2 thoughts on “Babbling elsewhere

  1. You’ve done more than not get banned, you’ve left some very nice commentary over there lately!

    For anyone interested in Quora: when you first go there be sure to sign up with your real name — first and last. Quora insists on two very big things: Real Names, AND “BNBR” — which stands for “Be Nice, Be Respectful.” Run foul of either of those and you get hit hard with temporary or even permanent bans.

    Once you’ve picked out your Topics during the sign up the key to a good Quora experience at first is to do two things:

    1) Find some folks you know and are interested in or keep an eye out for ones you run across. Type in their names to go to their profile page and click FOLLOW and then click TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS for them. (Don’t do the notifications for more than a few or it’ll get too crowded.

    2) Click on the red ANSWER or FEED button at the top of any general screen and you’ll see a list of recent Questions that are selected as being interesting to you based on what Topics you picked, what people you’ve followed, and what Questions you’ve clicked on in the past or answered.

    Quora also has a “Help Center” at https://help.quora.com/hc/en-us which gives a lot of background info.

    I’ve been very active there for the last four years and have kept the Antis from taking it over, but there are still a lot of ’em. We have some advantage since Quora pushes a lot for specific references and scholarly Answers and the Antis aren’t all that good in that area. They also tend to get nasty and that gets them a quick ticket to the boondocks. Be **VERY** careful in any responses to them: even very mild things can get “Reported” and the Reports are not very carefully examined for authenticity. If you’re over there and have any problems/questions just go to my profile screen at https://www.quora.com/profile/Michael-J-McFadden and leave me a message. I’m rarely away from there more than six hours at a stretch.

    It’s a valuable resource for us, both in being reminded of current Anti attacks and in terms of showing that we have a strong response. The Antis largely took over Wikipedia early on, but we’ve stopped them from doing the same on Quora.

    – MJM, a Quorator…. (I just made that up…)


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