The abyss beckons

Another school shooting in America. Why? Humans don’t live very long anyway, why are we so intent on making it shorter?

This is once again an argument for gun control. I’ve never owned a proper gun and don’t want to. I used to have airguns (called BB guns in the US I believe) but sold the rifle when it was clear that Scotland wanted to bring in licencing for these toys. They did. It now costs £25 a year for an airgun licence and mine only cost me £30 so it wouldn’t have been worth keeping and licencing. My son took the rest to hand in – including the toy ones that shot plastic BBs that wouldn’t penetrate paper. Anything air powered needs a licence in Scotland now.

That’s because Scotland’s new terror of guns includes plastic toy ones. Does America really want to take this road? I sold my crossbows too because Scotland will ban those next.

Our UK ban on handguns (you can still get a shotgun or hunting rifle if you want to go through all the hoops) came in after Dunblane. That was a school shooting, a loony who should have had his guns confiscated long before but was allowed to keep them. He shot a lot of children and teachers and hey presto – one man going nuts meant that nobody in the UK is allowed a pistol.

Well, as I said, I never had one and never wanted one. So it made no difference to me, right? Wrong.

Before the ban, anyone thinking about breaking into my house had to factor in that I might have a gun. They don’t have to worry about that any more. And people get shot in the UK still. The criminals’ guns weren’t legal before the ban so it made no difference to them.

Still, having no gun meant I learned other things. Archery isn’t much use in a home invasion. I’d have to assemble the bow first and the long arrows would limit where I could use them. But I’m pretty good with a throwing knife and can swing a sledgehammer in one hand and a long handled axe in the other. The past year of chopping wood and splitting logs has made me a lot better with that. I’m not defenceless.

I watch with interest the attacks on the NRA (The American national rifle association) as if they are the sole purveyor of guns. None of their members have been involved in any of the gun attacks. Shutting them down will do nothing to stop these attacks, but it will help the anti-gun fanatics to disarm the American people. Then they can be controlled so much more easily. Just ask Hitler, Pol Pot and all the other totalitarians who started by disarming any possible opposition.

Dodgy guns are available anywhere, in any country. As is dodgy anything else. Muslim countries who have entirely banned alcohol have problems with people drinking rough hooch and getting hospitalised or dying. You cannot stop people getting what they want if they want it enough. You can ban drugs and everyone will stop trying cocaine or heroin? Really? Does that work? Of course not. They just turn to ‘other sources’ and it doesn’t go well.

Norway, I am told, is delighted that its massive taxes on booze have cut down booze sales. Sugar sales are booming. They are brewing their own unregulated booze. It’s not hard. Get the right fruit and you don’t even need sugar and you’ll get brownie points from the health police for buying so much fruit. It does not matter what you put in the way, humans will always find a way around.

It’s not hard to make a gun either. I’ve seen articles on 3D-printing a gun. It’s a fairly primitive device really and a plastic one won’t show up on metal detectors. It might only be good for one shot but close enough and that’s all you need. Do we really want to encourage that?

Guns will disappear naturally in time. As soon as we find a better way to kill each other. You can ban that too if you want. Those who ignore the law won’t care.

There was an SF series of books based around ‘The Weapon Shops of Isher’ where a disarmed society was served by a clever underground weapon shop system. This is exactly where we are headed.

There seem to be a lot of school shootings in America. This is because schools are gun-free zones. The shooter knows there will be no resistance. Nobody else has a gun. These loons still have enough brain cells to know that if they tried it in a police station they wouldn’t get more than a couple of shots before they were dead.  The lesson is – don’t let loonies have guns and pay attention when they are repeatedly reported for their looniness. Then again, the best way to get a gun ban is to let the loonies loose with guns. It worked in the UK…

One little observation. Democrats in America refer to Trump as ‘literally Hitler’ and as some kind of oppressive dictator. Then they want the population to give up all their guns so only the government (led by Literally Hitler) will have guns. I don’t know about you but something seems a bit off here. A bit of sitting and thinking is in order, I’d say.

If Trump really is ‘literally Hitler’ he’ll want to disarm the population of America. He’s smart though, so he might let the Democrats do it and take the blame for it if he really wants that. I don’t think he does, but then he might be smarter than I give him credit for. Getting your opponents to do the dirty work would be a killer move – literally. I’m really hoping Trump isn’t playing that game but if he is, he’s playing it masterfully.

You will have no guns and then you will face an influx of immigrants who are determined to turn your country into the desolate hole they came from. No, they are not refugees. Refugees are not all men who leave their families behind in what they claim is Hell. Men who would do that cannot claim to be men.

They are an invasion force. An invited invasion. Look at the state of Sweden, France and Germany now. Do you want that, America? Really?

Look into the abyss. Look really deeply and pay attention to it. It’s been looking at you for quite some time now.

It’s coming.

21 thoughts on “The abyss beckons

  1. Banning guns after a shooting is as absurd as banning all forks after food poisoning, or all vehicles after a crash.
    And this latest shooting seems to be another excuse for Soros’s rent-a-mob useful idiots to be out in force again, helping the world government nonsense he desires.

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  2. Actually, you are still allowed pistols in the UK. There are a set of exemptions, and one is that the pistol be a muzzle-loader. This is quite a wide exemption, because some revolvers are also permitted, specifically those where the revolver chamber doesn’t have a shell in but is instead loaded from the front. Most used to be black powder (or pyrodex) guns, mostly reproductions of classics and made by an Italian company, Pedersoli.

