Back to work

Well, holiday is over. The freeze isn’t – there is an on-off skating rink outside as the weather oscillates either side of freezing. Still, it’s time to get back to work.

First I have to deal with my tax return. I have put it off this year because I know I won’t get a rebate this time and will actually have to pay some, so the incentive to fill in that form was lost. My accounts are a simple in/out system as a sole trader, no complex calculations or interesting accounting methods here. Still, it takes time to put it all together.

I have a lot of tiny income streams rather than one big one. I have my own accounts for previously published books as well as accounts for Leg Iron Books. I could delete those accounts and republish everything under LI Books but I’d lose any reviews that have accumulated. That’s already happened with Samuel’s Girl and Jessica’s Trap, which was unavoidable. They were with another publisher and I moved them when the contracts ran out. That meant new listings which aren’t linked to the old listings. Can’t be helped.

I have other small incomes too, which all add up to enough to live on but now I have to track them all and add up all the bits… It takes a few days of hunting around but really, it’s not at all complicated. Just very, very tedious.

There is also the matter of updating several forms called W8-BEN which mean I don’t get tax withheld from US sales. Otherwise they hold back 30% which is something I want to avoid because I have never even visited the USA! Each account with each company needs a separate one – again, not complicated but time consuming and tedious.

Still, Leg Iron Books’ Christmas break is over. Back to work.


7 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. I’ve taken to completing my tax return as soon as my tax year is complete in April. It gives me enough advanced notice of how much they will want to extort from me. It also avoids the last minute rush when their website collapses under the strain.

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  2. As an acknowledged author of fiction, now comes the opportunity to put your creative skills to good use and compose your Expenses claim, to offset against those income streams.

    The really, really, skilled manage to get the former to exceed the latter.


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  3. “Still, Leg Iron Books’ Christmas break is over. Back to work.”

    ::Snapping The Whip!::

    IGOR! Make sure that dotard gets back on track! Enough of this humbug hollerday foolishness! Who the heck does he think he is anyways?


    Hard to get good help nowadays.

    – The Management

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