Next Leg Iron Book

Lee Bidgood’s novel nears release at last. I really wanted to make the cover a Tom Sharpe-style one but my artistic skills are limited and I had not realised that art acrylics are not like model acrylics. They dry hard in days rather than minutes and will blend over borders much too easily. I’m going to have to practice this a lot more – and recognise that it will take some time to produce an image.

Instead, we will use an image produced by the author himself. Covers are ready, interior is ready, it will get loaded as soon as the author contract is signed and in time for summer reading.

It’s a fun summer read. Placed before the pub smoking ban and a wonderful catalogue of disasters over a single weekend. An excellent addition to an already impressive catalogue. I never expected, when I first set up Leg Iron Books, to find so many talented authors struggling to get into print. Hopefully the big boys will eventually notice and some of these authors will move on to bigger things.

That’s the whole point of this venture, you know. I’ll publish your books, you and I make a little money but the real aim is to get those authors into the big publishers’ eyes. Pure altruism? Hell no. If one author gets noticed, so does Leg Iron Books and all the others. Including me.

Maybe I’ll be rich one day. I doubt it and don’t really care. I wouldn’t know what to do with it all, I’d just end up buying dangerous things that might kill me. Enough money and I’d build a planet smasher and you just know I’d have to run that test. I would not be a safe billionaire.

This novel is the last current submission in the list. Someone money-oriented would be panicking. I’m looking forward to a bit of a rest. I need time to figure out marketing for the books already on the list and work on some of my own. Also, I need to spend some time with CStM who, although we live in the same (admittedly Tardis-like) house, has seen little of me for a while now.

So, by the end of this week (Amazon screwups permitting) Lee Bidgood’s book will be published and I’ll be back to playing for a while. I have a stack of G scale track and trains I have sworn not to do anything with until all the current publishing is done.

If you have a novel or short story collection you are itching to get published, I’m interested but I won’t do anything more until July. I’m the boss and only employee here (with RooBeeDoo as unpaid intern). She has a day job and I am overworking, as usual. So go through that story one more time and send it in July. Send it sooner if you wish but really, why rush when you don’t have to?

The next fixed point is September when I will start looking for stories for a Halloween anthology. Underdog Anthology 6. I never imagined it could go that far but it seems unstoppable now. In the meantime, everything is open.

But the rest of June, after this book, is mine.

UPDATE Loading it up now. ‘You’ll be Fine’ by Lee Bidgood should stoon start appearing on bookseller sites. Look for this –

2 thoughts on “Next Leg Iron Book

  1. As the unpaid intern for Leg Iron Books, I am in the fortunately position of having read Lee Bidgood’s ‘You’ll Be Fine’ novel. I can honestly say, it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read…

    *I’m still here! …/rolls eyes… Although that said, Clicky, the bit with the chugger? …/giggles… That was a close run thing… /chortles… OMG! That was so fucking funny… /guffaws… An-an-and the naked Goth? …/howls with laughter…. HAHAHAHAH…. /clutches sides and falls over…*


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