Quick update on emails

If you have any of my @gutbugs.com emails in your address book, please delete them.

I bought the domain name a very long time ago for my intestinal microbiology work. I’m damn well close to being totally retired from that now and someone contacted me with a very good offer for the domain name. So I have sold it. I hadn’t done much with it for years and wasn’t likely to revive it, so I took the offer. Any email addresses on that domain will soon stop working unless, by coincidence, someone has one I used to have. Then you will get a WTF? response.

It does involve another time-consuming thing, chasing down accounts that use that domain’s email and changing them all to a currently active one. Also informing longstanding correspondents that it soon won’t work.

I plan to use the money to clear my council tax for the year and spend some of the rest on G scale trains.

And take CStM out for a good time too.

It’s nice to have a windfall.

10 thoughts on “Quick update on emails

    • Well, I was fond of it but as I said, I’m less than two years from retirement from all that and I’d done nothing with it for years, and it was a good offer…

      No point hanging on to stuff I won’t be making use of, when someone else can make good use of it.

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  1. I wish you every success in your literary endeavours, but you have ceased to be a blogger covering important issues and have become an advertising medium for your own activities.


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