David Davis has resigned as Brexit secretary.

The rabid elements on the left think he did this on a Sunday night to ‘slope off quietly and hope nobody noticed’, which is presumably why it’s all over the BBC and other news outlets.

He stepped down very publicly, not ‘on a Sunday night’ but with perfect timing. In less than 24 hours, the Prime Monster will deliver an already prepared speech to the House of Conmen in which she claims the cabinet are fully behind her sham Brexit. If he had resigned days ago there would have been time for the spin doctors to mitigate the situation. They have, at best, 18 hours to sort something out.

There’s going to be some hasty rewriting deep into the night. This isn’t a ‘blow’ to Tessie Maybe. It’s a full on cricket bat to the face. She is going to look very silly tomorrow.

Mr. D was followed shortly afterwards by another, and another. Co-ordinated? Undoubtedly. Cruel? Well she won’t listen to reason so there was no other course of action left to take.

They say they are doing it ‘for us’ but come on, nobody believes that any more. What has rattled the Tory cage is that they know, with absolute certainty, that as things stand they will be utterly wiped out at the next General Election.

Tonight could be the last night that devious bitch sleeps in No.10. Tomorrow is going to be very interesting indeed.

We might actually get a proper Brexit. They won’t do it for us, they’ll do it to save their careers.

As long as they do it, I don’t really care why.

13 thoughts on “Dominoes

  1. I have a suspicion that what actually happened at that Cabinet meeting was that, for the first time since taking office, our Tessie actually grew a pair and said to all the bickerers that they’d better get behind the programme or get out. Now, I don’t have the greatest of faith in the proposals she’s put forth, but then I don’t have the greatest of faith in anything that any of our incompetent bunch of MPs come up with – it was one of the very real risks that I accepted I was taking when I voted to leave – but at least there is now a cobbled-together plan, and I think that the time for MPs whinging and whining whenever some proposal doesn’t suit exactly what they want is gone. If we’re to come through this Brexit process with anything remotely workable, MPs on all sides of the debate have got to work on it together – bringing their differing ideas to the table and (sensibly) discussing them to see if they can be incorporated, rather than stamping their little feet and squealing and throwing their toys out of the pram every time something is proposed that they don’t personally happen to like very much.

    The time has now come for these spoiled, overly-powerful children to start behaving like proper grownups doing proper grownups’ jobs – which involves compromises and accepting that you don’t always get exactly what you want in life. And if any of them aren’t capable of that, then it’s quite right that they should resign from their Cabinet positions. Indeed, if their resignations are a sign, as I believe they are, that they are either incapable of these most basic of parliamentary skills – debate and discussion and compromise – or simply too stubborn to apply them, then in my view they should resign from their positions as MPs altogether.

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  2. Quite apart from the betrayal of the Nation’s unambiguous instructions I find her behaviour towards our elected representatives serving in her Cabinet intolerable. To threaten them with instant withdrawal of ministerial cars and the humiliation of a long walk to the gate of Chequers if they didn’t agree to toe the line there and then shows the utter contempt she holds for her colleagues and the people she is meant to serve. The childish confiscation of phones shows her up for what she is, an incompetent and low grade geography teacher incapable of showing leadership and direction, who knows she is useless and views everyone with suspicion. For the first time in my long life I feel true hatred for someone and it is an awful feeling.

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  3. I am wondering if what we’re seeing here isn’t more a case of six of one, half a dozen of the other. The EU do not seem to really want to see the back of the UK, or rather would like to see the UK’s money carry on coming in. This, taken with other behaviour, is interesting.

    Back when Greece got into banking difficulties, it did not get summarily booted out of the Euro. Doing this would have been good for Greece since it would have forced them to sort their ideas out, and politically VERY good for the EU since all the other fiscal incompetents would have realised that membership of the Euro could be taken away from them unless they behaved.

    However, the EU didn’t do this. The current Brexit shilly-shallying would seem to give more evidence to something rather unthinkable: the European banks are in such deep shit that even wiping out the Greek debts would trigger a chain reaction of defaults which would collapse the Euro currency.

    The UK’s payments, because they are in foreign currency and not in Euros, may well be one of the things that keep the Eurozone stable. Remember, the EU high command is separate from the Euro bankers so the one may not know what a dicky state the other is in, hence the dismissive treatment of the UK. This will now have been communicated over, hence the frantic efforts to keep the UK paying into the sinking Euro.

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    • Austria and Italy are rocking the boat. Germany is even getting a bit pissed off at Merkel’s invasion force. Sweden is a basket case and on the verge of a civil war and Denmark is taking a harder and harder line against immigrants. France, well, they’ll eat their cheese and surrender again, no doubt.

      The whole lot is going to fall apart and we’re best out of the way when it happens. There is no point staying in. It’s like demanding the best suite on the Titanic at this point.

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