Don’t get your hopes up. It’s not that time yet.

This is another new Leg Iron Book, from Mark Ellott. It’s his best yet, I think, although I’m a little bit biased because it’s a story based at the time of the Jacobite Rebellion in Scotland (the 1745 one, not the earlier ones).Available now for Kindle, in paperback and on Smashwords. Hopefully it will soon distribute from Smashwords to a wide range of online retailers.

A quick summary (also provided by the author) –

It is May 1745 and the British army is licking its wounds following defeat at the hands of the French at Fontenay. Meanwhile, there is a stirring in the north as the restless clans are gathering to the standard of the House of Stuart where Prince Charles Edward Stuart, the Young Pretender, is forming an army ready to invade England and reclaim the thrones of England and Scotland for his father, James III.

Captain Ewan McLeod of the Royal Scots waits by the roadside in Northern France for a carriage. A carriage that carries the man who will send him on his next mission. Perhaps the most dangerous mission he has undertaken, for he is to be sent home to the highlands of his youth and to his estranged family in the service of the crown.

As the Jacobites march south, so too do Ewan McLeod and his comrade Fiona Ross as the Hanoverian government struggles to respond to the threat they had underestimated. And who is betraying Ewan and Fiona? Not only must they keep their spymasters informed of developments, they also seek to discover the identity of the traitor in their midst before one or both of them dies.

This one should have been easy. Mark had the book edited to the point where a quick proofread was all I had to do. He provided front and back covers ready to go. All I had to do was a quick check through, format, and load it up.

Word managed to put a section into a different font size. That’s happened before. I still don’t know how it happens but at least I know how to fix it. Kindle rejected the .jpg cover but accepted the .pdf even though they only accept .jpg or tif. I thought I must have loaded the wrong cover first time, but I hadn’t. I loaded the wrong one, in the wrong format, second time, when it shouldn’t have been possible. That’s been corrected now.

CreateSpace checks for spelling errors. The book contains a lot of Scots dialect (there is a glossary) so you can imagine what happened there. I had to check every ‘spelling error’ in case there was a real one. There wasn’t.

Smashwords converts into a wide range of eBook formats so I wasn’t looking forward to that one after the antics of the first two. A bit of wrong formatting and the whole lot could go down. Miraculously it worked first time. I’m waiting to see if it meets with their approval for wider distribution. Since it passed all the initial checks it probably will.

Okay. All I have to do now is complete the cover for Lee’s book and I can take some time off. There is a G scale railway in boxes here, giving me a serious incentive.


9 thoughts on “Rebellion

  1. On the Amazon page there’s some really weird stuff. A couple of odd reviews that have nothing to do with it and a link to someone called Mark Travis.

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