Competing with California

Indiana has moved into the Game of Stupid with a proposed new law that would render smokers into official non-human chattel,

Yes indeed. The Cult of Antismoking has now reached the point where they intend to deny smokers employment. Then deny them housing and all other services everyone takes for granted. There will be some very old Jewish people nodding their heads out there. They’ve seen this game in action before.

I’m self employed so if I lived and did business in Indiana I would not be affected, and I know the ‘law’ is only at the proposal stage. Even so, I would be relocating right now.

If I was a smoker in a good job I would be looking for a new one outside Indiana right now.

Why? Isn’t it just a proposal? It might fail.

If it does fail it’ll come back. They never give up. They’ll repropose it in increments attached to other laws. Oh they will keep at it until every smoker in Indiana is unemployed and homeless, for the crime of using a perfectly legal and highly taxed product. It’s nothing to do with health. It’s hate, that’s all it ever was. Oh, and money.

Surely everyone has noticed that these antismoking cultists have never tried to simply ban tobacco? Wouldn’t that be the quick and easy solution? Ah but then what do they do? How will they live? Their tax funded cushy hate-fest will end. And they have grown into a very big and expensive cult indeed.

Vapers, don’t get smug. The proposed law involves testing for nicotine metabolites. It can’t tell the difference between smoking and vaping and those doing this don’t care about the difference anyway. Switching to vaping won’t save you – and most likely, switching to patches and gum won’t save you either. You test positive, you’re a smoker. End of discussion – and end of career.

You can say I’m exaggerating if you like. Just as smokers exaggerated the effect of the smoking ban on pubs, clubs and bingo halls. Just as we exaggerated when we said the same thing would be applied to alcohol and non-approved foods and other lifestyle choices.

Just as we exaggerated when we said vapers were fools for siding with the antismoking cult. Remember how we said they’d come for you too? Oh how you laughed at our ridiculous tinfoil-hattery!

Smokers of Indiana, if you are at all able, get the hell out now. This proposal isn’t just an idle threat. It’s an early warning. If they can’t change the law to criminalise use of a legal product right away, they’ll change it bit by bit. Rest assured, they will get there. They will make you unemployable in Indiana and once you have ‘fired’ on your work resume, it’s going to be hard to find another job elsewhere. Much better to do it before the axe falls. Basically… run.

Think another employer in another state will just laugh off ‘fired for smoking a cigarette’? I’m sure they would – if that’s what the report said. It won’t. It will say ‘fired for drug use’ and if that is on your record you are fucked.

These people are vicious and relentless. They do not care about your health. They do not care about your family and they do not care about your children. They hate you and if your family is on the streets because you liked a quick smoke after work, that’s just collateral damage to them. You are the target and they will stop at nothing to destroy you.

Because you smoke. They live on the inflated taxes you pay on tobacco and they will kill you without a second thought. You don’t matter. They are busy indoctrinating children with the ‘smoking is cool and rebellious’ message to keep their parasitic lifestyles going. They can’t parasitise on vapers so well… yet. Until they have ramped up the pretend harm and linked vaping to diseases it couldn’t possibly cause (remember middle ear infections caused by second hand smoke?) they need vaping dead in the water. They need those kids to ditch the Electrofags and light up the real, taxed thing.

Philip Morris have said they are moving from tobacco into Electrofags. The antismokers are dead set against this – not for the reasons they give but for a much simpler reason. If all the tobacco companies switched to Electrofags and real tobacco use were to fade away, where do they get their funding? Who pays them to solve a problem that no longer exists? They can’t let the tobacco companies move away from tobacco. They need that eternal enemy to secure their own jobs.

As I said, I’m self employed. So why would I be running out of Indiana if I lived there? I’m hardly going to fire myself.

