Money and smoking

If you live in the UK or any other idiot-controlled country where smoking is the main source of government hate and revenue, any saving is a good thing.

Currently it is impossible to buy a pack of 20 cigarettes for less than £8 in the UK. Rolling baccy is slightly less eyewatering but still a sting. Any chance I have to go elsewhere in the EU, I load up. It’s just common sense. Of course, after Brexit they’ll limit us again but while we are in this silly customs union we might as well make the best of it.

I have been playing around with the IQOS and the microfags for some time now and yes,  I know all about the turncoat Philip Morris and all the reasons why I should stick with real fags from real fag-sellers and I don’t care about the politics. This is about the contents of my bank account which have never been large and never will be.

A pack of real smokes is £8. A pack of microfags is £7. Plus, I have already taken £60 in Amazon vouchers from the IQOS survey thing which has more than covered the initial cost of the device plus 100 microfags. I am encouraged to persevere with this thing.

I have tried the amber (full strength) and the turquoise (girlie menthol) microfags. The amber ones are pretty good. The menthol don’t seem very mentholated, it’s there but it’s a hint not a blast. I can get the cleaning sticks from Amazon using the vouchers so they are technically free. You need those, the thing does need a cleanout once in a while or it tastes like smoking dried weasel poo.  I used the vouchers for a lot of other things too, including whisky. I have not yet tried the yellow (apparently ‘smooth’) but I just ordered some. I will report on them when I get them.

(UPDATE) I now have the yellow ones. They are indeed milder than the amber. Not bad if you prefer a smoother, less intense smoke but I’ll stick with the amber ones. They suit me best. Along with real ones of course but cost alone is going to force a switch here.)

Okay okay, you want to tell me how Philip Morris are sell-outs. Find me one vape company that does not repeat theTobacco Control mantra of ‘smoking is eeeevil. Tobacco companies are eeevil. Buy from us instead’ and maybe I’ll listen. This is a tobacco company doing business, that’s all it is. Tobacco in a different form. Trying to get through the current round of Prohibition. I don’t blame them for trying to stay in business.

Anyway, if they were really trying to appease tobacco control they should have talked to the (sensible) vapers first because appeasement never works. Those filthy Puritans hate anything that looks like fun, including IQOS. Especially IQOS because it uses real tobacco.

I like it. I don’t care who invented it or where it originated. I’ve used it more often, and for longer, than any Electrofag I’ve ever tried. And now that it’s reached a pound a pack (often more) cheaper than smoking, I’ll use it more often. I’ll still need real ones for driving because the IQOS can’t just dangle from your lips when both hands are busy but at home, it’s a useful thing.

Tell me I shouldn’t support this thing. I don’t care. Tell me I should go totally to vaping. I’ve tried quite a few Electrofags and they are a lot of fun but it just doesn’t stick. It doesn’t work for me. I don’t care. IQOS has persisted longer than any Electrofag I tried and I think that’s because it really does taste like tobacco. The one flavour Electrofag never quite got right.

The price differential is going to increase. The IQOS microfags might go down in price with more uptake, they might not. But I will state with absolute certainty that tobacco prices are going to keep climbing fast. Getting into alternatives is vital for my wallet.

Sure, every time I go to Denmark I will come back with a bag full of Vikings or Skjold. Maybe a tub of Home Roll or similar (about £30 for 280g). I will be resuming tobacco planting in the near future. I will continue to ‘cut’ tubing baccy and rolling baccy (also a lot cheaper outside the UK) with low strength pipe tobacco.

But the price saving on IQOS is now at a level that looks significant, and it works as a substitute for the real thing for me. I’ll be using it more and more in the future.

Well yes, principles are important but the long and short of it is – IQOS is cutting down my spend on heavily taxed tobacco in a way no Electrofag has yet managed. I don’t have health problems, the biggest issue for me at the moment is cost. When I first tried IQOS, which was a matter of weeks ago, the price difference per pack of 20 was pennies. It’s already £1 and it’s going to get a lot bigger. I’m sticking with it.

And if that makes you think of me as a traitor to smoking, a sell-out to The Man or some kind of hybrid smoker-vaper monstrosity, I don’t care.

I do what works for me. I do not do what other people tell me to do. No matter who is doing the telling. Never have and never will.

If that comes as a shock you really haven’t been reading this blog for very long, have you?

11 thoughts on “Money and smoking

  1. Met up yesterday with a couple of fairly well known bloggers-well known in libertarian circles anyways and they offered me a go on one of their sub-urrrm devices. Thing was the size and weight of a handgun. I don’t like vaping because all I can taste is the mouldy caramel/soapy glycerol.
    Bear in mind I smoke upto 60 filterless a day, smoke cigars and pipes inhaling as if they were cigarettes. I live for nicotine. I turned up at that meet yesterday with 3 different types of cigarette on me and some cigars .
    Took one drag on that sub-uuurrrm device.
    And coughed like 10 year old ‘virgin’ behind the bike sheds.
    Apparently the thing was chambered with a 24% liquid and had more wattage than my power shower. Thankfully I was sitting down at the time,and outside where I could retch .
    I doubt I’ll ever be a vaper BUT I shall NEVER NEVER again consider it the girly option.

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  2. Cheapest excise paid 20 pack of Camel Blue in Australia is $26 or almost £15! 85% of the price is sin tax, $1000 per kg, with 25% more increases planned by both major political party Bully State diktators [sic].

    The propaganda packs are defaced with pointless “medi porn”. The sanctimonious thieves charge extortionate rates for a debased product (the filter is 3mm longer than the Camel Blue I usually import, a better cigarette, about $20/pack duty paid).

    Government bullies have no authority to meddle in lifestyle choices to appease the clique of anti smoking fanatics. The public health cultists must be outed as the self serving frauds and liars they are.

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  3. Regular reader, rare commentator – Thanks for your posts on IQOS – this one was the one that pushed me to actually try one.
    I’ve tried cigalike ecigs (crap), mid-range vapes and sonic smokedrivers (low ohm) – none of them could quite scratch the itch – but were very handy for cinemas/rail travel.

    Picked up an IQOS at the weekend, exclusively using it during the day – most of the evening as well (unless it’s nice out and I’m drinking). Only thing it doesn’t seem to work on is the first smoke of the morning.If I try the IQOS first thing I get a coughing fit that feels like my lungs are trying to escape. First cig out of the way, fine for the rest of the day.

    So far I’ve been on the yellow ones – think I may need to try the amber – these are just a bit too smooth.

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