Not the best of days

Today was fine and sunny but I have achieved very little. Why? Well, I woke up with a gut rumbling like Vesuvius. Then it erupted (I made it, just in time).

It didn’t feel like an infection, more like I reacted badly to something I’ve eaten. No idea what. Still, it left me feeling literally drained all day. I’m now recovering with some chilli peanuts and whisky.

Mark Ellot’s book ‘Rebellion’ now has the right ‘click to look inside’ on Amazon but is still linked to two five star reviews from an entirely different book. Sigh. I expect they’ll work it out eventually. At least they are five star reviews so as long as nobody actually reads them we can take it as the ‘bank error in your favour’ card in Monopoly. It’s still wrong though – that book deserves its own five star reviews.

Outside, the grass mocks me. It’s fine enough to cut it and I have begun the process of digging out the intense weed infestation of the flower beds but I dared not stray too far from the bathroom today. Hopefully I will be in gardening mood tomorrow. I am using my favourite flower bed technique – scorched earth gardening – in which I entirely remove the top layer which is full of weeds and weed seeds. It’s very effective. And when the flower beds are clear I have a small bag of seed potatoes to put in. Well, they have flowers on them eventually so it counts.

There is always a silver lining though. My physical incapacitation means I have made progress on Lee Bidgood’s cover image today. Pencil drawings are now being inked and will soon be ready for colour. I could short-circuit this one with a photoshop cover but it needs something much better. Eyecatching. Boobs.

Also an orange Lada, a transsexual policeman and a Fred Flintstone slide. There are many more elements from the book I’d love to include but  it would take months so I have forced myself to limit the hints.

I could have done without a day of exploding arse but it’s in the family. Dodgy guts are an occasional reminder of my genetics. I have no idea what sets them off – I’m not lactose intolerant and not allergic to gluten although I wonder if an overload of those things might be responsible. Lactose and wheat are in so many things now.

Once Lee’s book is done I am considering revamping some of the earlier books with original artwork covers. It’ll take time but could be worthwhile.

9 thoughts on “Not the best of days

  1. “Lactose and wheat are in so many things now….” And if you want to understand what’s in some supermarket convenience foods a pocket pharmacopoeia is useful. Or a Kindle loaded with the full set of data sheets.

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  2. I get that sometimes. My Dear Wife periodically tries to feed me gluten-free gear, which always tastes like dried cardboard. I don’t think it’s that. I correlate it with the times she dismembers a chickn by hand and then cooks the fragments.

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  3. There is a sporting chance, which you’d know more about than I, that the old exploding arse syndrome is linked to variations in your gut microbiome. Eat too much of one particular thing which one particular bacterial species really loves, and the populations of that species explode and start being irritating.

    This hypothesis explains the current crop of ” intolerent” people quite nicely, if you look at some recent research on how diet affects personal microbiomes. Put simply, the more diverse your diet, the more diverse your gut microbiome is going to be, and the more diverse the bacterial community in your guts the healthier you are going to be.

    If you get an occasional case of squirty bottom, then the way to go is not to go looking for whatever you’re intolerent of, because you probably aren’t actually intolerent of it at all but merely had a mini-riot in the gut bacterial department. Silly people limiting their diet in response to squirty bottom only then make the problem worse by limiting the diversity of their gut bacterial community, which makes this sort of bacterial rioting more likely, not less likely; once a silly person has started down the route of “I’m intolerent of this, intolerent of that, must limit my diet” then the problem is only going to get worse and the person less happy and more intolerable to talk to.

    The cure is a nice diverse hunter-gatherer style diet with plenty of diversity, plenty of uncooked, bacterially rich foods and some alcohol to make the person forget all about what they’re intolerent of. Oh, and plenty of soft toilet paper since re-establishing a varied bacterial community is likely to be a bit of a bumpy road.

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    • I always told students that if they wanted to experience what an abrupt change will do to their guts, live on salads for a week and then go out for a lager blast followed by a Vindaloo.

      In my case, it might have been the rare intake of salad that did it… 😉

      Cleared up now apart from a few residual cramps. No more green crap for me!

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