    Recently though another company has started making pistols which are proofed for the much more powerful nitro powder, and use shotgun primers as the initiators instead of the old-fashioned percussion caps. What this gives you is essentially a modern revolver pistol, albeit with a much slower reload time. That’s still five or six shots before reload.

    The nannying fussbuckets have not detected this yet.

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  3. Yeah, black powder and cap-and-ball pistols are great things, I thought replicas were banned though, had to be original kit. I had 29 when I lived in Canada, auto pistols, magnum revolvers, various cartridge and black powder ‘cowboy’ guns, de-milled STEN, carbines and pump action shotguns….could not only have started a war, would have won it too! Funny thing, when I got my licence, I was not overcome by a desire to wipe out a busload of nuns, if anything, I became more law abiding as the coppers now had a hook in me.

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  4. School shootings, in the USA, are very rare.
    On the day there was a shooting in one school, there were about 99,999 schools where there was no shooting.
    On that day, only one in 3 million kids were killed in a shooting in school.

    Besides, guns are not a very efficient means for killing people. Spraying the halls with any of a number of chemicals or viruses or bacteria would be more effective.

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  5. I read it somewhere I think that the stats in the US on school shootings include the first incident of 2018 when a lone man very early in the morning walked past the gates of a derelict ruined school and blew his brains out. The proximity of a “school” meant it officially counted as a school shooting. The people are being lied to and manipulated. Softened up to be disarmed in case one day they decide to resist and not become dhimmis.
    The world gets creepier and darker by the day and the USA leads the way.
    Get a cumfy chair and a big tub of popcorn. There is fun and games to come.

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  6. Dear Mr Legiron

    The Devil himself has a post on this with some interesting graphs.

    Guns in the States are as normal as power tools or hand tools, any of which can be used to kill.

    My American girlfriend’s Dad used to travel with a .38 in a holster on the dashboard. Her brother had a small armoury in a glass fronted case in the hall. We bought fifty or a hundred rounds of ammunition from Walmart – I can’t remember if any ID was required, but I suspect not; a credit card is ID enough.

    Gun nuts are like any other nut. Sometimes they kill and sometimes they don’t. Our local exploding Islamists don’t use guns, so that’s alright.


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  7. As far as I’m aware, nearly every school shooting in the US has been carried out by people who are on anti-psychotic drugs, so perhaps they should be addressing that? No, wait, they want to ban guns, not mind-altering drugs (the ones Big Pharma make and probably help finance both main parties).

    I’m surprised that crossbows are still legal up here in the People’s Democratic Republic, but it’s probably because things like ‘climate change’ and fizzy drinks are considered a greater menace to our wonderful society and are being dealt with first. And now this from the Nannying Puritans:

    “Among the other controversial proposals are introducing portion limits on the size of takeaway, pub and restaurant meals. Food outlets would be forced to attach labels on menus and packaging disclosing how many calories their dishes contain. It also foresaw a role for the controversial “named persons”, which the Scottish Government intends to introduce to every child in Scotland.”

    No wonder they don’t want us to have guns. It might be a good idea on their part to ban lampposts…

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    • It’ll only take one drunk chav with a crossbow to get them banned. I’ve already sold all mine.

      As for calories, they can put whatever number they like. I’ve never paid the slightest attention to calories and never will.

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      • And that chav might well be a Manchurian candidate or maybe a Mancunian candidate to save some money. We have nobody like Frank Sinatra to deprogramme him. Ms Sturgeon could easily pass for the creepy, callous, treasonous mother of Raymond.

        I don’t think I’ve ever restricted what I eat based on either the calorie count or the ‘traffic lights’ (although I maybe should have). In fact, all red and orange warnings just look like a dare to me and one I’m willing to indulge in.

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        • Maybe it’s a bit tinfoil-hat, but I have wondered why so many killers of prominent people had ‘mental health problems’ and were killed or vanished shortly afterwards.

          And I’ve wondered why there’s such a push to medicate children up to the eyes nowadays.

          Seems to me that if you bring up straight white boys to believe they are worthless and evil and then medicate them out of reality, school shootings are only the beginning.

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          • I don’t think there’s anything tinfoilhatesque about questioning events, especially when there are so many ‘coincidences,’ like 9/11 happens just as the US are preparing to invade Afghanistan, Gaddafi getting bumped off just before he can launch his ‘gold dinar’ which would have destroyed the US petrodollar and on and on.

            Just reading the history of British monarchs reveals that conspiracies were and probably still are something they are very good at. I’ve never heard anyone describe the Babington Plot to murder Eliz. I and put MQS on the throne as a ‘conspiracy theory’. They didn’t have tin foil in the 16th century, though. I would have hated to have been the Royal Oven Cleaner after one of their Tudor banquets.

            William Cooper wrote this in 1991 in his book, “Behold A Pale Horse”:

            The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of military firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the antigun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd amendment.

            Author’s Note: I have found that these events have indeed happened all over
            the country. In every instance that I have investigated the incident at the
            women’s school in Canada, the shopping center incident in Canada, the Stock-
            ton, California, massacre, and the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane the
            shooters were all ex-mental patients or were current mental patients who were ALL ON THE DRUG PROZAC!

            Cooper himself, who warned about an impending attack on the Trade Center 2-3 months beforehand, was shot dead by police shortly after 9/11. Mind you, it was over an argument with police about unpaid tax or something.

            Not that I believe everything he wrote, especially the UFO stuff, but he later recanted some of his views on the subject.


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