currently the boss of. Oh dear. What a surprise. The USA cut their budget by millions. I’m sure it’s a coincidence.

‘Biting the hand that feeds’ comes to mind for some reason…

The entire world has become a very silly place in recent years. With the possible exception of some English towns such as those called ‘Little Piddle’ and ‘Piddle in the Hole’ who have been deliberately silly from the start. Maybe they were prescient. The world is going to silliness, might as well get ahead of the game.

There was a place in Devon called Livarot. I passed it on a walking holiday in the late seventies and thought “Yeah, this is scrumpy country”.

We, like any other country, can choose our own capital city whether the rest of the world likes it or not. If the President of one of the most powerful countries is fine with that, well Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Bolivia can just suck it up.

I don’t  care where Israel puts its capital. I’ve never been there and probably never will. It is no concern of mine.The leaders of countries can worry about such trivia if they like and the Muslim horde can threaten to be no more violent than they already are if they want, it makes no difference to me.

I have seen, for many years  (and I’m going back to the Yahoo discussion boards that have long since closed) much support for Islam and Sharia from gay men. Look, if you really want to be thrown off a building and then stoned to make sure you’re dead, there are patriarchal theocracies willing to help you out right now. You don’t have to sit here and wait for them to arrive, you lazy bastards. Get on a plane and you’ll be pulp by tomorrow. Live your dream.

I should point out that in Islam, ‘getting stoned’ might not quite be what you Western gay men expect.

The UK might revolt. We might soon have another King Charles and that has never gone well for us. The Brexit trigger is slipping ever further back. France, Germany, most of the EU are on the edge.

America, well, they are being pushed hard by a minority too. The stamping boot may well come down.

Playing mystic, 2018 reduces numerologically to 11. Aleister  Crowley called it the number of magick (his spelling, and it originated with him, New Age fuckwits, you are not Pagan, you are just playing) and he pretended to be the Antichrist. So, if you want to believe in that stuff than 2018 is a year of big changes.

It will be anyway whether you believe in anything mystical or not. There are so many colliding ideologies now that the truckload of shit is going to hit the Megafan with such force that all seven billion of us are going to get a face full of sewage.

It’s not just religion, but it is. Political correctness is a religion. The Green God of climate change is a religion. Antismoking, antibooze, antifun, are an old religion thing. Anything that does not seriously consider an opposing view is a religion. It’s all there is now.

More mysticism. It’s fun, go with it.

‘A pale ride on a pale horse, and his name is Death’ Revelations. in that Bible the Muslim countries are too scared to have around.

Yeah, I’m pale. All us whiteys are pale. And we are all getting increasingly pissed off at calls for ‘white genocide’ and all the other shit. Look at our history for fuck’s sake. Are we nice people? Are we the sort of people you want to keep on poking and poking at? You like to poke us don’t you? You like to keep on kicking. But look at what we used to do. We’ve calmed down now. You really want us all enraged? Do you?

The last time we went all Empire we weren’t even annoyed with anyone. It was just what we did. This time it’s personal. Oh we didn’t do it and we know all you other-than-white and soppy white apologists didn’t do it but you have identified as hostile so what choice do we have? You have left us no other option.

Oh come on. Don’t you get it yet? Those calling for a massive population reduction are all white. Do you think they want their own children eradicated? It’s a clever chess move, bring up the pawns and let them get wiped out first.

Because you see, all the ‘fighting age men ‘ coming over from Africa leaves Africa undefended.

Didn’t think of it that way, huh? Try thinking ‘globalist’ and look at what they really want. It isn’t you. No matter who you are or how entitled you feel. You are not what the white globalists want. You’ve been set up.

Oh fuck it. I told you years ago. Nobody listened and you won’t listen now. At least I can say I tried.

Anyway, Happy New Year to those who are left and to end on a more cheery note, here’s a ship I made…


11 thoughts on “New Year Revolutions

  1. Proxy wars are awfully expensive. Iran’s doing that in Yemen as well as Lebanon through their military, intelligence and humanitarian support of the Houthis and Hezbollah respectively.

    But that pales to trivial against their direct involvement in Syria and Iraq. These demand people on the ground as well as the kit to make them effective.

    One heck of a lot’s being piled into these adventures, meaning the things that should be improved, repaired or even created is not happening. So roads, schools, hospitals, power supplies and so on sort of languish in a maybe / inshallah / state. (Yes there are distinct parallels with what’s happening in Scotland).

    Previously the Iranian administration could blame economic sanctions and deflect criticism toward the USA, Israel and Zionists, but that one doesn’t work terribly well, certainly not with their burgeoning youth who have access to all the social media outlets our lot have – and are arguably far better at using them than ours.

    But Iranian youth have one incredible motivational reason to whip up a happening through social media. They can and males most likely will get called up for military service! So you can sympathise with them for wanting vent their fear, rage, frustrations. After all, a good many of them have brothers who have lost lives, limbs or other body parts fighting Daesh (read Sunni Muslims and wahhaism).

    So you’ve got your usual protest about housing / jobs / wealth redistribution and you’ve got mixed in with that lot your Vietnam type protests.

    Truth is they’re doing good in Lebanon; sure it’s business as normal on the surface, but Hezbollah is the power behind the facade. Assad thinks they’re the dogs dangles and even given them an airbase. They’ve got huge influence in Iraq as well.

    What I admire is all the heavy lifting was done whilst under strict sanctions. That forced them to become self sufficient and that’s why they do their own guns and even fighter aircraft.

    And they’ve buddied up with Russia as well as N Korea for nuclear and missile expertise. I was hugely impressed when they hacked those American drones a couple of years back. And they give real grief to Israel IT systems constantly.

    As some conflicts come to an end, so resources can be channelled into Yemen, simply to keep Saudi on the back foot. But the Houthis are righteously pissed off at the UAE as well for sending their troops in support of Saudi, which is why Abu Dhabi is spending billions on security.

    If they gain the upper hand in Yemen then yes I do see a broader contagion; something Qatar sussed out way back when! Smart folks those Qatari’s, because for sure the whole thing will escalate, especially as tens of thousands of Yemeni’s have just cause to seek vengeance for loved ones slaughtered indiscriminately.

    Trump is in a silly position; he can talk the talk, he can slag off and belittle – as he has done with the fat dwarf. But he ain’t done Jack Shit about it. Part of his problem is it’s either a win or lose with him.

    With Iran it’s the same issue. Start serious stuff with that nation and the US will not win. Obama had the art of delicate compromise – and that’s his only choice with Iran.

    Meanwhile the saps who are demonstrating in Iran will discover what life’s like when you’re marked by the authorities.

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  2. Having been there during the 1979 revolution the only way it will succeed is if the army refuses to fire as happened then. The Shah was unwilling to really put it down and Carter wasn’t backing him. This weakened resolve and when the regular troops refused to fire that was that. I was there when Khomeni came back, it is just so sad that the lovely people didn’t get what they expected. Khomeni as a religious leader with a democratic government, instead they got a theocracy far worse than life under the Shah.

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