Changes at the top

Quick update on the publishing first – I have completed proofreading on Longrider’s new novel and sent it back for final checking. He has provided covers which saves me a lot of time. Lee Bidgood’s interior is finalised, I just need to finish the cover. I seem to have been over-ambitious in trying to do it on canvas so have reverted to paper. I am nowhere near skilled enough to draw fine detail on canvas! So both books have missed my hoped-for April finish but not by very much.

Once these are done I’ll take a couple of weeks off. The weather is still cold here, we had a torrential hailstorm on Friday which penetrated the roofing tiles (fixed now, I hope) and flooded the utility room again. Gardening isn’t really getting far this week. Plus, a load of big model trains is due soon so I have to get this workload finished!

Most current events have passed me by in this intense work period but I did note the departure of Amber Rudd as Home Officer. I had, I admit, hoped she would be replaced by Jacob Rees-Mogg but May won’t let him near the cabinet. He’s far too big a risk for her to deal with, he might undermine her plans for ‘Brexit in name only’ and, as she is now under the Thatcher-like Sword of Damocles, he would be a natural replacement. She’ll keep him in the shadows.

The House of Lards, populated with dusty codgers, ex-Cabinet criminals and EU stooges for the most part, seems to think it can overturn Brexit. No, it can’t. The leaving is irrevocable. However, with May giving in to any and all demands of the EU, we could end up as a vassal state. Forced to implement every deranged rule from Brussels while having no say.

Politicians never learn, do they? They watch those wedges driven in, they comply with all demands and they actually believe it will be the last one every time.

Minimum pricing for alcohol is now in effect in Scotland. This is not going to only affect cheap hooch, it will put up the price of whiskies too. A 70cl bottle cannot be below £14 unless they dilute it and none of the grain whiskies (a few were below £14 when on special offer) will want to be labelled ‘minimum price booze’. There is unlikely to be anything priced at exactly the minimum.

The good whiskies will maintain the price differential by increasing their prices too. But – only in Scotland. Amazon are likely to see a lot of activity from me soon, since they sell whisky at English prices. If I lived closer to the border I’d soon be a familiar face in Carlisle but I’m a good way north of Aberdeen so that’s not a serious option.

This measure will do nothing. It’s not intended to. It’s the thin end of a wedge that has already involved calls for ending all booze sales at 8 pm and banning any kind of offers (for the booze already above the minimum price). Minimum pricing was just to get the wedge in. Now they start hammering.

We saw it all happen with ‘oh but we just want a non-smoking area, surely that’s not asking much’. We’re seeing it happen with soft drinks and ready-meals. The same thing, over and over again. Our mindless politicians fall for the same trick every single time.

It’s no surprise that the EU are using the same technique on Mindless May. She gives in to one demand to be immediately faced with another. She gives in to that too – oh, and there’s another. We are led by utter morons.

So now we have a new Home Secretary. Sajid Javid. I haven’t seen too much of him so will reserve judgement until he’s done something. Okay, my default response to any politician is ‘despise’ but it seems this one used to work in banking. He was very good at it too, earning £3 million a year apparently. Giving that up to be a politician is something to be respected.

He is also the son of a bus driver who arrived in the UK skint. No silver spoon there – he brought his family from rags to riches in a very real sense.

Labour hate him. They have called him an ‘Uncle Tom’ on Twitter and moaned that he has voted against a cap on banker bonuses. Personally I don’t give a shit what bankers earn. I’m not one so it has no effect on me at all. If their business makes enough money to give out bonuses, good for them. I hope, one day, my business can do that for me. It’s currently looking like a very long-term thing though…

There  was also a suggestion on Twitter that he might have been appointed ‘cos I is black’ to divert from the Windrush scandal. I don’t think even Mindless May would be that stupid. He’s not from one of the Windrush countries, he’s from Lancashire. The Home Office is in a mess and she really needs someone to sort it out. This is no time for identity politics.

Actually, with his successful banking career, I’d have made him Chancellor. It’s about time the post was held by someone who actually knows how to handle money.

Then there are the Twitterers calling him British-Pakistani. The Labour mob doing him down. He is British, from a poor family, a self-made millionaire who quit to go into politics. That gets a lot of respect from me no matter how I feel about politicians in general.

Shouldn’t Labour be delighted? Working class kid does well? Huh. I was the first in my family to go to university and get a degree, then another one, back in the days when they meant something. Council estate kid, son of a coalminer, invited to lecture in several places including Beijing, now running his (second) own business. Labour despise me. I escaped being one of their pets. They despise Mr. Javid for the same reasons – plus one more. He’s not white so in their minds, he should belong to them.

I think the End of May should see the end of May. Or sooner. She doesn’t want Brexit even though it’s inevitable and she’s going to fuck it up. Well, she’s already fucking it up.

And now she doesn’t have her mini-me in the Home Office continuing her work of total surveillance and internet control, she is weakened.

I don’t know much about Sajid Javid but I hope he’s not going to be another Jackboots May in his new job. Probably not since he has actually worked in the real world and done very well at it.

Time will tell.

Not too much time, I suspect.

6 thoughts on “Changes at the top

  1. I predict with minimum pricing that the supermarkets will very quickly hit on a Cunning Plan: sell alcohol at the government-mandated minimum price, but refund the difference between the real price and the government-mandated minimum as tokens.

    The tokens could then only be used with that supermarket (captive customers!) but could be used to buy anything at all. Including, of course, more cheap booze!

    Now that is a Blackadder-grade Cunning Plan: use a government tax to sell more booze.

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  2. Sains already say you cant redeem points on booze, thats another wee loophole exhausted, I also heard a mate say when he was trying to stock up on Monday cunts like Morrsions had already ramped up their prices prior to Midnight Tuesday morning, I got my haul in early Monday morning, Aldi’s own-brand vods for £9.99, it’ll now be a third dearer, no that’ll affect MSP’s – £68K a year!


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