We have a title!

After at least ten minutes of gruelling brainstorming, I have a title for the fifth Underdog Anthology.

Six in Five in Four. Sounds suitably mysterious and in keeping with the strangeness of the other titles.

Six authors in the fifth anthology, published in the fourth month. Not really mysterious when explained but hopefully it will get attention when it scrolls past someone’s random browsing.

I will have a day off Thursday, possibly, or at least a part day off for my birthday, but I need to get this and the ‘You’ll Be Fine’ novel cleared before Longrider’s ‘Rebellion’ arrives. Which sounds like it won’t need much editing, but still, have to keep the flow moving. I have writing of my own to catch up with too, once the decks are clear.

The cover image might need to be drawn but it’s a lot simpler than what I’m working on for ‘You’ll Be Fine’. Won’t take too long.

Aiming for mid-April for this one. And Lee Bidgood’s too. There are visitors provisionally booked for May and again for August and I have to work around that.

Head down, back to work…

7 thoughts on “We have a title!

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