Writing and the Death of Speech

Author payments are done for this quarter. I wanted them dealt with quickly because the Phone People are going to replace the bent pole tomorrow. Since they do this for a living they will probably be very quick but if there are problems it might run to days.

If you have not heard from me, you didn’t sell any this quarter. Sorry. I will put out zero-reports when the phone line is fixed but when it is, if you have neither had a payment nor a zero-report, please do get in touch.

I have changed the payment rules. It’s no longer 50/50 on profits. The author gets 75%, I get 25%. Two reasons – it encourages authors to write more and it encourages me to up my game on marketing. So far I have not been great at it. I must force myself to improve.

It’s going to get more difficult. The EU is about to fulfil Tess ‘Jackboots’ May’s wettest of wet dreams and utterly destroy the internet within the EU. Oh Remainers will be happy because they think it won’t affect them but as Frank Davis says:

The EU is going to “tax internet links to websites and online data that serve as sources for commentary and opinion.”

Commentary and opinion covers every blog. It covers every Amazon link to any book on anything. How do you advertise your book when anyone who links to it has to pay a tax? Nobody is going to do it.

If (when) the cretins in charge make this happen, I will have to pay a tax for that link to Frank’s blog. If the EU put something on their website and I link to it, I’ll get taxed. They can put up ‘Plan for the extermination of white people’ on the EU site and if you link to it, you have to pay a tax.

Can’t afford it? Then you can’t talk about it. It will apply to absolutely everything that can be classed as ‘commentary’ or ‘opinion’. Free speech for the rich… but who is listening? When you can’t discuss it, why bother reading it at all?

Might as well delete your YouTube, Farcebok and Twatter accounts. They are going to cost you a fortune. No point reading any online newspaper at all because you cannot link to any story on any of them without paying a tax. The elite can do as they damn well please and we proles are forbidden to mention it unless we can afford it because that is New Liberalism.

It does not apply outside the EU of course. If we were outside the EU, as we should have been by now, we could laugh at this totalitarian nonsense. However, we have an idiot running the country, a bad-hair totalitarian who once pushed for a DNA database of everyone and drooled over the prospect of internet control. Well here it is. Who thinks our Prime Monster will object, in any way at all, to this? She has dreamed of this day her entire career.

I remember when we had a Conservative party as a counterpoint to the closet communists of Labour. Now we choose – Fascism or Nazism. There is no Conservative party any more and there never will be again. There is no ‘working class’ Labour party any more and there never will be again. Choose your vote carefully. Totalitarian #1 orTotalitarian #2. There is no option #3.

Actually there is, but not enough people will take it. They will vote like automatons for the same shit they have always voted for and then moan that things are getting worse. Newsflash, fuckwits. It’s getting worse because you voted for it to get worse. Put your X in a different box and see if it makes things better. Seriously, ask yourself, can it really get any worse?

Yes. Yes it can. China is in awe of the controls those you vote for are about to push on you and this is just the start. You want more total control of your life? Vote for it as you have always done. Vote for slavery for your children and grandchildren because that’s what your parents voted for so it must be right.

Or you could, just maybe, make a change. Make a difference. Vote for someone who is not in power now. Vote for someone new. Actually look at the manifestos rather than just the colour of the rosette and keep in mind that those you voted into power have never, ever done what they promised to do. If your favourites are useless, as they have all proven to be, what’s the harm in giving someone else a chance?

This kind of subversive idea is exactly what the EU want to suppress with their kindergarten view of how the Internet works. Oh they will do it and you won’t be allowed to even see these ideas any more. I, and many others, will be wiped off-visible-line by taxation and prosecution.

Oh yes, a big test case and harsh penalties will soon shut up every blog on the net. At least in the EU.

We’ll still be talking. You just won’t hear us any more.

And speaking for myself, I don’t care. I am sick of trying to save lost causes. Vote your persecutors back in if you want that. But there is one thing you must know.

Nobody is coming to save you. You vote for it, you live with it.

13 thoughts on “Writing and the Death of Speech

    • No, of course they haven’t thought about the enforcement side of things. Nor have they thought about what the major search engines will do when faced with this. Google et al function by selling advertising; we use them because they’re useful, and occasionally click on their advertising.

      If some bunch of morons set out to tax some links, then Google et al will immediately down-rank these pages so far that the average search will not ever find them. Pages sitting behind tax links will become unfindable, so people thus affected will have to host their website front end outside the Moron Zone, and tunnel traffic back inside via an encrypted tunnel.

      Once this becomes common and automated, the morons will have their tax laws and everybody else will have a workaround, just like we will when May’s silly little attempt at censorship comes onstream.

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  1. Easy for me, indeed most – if they wish – to shift my hosting to a US firm. I will never charge anyone to view or link to my place, nor will I allow anyone or entity to do so for any reason.

    Re this business of voting for a political party that’s different. Greeks tried that.

    Now let’s see how long it takes the new coalition in Italy to enact any of their manifesto promises.

    Today we should see an interesting variation with the ouster of Rajoy in Spain.

    Hopefully, before we celebrate Guy Fawkes, a new bum on the can at 10 Downing Street.

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  2. “The EU’s efforts to control and censor the Internet have been accelerating this year, with the unelected Commission last month ordering social media and tech firms like Facebook to delete content it considers “illegal” within one hour, threatening a new law.

    Back in 2016, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft voluntarily agreed to more rigorously censor “illegal online hate speech” by signing up to a so-called ‘Code of Conduct,’ parts of which the bloc wants to legally enforce.

    In the code, the tech firms also promise to help the EU “criminalise” alleged perpetrators, as well as re-educate them by “promoting independent counter-narratives” that Brussels favours.”


    WTF!!!! I knew things were bad but they’re now so confident that their ambition is naked.

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    • They don’t understand the internet and won’t try. Trying to control it is like trying to herd cats.

      All it will do is move more and more people away from Google/Facebook etc – centred internet usage and into deeper regions.

      They’ll think they have control but really, they’ll eventually have an echo chamber.


  3. How will search engines fare with a tax on links? Aren’t search results, by definition, just a slew of links? GDPR has proved to be a big problem: sounded fine in theory; in practice it’s a total pig’s ear of confusion. RTBF (right to be forgotten) is another mess, causing the techies who administer all those vital system backups to tear their hair. The politicians and bureaucrats issuing these edicts clearly don’t understand technology, full stop.

    I respect what you’re saying about voting for candidates outside the mainstream blocs. It has to be a better option! But I do have to ask: is it likely that Joe/Jane Smith, Independent — if s/he gets elected — will have a better handle on the ramifications of technology? Sadly, I think our only hope may be court cases, brought by affected entities who can fund the costs of litigation.


    • A big case brought by the likes of Amazon would make news. Amazon needs links to function. So do smaller companies – but Amazon has the finances to wipe this out.


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