Hey Jude

It has been fashionable for a long time to blame the Jews for everything. It goes back way, way before Hitler. He didn’t start it, he just rode the bandwagon. Jews have been getting the short end for many centuries.

Maybe, sometimes, they did something to deserve it. I don’t know, I wasn’t around centuries ago unless reincarnation is real. If it is I’m sure I wasn’t Napoleon because if I had been I’d have had more sense than to launch an attack on Russia at the onset of winter. I’d probably have been the footman who Napoleon had executed for pointing out that he was an idiot. But I digress.

Jews were expelled from England in 1290 and that’s only 600 years after Mohammed’s edict to ‘keel them all’. I doubt anyone in England knew or cared about Islam at that stage. The Ottoman Empire started in 1299, and Europe didn’t care about it until it invaded, much later. There were no Nazis either. While there might have been some with socialist ideas, the ones that survived were the ones who kept it to themselves. So you can’t blame Muslims or Nazis for that expulsion. Jews have been booted out of countries for many, many reasons.

There have been distractions, of course. Currently Trump is to blame for everything from world peace to the common cold but someone, somewhere, will work the Jews into it somehow.

The current conspiracy theory is that Jews are orchestrating the Islamisation of the West. Well. The West has been beastly to them in the past, it’s true. On many occasions. But the West also gave them Israel and support it. So we honkys aren’t all evil. Also, having been through the Holocaust, does Judaism really want to be guilty of the next one? It seems unlikely.

It’s also true that if you want a belligerent, violent ideology to wreck an enemy’s country, Islam is top of your list. Hindus and Sikhs just keep to themselves, Christians will make you a cup of tea with no sugar if they are royally pissed at you and even Satanists have never done anything on the scale of Islamic terrorism. You want a warlike ideology, there is really only one choice.

But – and it’s a big but – is it really a good idea to populate most of the world with an ideology that loudly and proudly proclaims it wants to wipe your people off the face of the planet? What happens when every country except Israel is Muslim? Do the Jews want the ‘us and them’ thing to reach the point where ‘them’ is every other country on the planet? I seriously doubt that.

I see two options. Either the Jews are behind it all  or they are not. A simple yes/no.

If they are, their goal is not the eradication of Whitey but the eradication of Islam,. If Whitey suffers in the process, well, fuck ’em, they made the Jews suffer enough times in the past. But the goal here would be the eradication of their biggest threat and that is not Whitey Westerner.

See, Whitey is a pretty warlike breed too. Inventive when it comes to killing. Long range weapons and nuclear bombs are all Whitey inventions. Look at the horror genre. Who is writing/filming the really nasty stuff? What’s the skin colour of most, if not all, serial killers?

Yeah, Whitey is no pushover. It’s not the vocal girlie-men you meet in dark alleys, you know. We have mellowed with time, it’s true, but that’s because we let out our evil bloodlust side in TV and films and books. We don’t do that stuff for real any more – but don’t think we aren’t still capable of it. Heck, we’ve spent centuries killing each other in all sorts of interesting ways. Now we just write about it or make movies but it’s not gone.

So, if the Jews want Islam erased, they’d send them to us and let them cause problems until we’ve had enough. From Israel’s point of view, that would result in a lot of dead Muslims and dead Whiteys and Israel can sit back and watch the show.

But… maybe that’s not what is happening. Maybe this has nothing to do with Jews at all. Maybe they are, as has happened before, a convenient scapegoat. A distraction. A handy whipping-boy to take our eyes off the real story.

There was another theory, put very well by an elderly Scandinavian woman, that I can’t find the video of now. This theory basically said that a deal was struck a long time ago for oil. The deal was that we Westerners would get oil as long as we promoted Islam.

Might be utter bollocks, but it doesn’t seem unlikely.

Well the west didn’t do it and Islam eventually said ‘do it, or no oil’. It would explain why our elected idiots are turning such a blind eye to terrorism and threatening to jail us all for heresy though.

Well anyway. Those are the ideas that are out there now. The one I can’t buy into at all is that the Jews are deliberately promoting their mortal enemies into a position where they could crush Israel in a matter of moments. I don’t understand why the Jews – or anyone – would promote their current biggest threat to dispense with a historic threat that is really no threat any more. That makes no sense at all.

Both of the others make sense, but especially the last one because it involves money. Politicians love money so much they’d be willing to die rich, even if it is going to be surprisingly premature.

Come on, Tessie and the rest. Do you really think that if the UK became Islamic they’d let you be in charge of it?

What do you think they’d do with you when you’ve done your job?

Ah, Tessie. Should have studied history rather than geography. But hey, at least you studied something.

Puts you one up on your opposition, eh?

27 thoughts on “Hey Jude

  1. “Currently Trump is to blame for everything from world peace to the common cold but someone, somewhere, will work the Jews into it somehow.”

    I’ll name that tune in one Leggy!
    Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner is Jewish (she converted). This obviously means that Trump, as a jewish man’s father-in-law, is a mere puppet of the Ziono-Reptoid/Shriner/Girl Scouts of America conspiracy, or something.

    “Come on, Tessie and the rest. Do you really think that if the UK became Islamic they’d let you be in charge of it?”

    Orderly Management of Decline. It’s been the British government’s SOP since at least 1945. They just want to guide the wreckage in a for a landing soft enough that they can walk away.

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      • Which brings to mind a Cuban who had escaped to the USA and recounted his experiences to a couple of Americans; one American turns to the other: “We don’t know how lucky we are,” he said.

        “You count yourself lucky?” responded the Cuban, incredulously, “at least I had somewhere to escape TO!”

