Glowing books – a disappointment

There is nothing I can do to affect the glow in the pages of the books.

The effect is more pronounced in the latest Underdog Anthology than in the other books but as comments on the earlier post said, it’s an effect caused by the whitening dyes used in the manufacture of the paper. Changing the colour of the glow is a non-starter unless I go back to ultimate basics and make my own paper. Even if I was mad enough to try that, a different colour glow would mean the paper wouldn’t look white.

I wondered if the enhanced effect in The Good, The Bad and Santa was due to the spine colour or something else I did to the cover but it could just be a different batch of paper. So maybe there is nothing I can do to affect it. I’ll play around with spine colours on later anthologies just in case though.

It’s a disappointment, it would have been fun to have different genre books defined with different colours of glowing spine but it can’t be helped.

Ah well, back to the tax form….  finding all the bits takes ages but having it all online at least means I’m not rummaging for bits of paper!



5 thoughts on “Glowing books – a disappointment

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