Another remote goodbye

Several well known bloggers have died since I started on this blogging lark. I always intended to meet up with some of them but rarely made it happen – partly because I live somewhere remote now and have rarely had the funds to take spontaneous trips. However, I will have to make more of an effort before it’s my turn to meet the Reaper.

Frank and Bucko had the good fortune to meet Nisakiman recently. Nisakiman has now passed away, with his daughters at his bedside and, it seems, peacefully.

I’ve never been much good at condolences or eulogies so I’ll just raise a glass to Nisakiman’s memory this evening.

Rest in peace, Kevin.


16 thoughts on “Another remote goodbye

  1. I just got back from a funeral in Scotland to this sad news. I will miss Kevin very much it just all seemed so sudden. I will read his emails again and remember him with a glass of wine tonight.

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  2. (Blocked Dwarf btw) Meeting one’s blogging heroes(and heroines) in the flesh is always valuable. The reality always enhances the virtual INMO. Last year I had the good fortune to meet one of the bloggers i have admired for ages; I knew him as a blogger of acerbic wit, a fearless champion of Civil Liberties and all round ‘hard man’ agin the Nanny State. A man whose pen had a katana edge to it,giving nor asking for quarter. However In the flesh he is a mild mannered, polite, thoughtful, truly considerate ‘nice guy’ whose demeanour belies the steel beneath to the point where i was wondering ‘where is he and what have you done with him?!’.
    Wish I could have met Kevin (we emailed a few times and he sent me some tobacco). I’ve said it elsewhere, he would have made a good travel writer. I’m hoping his blog will stay up.

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      • Well if you and she ever ‘go by the south’, successfully crossing the oh-so-inappropriately- named -“Wash” (Norfolkers don’t) without losing the ‘family jewels’, circumnavigating the Fens and arrive in the city of Norwich, then do let me know because I figure i owe you a meal somewhere decent.


        • I ended up in Norwich on a Railrover ticket in 1978… in the middle of the night with no trains out until the morning.

          Next time. I’ll book a hotel before arriving 😉


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  4. Very sad. Nisaki and I emailed a number of times over the years. He was a steady fighter and believed strongly in what we do.

    He was royally pissed off at the Antis and Controllers of all stripes. Here’s an email from a series he and I exchanged about a year ago:

    There is a massive blind spot when it comes to smokers, and I don’t know what we can do about it. I have been in a few airports just recently (I’m in Thailand at the moment), and I was looking around and thinking “how can these places dedicate 99.999% of the available area to just 75% of their customers, and only 0.001% (if any) of the space to 25% of their customers. Why isn’t there an outcry about it?

    Here in Thailand, it’s almost impossible to smoke anywhere, particularly in Bangkok. And yet there are lots of smokers. What the fuck is going on? Thailand wants to be like Australia, at the forefront of TC, so they’ve had shutters of shame for a decade or more, medico-porn on the packs for years, and smoking bans everywhere you turn. It’s a bloody nightmare. Particularly with being used to Greece, where I can smoke just about anywhere. The Thai authorities are similarly stupid about booze. You can’t buy alcohol between 2pm and 5pm, so if you’re on your way home from work or play, and fancy picking up a couple of beers for later, you can’t. You’ll have to make a special trip after five to get your beers. And the latest ultra-stupidity here is that alcohol can’t be sold within 300 metres of a school. WTF? As you know, and I know, and anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows, this ruling will make not one iota of difference to any kids who want to buy alcohol. It could be 3000 metres, and if they want to get it, then they will. However, for anyone living near a school, it means that popping out to grab a couple of beers is now a major issue, as I found out just yesterday, having nipped out to grab a couple of cold ones from the local 7/11, only to find they didn’t sell beer anymore on account of the school just up the road. So I had to walk a kilometre or more to buy what I wanted. Fffffuuuuccckkk!!!!!!

    I was first here in Thailand in 1971, and it was paradise; but honestly, Michael, I’m rapidly falling out of love with the place. They are just manic about healthism now, and want to ban anything and everything to do with pleasure. You know, of course, that e-cigs are illegal here? You can get 10 years in jail for possession! Nobody knows why, not even the lawmakers, but they are very much into virtue signalling, and this looks to them like a virtuous move.

    *Sigh*….God give me strength…

    To be honest, if it wasn’t for the fact that my wife’s family are here, I’d be in Cambodia, which is much more relaxed. As is Laos, where I’m off to next week, thank heavens. A week or so respite from the palpable disapproval. What a sorry state of affairs we are in these days.

    Take care. 😊


    Best wishes to you Kevin. We’ll keep up the fight!

    – Michael

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