Sweden. A National Suicide

People kill each other with grenades. Bombs go off almost daily. Children raped on their way home from school. Rapists (non-Swedish ones) get the equivalent of community service. And now, another bit of Swedish culture is erased.

Swedish meatballs came from Turkey. 300 years ago, and apparently Swedes have never since modified the recipe to their own tastes.

Well, British curries all came from India but that doesn’t stop us enjoying them. Even though they, like British Chinese food, have been modified to our tastes and aren’t like the originals any more. British tea comes from India too, and Britain without tea would be unthinkable.

St. George, the patron saint of England, came from the Middle East (St. David of Wales came from Merthyr Tydfil, everyone knows that, which is why he eats daffodils and leeks, sees dragons and has a flag that looks like crossed projectile vomiting in the dark. But I digress. Oh… intestinal maneouvres in the dark – isn’t there a song about that?).

Every country in the world has adopted bits of its culture from other countries. England more than most since they invaded most of the other countries in the world. America has been trying to do the same while the English look on, shake their heads, tut and think ‘amateurs’. The English didn’t set up a military base with armour in other countries. They set up an administration run by men in silly hats. World rulers need hats more than they need guns. Humanity has forgotten this.

Just because we like garlic bread and pizza and chips does not mean we now have to give them up due to ‘cultural appropriation’ (the latest guilt trip from the shouty internet morons) and give our country to someone else.

Swedes, you have an opportunity. You can move to Denmark or Norway, the languages are similar enough to get you by right away and you can work out the differences over time. Don’t go to Finland, they just make odd noises there and they are fast heading the same way as your government anyway. But you have an option.

Move out. All of you. Every last Swede. Move out and leave your government with the utter wasters they have invited into your country. Move out and watch the government pay out all those benefits with nobody left to pay tax, Move out, especially if you have a baby daughter, before you have to shed those tears.

Your government does not want you. They do not care about you and will do nothing to protect you. Accept that and move out.

Do that. I dare you. Yes, your country will collapse into anarchy. Watch it happen. Get the popcorn.

And when your government’s darlings have killed off their hosts, and the next winter wipes them all out, you can just move back in.

And this time, be a bit more picky when voting, eh?

As for us in UKistan, well, America would be the easy option language-wise but they don’t really have much tea and they don’t understand irony. Also they are far too friendly for the UK palate and are getting too much of the political correctness virus. Poland or Bulgaria look like better options. Okay, you’d have to culturally appropriate another language but they won’t mind because they are not led by fucking idiots like we are and you won’t have to worry about Allah’s Holy Hand Grenade or the Bomb Vest of Salvation because those countries don’t let the loonies in.

Oh I know there are going to be repercussions and recriminations over this post. I know there will be smug rebuttals with nothing to back them up but assertions and rhetoric and I know the smug bastards will walk away saying ‘I won that’.

Watch me not care.

I know what is coming. I was trained in logical deduction back in the days when science was a real thing. It’s been a clear plan for a very long time now and yes, it’s Marxism again but this time they want to make it global. The previous implementations were practice runs. This time the death toll will run to billions.

And the smug idiots denying it will call out for help one day as they are facing the ground and waiting for the sword to fall. They will cry out ‘Help us’.

And I’ll whisper ‘No’.

25 thoughts on “Sweden. A National Suicide

  1. “And the smug idiots denying it will call out for help one day as they are facing the ground and waiting for the sword to fall.”

    It’s even worse than that. The people pushing all this are so delusional they think that the carnage they’re unleashing on us all will magically stop at the edge of their comfort bubble. They’ve been so little inconvenienced by reality in the course of their pampered lives that they simply can’t imagine real harm and hardship happening to them. I get a distinct Versailles, circa
    1788 vibe from the whole situation:
    “Suffering? Isn’t that what happens to the plebs?”

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  2. When these idiots move to Denmark or wherever they will vote for the same sort of policies and dickheads they voted for in Sweden. Sweden may well descend into a hell hole but it won’t be one that takes them back and when they screw up their new adopted country the same things will happen there.

    I’m more and more convinced that violent deportations are inevitable. Hopefully the politicians will be wiped out in that process.

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  3. I can only think that whilst some member of the Swedish government are utterly deluded fools who thought importing Africa was a good wheeze, I can’t pin that on all of them. Logically therefore it must be deliberate. What I don’t “get” is why? They don’t think they’re going to escape do they?

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    • Ennui… he describes it perfectly. The art of just not caring any more. They hold up signs saying ‘refugees welcome’ then complain when they get groped everywhere. It’s easiest to just shrug and say ‘Well, that’s what you wanted. It’s what you voted for’.

      If you try to tell them why it’s happening they just call you ‘racist’ so just let them live with it.

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  4. As to the subject of getting rid of cash as a move towards totalitarianism… It’s a very early move made by The Republic of Gilead in Margaret Atwood’s “A Handmaid’s Tale”.

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