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      • Haha! There’s the rub. They’re so insulated from reality that they never believe the bad long-term effects of their policy decisions will affect their own idyllic Kentish or Cotswald retirement villages. And thus far they’ve been right in that assumption.


  2. I think that elderly Scandinavian woman was right. Our glorious leaders signed something in Barcelona to that effect. I’ve thought for a long time that lefties/cultural Marxists must have something in common with Islam, because they seemed to like one another so much. Of course me being a bit thick it took a while to figure it out.


    Yes, they have a common dislike of the Jewish people and want to annihilate Israel. Simple really when you think about it. Different cheeks of the same arse, as George Galloway would say…


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      • google Barcelona Treaty/Process/Project on YouTube and it may come up – I’ve seen the vid and she might be talking about the Barcelona Treaty which the EU signed in the 1990s. Beneath its weasel words (it’s available online) I think that in return for trade deals/oil security Europe agreed to, in effect, mass immigration from mainly Islamic countries with Islam the cultures of Muslims being practised unhindered.

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        • Did our glorious leaders not think this one through? Or did they actively go through with this knowing what the outcome would be? Answers on a postcard please…


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          • I am in complete agreement that western governments entered some pact with the islamics, but I reckon it was much earlier. After the six day war, (1967) the arabs were out for revenge, and it was after that that the muslim migration to western Europe started and mushroomed. I reckon the threat was no migration- no oil. By 1972 I was in Manchester, and the Pakistanis were flooding in to take up jobs in the textile industry that was already defunct. Mills were closing, and the women who had staffed those mills (for very low pay) were laid off. There was never any rationale for that muslim migration into the UK. But it wasn’t just us, the Germans were getting swamped with Turks, and the French, Belgians and Netherlands with Algerians, Moroccans, and Tunisians.


            • I recall adults of the period grumbling about immigration, but I was too young to have any idea what was going on.

              Wasn’t that about the time the skinheads started getting active? We really don’t want that lot back!


  3. Somewhere in the world, there is a biotech lab that doesn’t officially exist and may not actually exist. In this lab they are busy looking at the early-embryo genetic switching that goes on due to the rather few genes present on the Y chromosome. They are busy formulating a very special medicine, you see.

    This special medicine will, when given to women, cause their offspring to develop as males regardless of presence or absence of Y-chromosomes, by adding in the fairly few genetic switches that turn on maleness.

    The medicine will, once proved to be more or less reliable, be sold cheaply throughout the Islamic world where they have a huge bias towards males and regard females as biologically necessary but of little other use. Given a choice of which sex of child to bear, most Islamic fathers would opt for a son or sons, and let some other family do the biologically necessary chore of producing daughters.

    That would basically be the end of Islam; after a generation of sexually-frustrated males and sort-of males stopped fighting and died out, that’d be it for Islam as we know it.

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      • Standard behavior of savages since before written history: Prioritize male offspring over females (see Arab/Muslim breastfeeding practices as an example) in order to maximize your tribe’s ability to project violent force. Use the enemy’s wives and daughters to take up the slack in reproductive potential.

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        • It never works because it’s biologically insane. Every species knows you don’t need many males to keep the species going. 1:1 is as far as you ever need to go. More males than females is a waste of genes.

          And females can be pretty damn brutal too. A male spider takes his life in his hands when he wants to mate. He doesn’t take the female out to dinner, he has to hope she isn’t hungry when he approaches 😉

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    • As Roobee said, they get rapey, but the resulting offspring (assuming they are not aborted) are not Muslim and will be brought up to hate the culture of the rapist. So basically, the rapists will be creating their own enemies en masse. As indeed they already are.

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  4. I’ve read a lot over the past 20 years or so and the same words keep appearing in relation to what you wrote, it’s not new but just been hidden in plain sight:

    Babylonian Brotherhood

    Who controls politics, banking, Hollywood, TV media, medicine and the news? The 4 above.

    Examples – Trump’s son-in-law a Zionist place man groomed to wed Trump’s daughter., now influencing insane policies in the White House). Now Meghan Markle – basically everything that traditionally the royal family isn’t (I won’t lower myself to give them capitals as they don’t rule us anymore due to the monarch breaking her coronation oath on signing the ECA) but still distantly related to them to keep power in the bloodline, almost like a plan to rip the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family (better known as the “Windsors”) apart in a few years.

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    • Harry and Megan are, in the overall scheme of things, about as important as Princess Anne.

      At the moment they’re superb for tourism, especially London, as well as the tacky end of the souvenir trade (mostly made in the PRC).

      However even I, who has some respect for the monarchy, am beginning to get the same feeling as the common Saudi and the explosive growth of “royalty” in that country.

      Direct bloodline and that’s it. The rest can do what they wish so long as they don’t do it on taxpayer money.

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      • What with the recent admission that chemtrailing, geoengineering, HAARP etc has been on-going for years I think weather control has been tried but is failing miserably, Mother Nature is certainly not co-operating with the agenda (whatever that is, is the aim for global warming or cooling? Beats me. Anyone has any ideas?) – bit like the brexit, Orcan and Trump elections in the past few years.

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  5. Very early on during the genesis of IS (before it was even really called Islamic State and just prior to the declaration of a Caliphate) there were rumours that the head of IS was a Mossad agent. Plenty of websites had pictures of both men (quite how you get pictures of a Mossad agent I’m not sure: aren’t they supposed to be secret agents?) and they bore a striking resemblance. Although there was no scientific comparison or any further evidence provided. One site showing the head of IS was wearing an expensive watch was proof positive he was really a Mossad spy.
    This is probably where the rumours of Israeli involvement in IS originates from. And probably before that to be fair.


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