Next anthology

It’s going to be April.

I have parents visiting to see their new great grandchild in March, I have Lee Bidgood’s book to finalise-and it’s a doozy, and I might have another novel in March too. So the next anthology will be April. Around Easter but not specifically Easter. No theme.

It’ll be an ‘anything goes’ like the first one. Any genre, any style. As long as it’s legal.

We’ll call April 1st, midnight GMT as  the deadline. Just over a month away.

£10 per story or the equivalent in books. That’s the deal. Copyright remains with the author, you can re-use the story any way you like. I pay for one use in one anthology. That’s it. Writing belongs to the writer.

So if you have a story in you that’s clawing its way out, get it written and send it in. This will be Underdog Anthology 5 and it won’t be the last.

Start thinking Halloween if you’re not ready for this one 😉


8 thoughts on “Next anthology

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