Globalism cannot work on a global scale. It can only work on lots of local scales.

That seems to be where it’s heading in the end. Just a quick round up of the things I’ve seen today…

Emmanuel Macron says the French have to accept Islam and that refusing multiculturalism is treason. Yes, really.


Refusing to let your race, culture and country die is treason. There is only one reason to say this, and only one reason for Macron to say France needs a king. It’s to cause insurrection and nationalism.

Germany is pretty much dead now. They had a war with Islam that hardly anyone in Germany noticed and they lost that one too. This can only lead to insurrection and nationalism.

Sweden is, frankly, fucked. Bombs go off every day, immigrants rape at will and the authorities pretend it isn’t happening. The inevitable result? Insurrection and nationalism.

Lily Allen, the Mouth of Sauron, has claimed that all the thousands of girls raped in the UK by immigrant Muslim rape gangs would have been raped anyway. Labour MPs have supported her position, even going so far as to say these innocent, easily led Muslim immigrants learned their rapey ways from British working class people. Where do you think that is headed?

America is determined to rid itself of the only president they’ve had in decades who actually does what he said he would do. He’s not following the Plan. So there is a rise in groups determined to fill America with lawless illegal immigrants, drug gangs, rapists (there it is again) and the only outcome can be… you guessed it.

All of the countries of the world will seal their borders and within each country, globalism will rule. Each country will be the same and nobody will leave their oppressed regime because they think everywhere else is worse. There you go. Global control. Every country the same, every one under Nazi-style rule and every one of them thinking the rest of the world is Nazi while they live in the only sane country left.

There’ll be spaces between, of course, where the ‘rebels’ live, but the authorities won’t care about them. Anyone appearing in their country who doesn’t utterly conform will be reported or killed by the indoctrinated population. Which of the utterly dependent drones will embrace a life where they have to do everything for themselves? You can’t rouse them now. What chance do you have when they are insular and trained to hate anyone different?

You cannot unite the world to rule it. It has been tried over and over again. It cannot work. You can, however, divide it to rule it. Each little bit thinks it rules itself while in reality each bit is a hive in an apiary. Each hive has its own ruler but the beekeeper owns it all. The leaders we have now will just be puppets… aren’t they already?

That’s the idea anyway. Of course, it won’t work, except maybe in a few places. even then it won’t work for more than a few generations.

Look at Iran now, or North Korea in a decade or so. Their dictatorships will fall apart. China was totally Communist to the point where everyone wore the same clothes. It’s not really Communist now. It claims to be but, like Russia, you can work your way up to millionaire through State capitalism while still pretending to be communist.

Venezuela is in transition. It was socialist/communist, it fell apart, it’ll recover by adopting a Chinese or Russian style capitalist/faux communist persona or it will starve to death. Venezuela will change before it starves. I am confident of that.

You can, however, do what the globalists really want on a small scale. In a few countries. If those countries pose no threat then they are more like Turkmenistan than North Korea. Nobody goes there, nobody cares what they are doing. You can run them any way you please. It can be done, I’m not going into details here but I think, looking at how things are going out there, I’m not the only one who worked it out. You really don’t need the whole planet for what they want. You just need a sufficient supply.

They will fall back on this when the current game fails, as it will. They have used mass immigration and especially Islam as foils. They do not want Islam to dominate. Islam is set up as the target for division of nations. Its purpose is to set each nation into an insular state where none of them will accept any kind of immigration, and Islam will be eradicated in that process.

Incidentally, Islam controls a lot of oil. The globalists want that oil. They don’t want the people around it but they can’t go in and kill them all without popular support. Yeah, come on, it’s not rocket science.

I don’t have this fully formed in my head yet. There is a lot of it. I’m just one bee in one hive in an apiary of hundreds of hives, trying to see the beekeeper. I see where my hive and some of the surrounding hives are going. We’re all going ‘independent’ under our own queens, answerable to no queen of any other hive but still all individually under the control of the beekeeper who owns all the queens.

Hives won’t talk to each other. We will all think we are independent. The beekeeper smiles…

It will fail. You can’t stop curiosity on that scale. You can’t win by oppression. You win by benevolence. Even by oppressive benevolence. As long as they don’t know it’s oppression.

If people are not hungry or scared they have no reason to rebel. Most people only want an easy life. Food, shelter, warmth. Give them that and they will do whatever you want. They will fight anyone who tells them they are enslaved.

It’s depressingly easy. Still, it’s even easier if you first rescue them from a threat you caused, Like, say, Islamification. You’ll be a hero and they will hang on your every word.

There’s more of this if I can find a way to articulate it.

For now, stock up on essentials.

I see a bad moon rising.

5 thoughts on “Insularity

  1. Some of the queens have Honey Bombs, most but not all of which are under the control of the Beekeeper. A few rogue queens are aware of the other hives and don’t like the pollen they gather, so may soon use their Honey Bombs. With luck the Beekeeper will be wiped out when an H-bomb goes off.

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  2. Insanity is a curious concept.
    Each group thinks that other groups are ‘insane’; thus, all are insane to someone.

    It is the ‘normal’ people that are abnormal; since, everyone is abnormal to someone.

    Some believe think that religious people are insane for believing in all-powerful entities; yet, they think an all-powerful entity,the govt, is the answer to their problems.

    Those that preach the need for ‘equality and fairness’ never define what those concepts actually mean. You are considered insane if you do not accept without thinking.

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  3. I work with a lot of Americans, think he is unpopular just because the MSM say so? Yep, same as the UK didn’t really vote for Brexit so says the MSM. No-one who is that hated as much as the MSM claim gets cheered like this:

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    • I don’t see why they hate him so much. He’s reduced taxes, reduced unemployment, boosted businesses… I haven’t seen any credible report of anything he’s done badly.

      It seems they hate him because he’s not ‘one of theirs’ and that’s really it.


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