It’s not going to stop with employed smokers. It never stops. There is no end point to this game. The antismoking cult wins some ground, they immediately move on to the next phase. The smoking self-employed will not get a free pass. Contractors will drug test you too. There will be claims the books I sell are infused with second hand smoke even though they are printed hundreds or thousands of miles away from me and do not pass through my hands on the way to you.

Think they would balk at claiming you can get SHS from eBooks? Look at the claims they have made so far and think again.

The antismoking cult claims that their end game is an entirely smokefree world by (insert far away date). There is no endgame. These parasites depend on a steady flow of new smokers which is why they advertise smoking to children so hard. They keep saying the tobacco companies ‘target children’ but a) children are not allowed to buy tobacco and b) the tobacco companies are not allowed to advertise at all. To anyone. In the UK you can’t even see the packs on shelves any more.

Who is advertising to children? The parasitic antismoking cult.

The thing is, in Indiana they are shooting themselves in the foot. If every smoker is unemployable in Indiana, the kids they have pushed onto smoking will never get a job. They won’t be able to afford to smoke. Anyone sensible will get a job outside the state and pay taxes elsewhere.

Still, let Indiana join California as a basket case economy. I think I know what their solution will be.

They’ll test for traces of alcohol.

7 thoughts on “Competing with California

    • I looked up the heat-not-burn idea. It looks much more expensive than Electrofags and you’re still buying tobacco – so still paying the duty.

      If it can be loaded with home grown baccy I’d be interested but it seems to need things that are ready made.

      Yeah, you can add things – but you could add things to real fags or e-juice too. Remember the poisoned alcohol in Prohibition? This new lot aren’t above killing people to get their way, they are the same bunch as last time.


  1. Anti-smoking is following so closely in the footsteps of the ‘Final Solution’ that I really do wonder how long it will be before ‘re-education’ camps are set up to ‘help’ smokers who won’t quit.

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  2. Years, decades ago when I was still hoping for a career in science, instead of the much more lucrative one in computing that I have now, I worked for six weeks for a company called Covance in Harrogate, UK. They were a bio-pharmaceuticals testing outfit, and really rather nice people to work for.

    I was hired to help finish testing a method to quantify levels of cotinine (that’s the nicotine metabolite they were talking about) in smokers, non-smokers and people who lived with a smoker. The quantification method was a highly effective one; I forget the limit of quantification, but the method involved using cotinine labelled by substituting some of the hydrogen atoms in the molecule for deuterium, to make it heavier. Then you spiked a known amount of this into a sample, ran it through a liquid chromatograph to separate out the cotinine (the normal and heavy versions are damn nigh identical chemically), then through a curious beast called a scanning mass spectrometer.

    There you rapidly switch between the weight of the normal cotinine and that of the heavy cotinine, and compare a known amount with an unknown amount and determine how much normal stuff is there by means of some mathematical black magic.

    Now for the results: there is actually very little difference between a non-smoker who avoids all smokers like the plague, and one who co-habits with a smoker (or one who drinks in smoky taverns). Smokers show an order of magnitude more cotinine of course, but casual exposure to tobacco smoke is easily distinguished from actual smoking, but only, ONLY if you are prepared to admit that there is a difference and go looking for that difference.

    You see, nicotine is quite a common biological substance. Tobacco is a solanaceous plant; so are tomatoes and potatoes and they both make trace amounts of nicotine. Everyone tests positive for cotinine because of the trace environmental levels, and the only way you can distinguish a smoker from a non-smoker or vaper or someone who had their lunch spiked with nicotine is by quantitative testing. This is expensive compared to just bunging a saliva sample into an HPLC and looking for a spike at the right place.

    The law is being proposed in America, land of the litigious and the lawyers. So, take a known non-smoker, feed them tomatoes and spuds and send in a sample from them. Watch them get labelled as a druggie, and then take this to court to discredit the testing procedure.

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    • I have wondered if the small amount of nicotine in tomatoes might be concentrated by producing things like ketchup and tomato puree.

      A good pizza or a ketchup-laden burger might produce a very high result.


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