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  2. Interesting find there. But isn’t it strange that in all the proud trumpeting of this new policy, there’s no mention of smokers – only dog poo and general litter. The nature of smoker-targeting was only revealed after Bucko’s FOI request. I’ve noticed that a lot of late. In every story where I wait for the inevitable “smoker-related” reference, very often these days it just doesn’t come. Similarly, many of the recent stories (like the NY and Barnsley outdoor smoking bans), where smoking isn’t so easily concealed, simply don’t get the kind of triumphalist publicity all over the place that in the run-up to the smoking ban they would have done.

    I do wonder sometimes, if councils and MPs etc have realised that many people – not just smokers – have started to realise (and let them know they have realised) that targeting smokers and only smokers has spilled over from genuine health concern into gratuitous bullying. And not even non-smokers like bullies. So now, like the playground thug who’s been rumbled and can only now beat up the little kids in the toilets, these bullies are now only able to get away with it when they hide it behind other groups in a sort of “See! We’re targeting everyone now, so it’s not really bullying after all!” I wonder how long they’ll be able to get away with that tactic? With the likes of Bucko and yourself and Frank highlighting what they’re up to, not long is my guess. Ha!

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