Aaand… relax

Tax form is completed. I still have to pay it but it’s not as bad as I expected.

There’s also that tax on account bugbear but I’ll claim that back next April unless one or more of the books goes wild in the next three months. As it stands I won’t have any tax to pay next year, but I didn’t take the option to reduce tax on account because if some magical income appeared, I’d have trouble explaining it. It’s easier just to let them have a loan of the money for three months.

It wasn’t straightforward, naturally. I had to go back and forth because I’d put money in the wrong sections and managed to accidentally delete an entire section… and had to put it back in. Then there was the last of the Secret Ninja Cleaner job at Local Shop, which I left on October 31st 2016. I still don’t have a P45 or final payslip. Fortunately the tax office already knew about it and filled that part in. I hope they got it right, I can’t check it.

The next one won’t have the cleaning job but might have some income from an editing job I’ve applied for. It’s not likely to be high paying but it’s yet another minor income stream.

In the end though, it’s done. I hadn’t realised what a weight it was until it was lifted. All the things I could have been doing instead of faffing about trying to avoid doing my tax… Next year I’ll do it in April.

But then next year I’ll have more incentive because I won’t owe them anything (miracles excepted). They’ll owe me.

I like it that way round.


4 thoughts on “Aaand… relax

  1. O/T

    A follow up to your recent post mentioning Iran. The inevitable is happening. 3700 arrested, many detained in their most horrid jail where rape and buggery are the norm. And 3 have died so far.

    Not surprisingly the protests have fizzled out, replaced by those who praise the regime. But the roundup of anti government protesters will continue and their courts will make sure each case will be dealt with very slowly indeed. And only after each and every one of them has been interviewed for several weeks, very methodically.


    • Yes, I’m sure that’s what will happen.
      Which will drive the movement underground and swell it with the families of those women.

      I don’t think there’ll be more street protests. I think there will be a lot of violence yet to come though.


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