Rail Zombie, and other tales.


All rail zombies wear anoraks and have a notebook full of engine numbers. Somewhere I have a book of coach numbers. My ambition was, and remains, to get a book of coal truck numbers and go rust spotting.

I’m working on my tax form. If it’s not done this weekend I have to pay tax on account by the 30th (that’s advance tax based on the previous year’s income). If it is done in time, I get tax repaid because I was way under the tax limit last year. Oh I’d eventually get it all back even if I did end up paying but why loan them anything? They’ll just waste it.

Working on taxes means the procrastination dial is turned up to 11. I will do absolutely anything other than work on tax. I have a Dutch version of ‘The Goddess of Protruding Ears’ by Justin Sanebridge in the works. The English version is already published. I have a G scale railway stacked in the office (traaaaains) and I need to arrange the garden to fit the railway. Fortunately the shit weather is keeping me indoors so I’m restricted to indoor procrastination. There’s still plenty of that.

I’ve been watching the Donnie Trumpton chess game. Not really a fair game because his opponents don’t know it’s a chess game. They think he is stupid (well they think we are all stupid) even though he was born to an immigrant who worked as a maid and became a billionaire and then President. He survived a few doses of bankruptcy and came back. Stupid? Really?

He’s an arrogant arse. You could argue that a man who came from nothing to billions more than once is entitled to be a bit smug but in Balmedie, not too far from here, his golf course for the rich and insufferable has really pissed off the residents. He’s not popular in this part of Scotland.

Still, he plays a good game. He anticipates his (entirely predictable really) opponents and if this was a real chess game he’s ten moves ahead. The latest move, the Melania coat, was a beauty. A woman who can afford, and who is used to, high fashion, wears a grungy Parka with graffiti and nobody sees the clear chess move that entails. They fell for it, hook line and sinker. They fired up exactly as they were intended to.

I didn’t know that the separation of families at the border started with Clinton and continued unopposed through Bush and Obama. I didn’t know it was happening at all. Now I do. And now I, and all those Americans who aren’t frothing at the mouth, know it has been happening for a very long time and they know that Trumpy stopped it. He could have quietly stopped it. Instead he let it fester and rage and make headlines for the first time in about 20 years and then he stopped it.

He’s good. I don’t like him, but I have to admit he is good at this game.

Mrs Clinton, Mrs Bush and Mrs Obama never visited those separated kids. They weren’t supposed to be noticed. Oh but Mrs Trump went to visit. Dressed in homeless chic, off she went. There was Outrage!

I laughed like a hyena on acid when I saw that coat. You could not make a more obvious move unless you tried for a fool’s mate on Kasparov. Melania Trump dressed like a 60’s mod? Come on, if they had put her on a moped with fifty rear view mirrors it could not have been more obvious.

The left responded with all they have. Stormy Daniels. They sent a porn star to visit the children. A porn star.  Yeah, because all those kids have watched her on Kid TV and all aspire to be like her. Jesus, you could not put up a worse opponent to Melania Trump in a flasher coat.

I reckon I’m pretty good at anticipating an enemy move. I one brought a co-worker close to tears of laughter in a meeting when I brought out the answer to every criticism ‘someone’ tried to tag me with. I saw it all coming.

I wouldn’t take on Trump though. And I would never play chess with him for money. I might not like the guy personally but I have to admire his game. He’s very good at it.

But back to serious stuff. Traaains!

I have been populating the coaches for this new set. G scale is 1:22.5 but I can get away with 1:24 and 1:25 too. The difference is minimal. And the size of this stuff means you can have people in seats without cutting feet off.

Here is the coach. The ruler beside it is 2 feet (60 cm) for scale. I have four. Coaches,not rulers!

The people are in various levels of moulding detail. It doesn’t matter too much, they will be inside a coach and not very visible so I won’t go overboard on the details. Pretty rough is good enough in this case.

First example – Train Perv 1

Bit low on detail. Compare with Train Perv 2 –

Just as vile but with better definition.

Again, Man with a Can, crap moulding…

…as opposed to Creepy OIdman

Then again, we do have Random Tart 1…

And Random Tart 2…

… to keep the train pervs pervy.

You might have noticed Random Tart 3 progressing on Twitter. I have something special in mind for that one and for Random Tart 4. Later…

In other news, we have Guardian of the Bags –

The Pizza Addict

Mum Does Not Approve-

The Fat Skinhead

And of course, Nigel Farage –

There are others but that will do for now. There’s a really filthy Batman diorama in progress too.

If I could only force myself to finish this tax form.

17 thoughts on “Rail Zombie, and other tales.

  1. Great set of passengers!
    Maybe you need one with a beard and a backpack? 🙂
    And a “manspreader”?

    Trump? Phenomenal!
    I wouldn’t want him as a friend, or even to chat to in a pub.
    But I’ve always thought that countries shouldn’t be run by the sort of people I like. That’s a job for a hard bastard. One who doesn’t care what his critics think. Trump, Maggie, Putin too. Ronnie Raygun? They thought he was stupid, but he bluffed an end to the cold war.

    A leader, not a team player who has maneuvered his way to the top of his little group with favours and debts.
    In a capitalist economy, you really need someone who understands bloody Capitalism! One who takes risks, and stands or falls by their actions.

    They’ll bring him down eventually, perhaps. So be it. But even if he falls today, the world has been changed. Presidents won’t have to be “presidential” after Trump?

    Liked by 3 people

    • By definition, ‘presidential’ is what a President does; not, a code of conduct.
      Such actions will vary with the President doing them.

      Many Generals were not likable people; but, were very good Generals and won battles.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Superficial, arrogant, completely left field and 99.9% patriotic. I certainly admire his bluntness and his bravado. I also fully support him on fake news and the MSM. He’s pardoned people who were wrongfully convicted and he is genuinely on the side of American workers.

        He loves his rallies, he loves playing to his audiences and he excels at getting his message over in simple terms. I have no idea what his Twitter feedback must be, yet I suspect he acts on what info he can gleam from ordinary people.

        As Leg’s said, he’s raised issues that no other president, or contender would have. In fact his depth of understanding of real issues is humbling. They say he only works a few hours a week, however he appears to have a support network that’s very clued up and to whom he listens.

        He knew about the issues in Sweden long before they’d even admit to a problem. He’s called out the Mayor of London for being a total prat and this business of tariffs is way, long overdue. He got May bang on, also Trudeau, also Salmond. I think he’s right about Kim as well.

        Got my doubts about his opinion on Iran and believe he gives too much weight to what Netanyahu thinks, IMO that shyster’s corrupt and inherently evil.

        If this is what his 2nd year in office brings; Lordy, what can we expect if he wins a 2nd term?

        Great for the Yanks to have him on their side. Pity he’s an implacable opponent, though fortunately he does have a soft spot for us Brits.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Trump is a stark contrast to our own ‘leader’, who appeases anyone who shouts loud enough, takes national dietary advice from the catering staff and treats the rest of us as scum.

      We could do with another Maggie right now.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hush! – it’s so amusing watching the idiot left falling for Trump’s games. Although, even if they read your blog, I doubt their hate-filled, twisted little minds are capable of seeing what he’s doing.

    Liked by 2 people

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  4. What I find funny is that his supposed politically savvy opponents are incredibly naive. They still don’t know what they are dealing with. Or mostly not dealing with. Every tweet a hand grenade. Every move they make wrong footed. They think he’s mad or very stupid proving themselves not very bright. If he carries on like this he’ll get another term as POTUS. I’ll have another bet on him too (I won over £400 because he became Pres).

    Liked by 1 person

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