It doesn’t matter

Donnie Trumpton is in town.

He was in the country for six hours before he bitch-slapped our idiot Prime Monster with ‘The UK/US trade deal is off’. Is that him being a bastarrd?

No. There can be no US/UK trade deal because Terrible May’s version of Brexit is worse than staying in. We do what we are told, we have no say, and if we object the EU can put a hard border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. Also take money from us. They like doing that. Under Terrible May’s plan, we have no power to make a deal with the US. Nor with anyone else. If we try, the EU can split our country. This is the Tory PM’s plan.

The collapse of that deal has nothing to do with Trump. May has done this, Trump cannot deal with us because we are not allowed to make deals under May’s plan.

A plan she cleared with Angela Merkel before her own MPs saw it. A plan she has declared cannot be changed because she has already cleared it with Angela Merkel. A plan she has now changed to let the EU’s human rights commission have full control over us. But our MPs are not allowed to change it. Yeah. If you opened the gates of Hell right now, the demons would elect to stay home. There’s nothing more for them to do.

I see Lefties on Twitter shrieking that Trump cannot be allowed to influence UK policy because ‘interference by a foreign government is not sovereign control’ while they are happy for Merkel to approve laws our own government have not seen yet.

In Heaven there are millions who are shaking their heads and wondering why they died to stop Hitler winning. What was the point, really? At least the many Polish pilots who fought on our side can be smug, their country has not fallen for the globalist bullshit.

And at that Nato summit was No One Drunker, the leader of the EU and representative of most of a continent. He had to be held up on both sides. He could barely walk. His minions are saying ‘sciatica’ and I say ‘fuck off’. His face is not contorted in the pain of a sciatica sufferer. It’s the wild smile of the pisshead. He is drunker than a teetollaer who downed a bottle of absinthe. His liver must look like Swiss cheese. I drink a lot, way over the made-up limits, but it would take a lot more to get me in that state.

If I had turned up for work in any job I have ever done in that state I would have been fired on the spot and quite right too. Even in my self employments, as a microbiologist dealing with horrible bacteria I’d be dead now if I tried to do the job drunk. As a publisher now, if I tried to promote a book with a description ‘ Raa raa raa, graa, feckit’  how far would it get?

Yet that is who is in charge of the EU. And there are people who want to stay in it. Including Terrible May.

You can’t fire No One Drunker and you can’t vote him out because that is EU democracy. 48% of the UK are fine with having most of a continent run by someone way more pissed than I have ever been. Pause here while I giggle like the original Cesar Romero joker 🙂

The Tory party are finished. Terrible May’s career is over. She has taken her party down too. Jezza might well be the next Prime Monster but it doesn’t matter. None of it matters.

This Brexit hands total control of the UK to Germany, the driving force behind the EU all along. Oh come on, didn’t you know Hitler’s backup plan? This is it.

It does not matter who we elect. They can do nothing, influence nothing, they just take orders.  You coud have the next PM as Corbyn, Bagpuss or Thomas the Tank Engine. Under May’s capitulation, it does not matter

It does not matter to Terrible May that she has no career, it does not matter to her quislings. They will be rewarded (on past experience of this kind of thing, in the afterlife, but that is small comfort).

You’re not Lenin, Tessie. It’s the digital age. It’s easier to airbrush you out of photos now.

If this version of Brexit goes through, both sides lose. We are not in it and not out. We will follow laws in which we have no say. We will do as we are told or suffer the consequences.

Finally, under a Prime Monster called Theresa May, the sun sets one last time on the British Empire.

Goodbye white humans. They never loved you anyway.

5 thoughts on “It doesn’t matter

  1. Although I am very sad that we have come to such a pass, very well said and thanks for saying it.
    If this abortion of a plan is accepted then we are truly fucked and the electorate will know exactly where they stand.
    A Corbyn government would be only for a few years, but the EU is for life.

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  2. I’m very pleased that the President of the USA has chosen to crash out for a couple of nights in Scotland. They may try to take the piss that he only works for a few hours a week, but boy look at what he’s done over the past 72 hours. NATO, Brexit, Mayor of London, Boris and – as you mentioned – good old Tess.

    So he changed his position from that widely publicised interview with the Sun newspaper. Now I ask myself, why the Sun? It’s owned by Mr. Murdoch. Donald and Rupert are friends of convenience and the Sun has the 2nd largest circulation of any newspaper in the UK (Mail’s the only one that betters it). Also it’s read mainly by blue collar workers (as is the Mail) and they are his main target audience.

    But he played it to a tee – and my respect for him grows. Also he’s lost a lot of weight, so doesn’t seem as bloated – he’ll need to look the part for his re-election campaign.

    Tess’s proposal for our future relationship with the EU is far from a done deal and what she did this afternoon was sat down with a whole bunch of Brexiteers and had a nice homily with them. Quite what was said isn’t clear at this time, however it shows she’s prepared to grasp the nettle.

    What is clear is many people are talking utter rubbish about the proposed deal, hence Donald doing the backtrack after he sat down with Tess and got the real truth. Also, while I know this will sound odd, Donald would not have held her hand going down, then up the steps if he really disliked the woman. (Tess was more gracious than his own wife with that).

    At the end of the day “the deal” still has to get EU approval. I feel they’re so full of themselves, so intent on setting an example to others that they’ll reject it outright.

    If that happens, then Ms. May’s strategy of getting everyone in her cabinet to sign up to the deal makes perfect sense. They’re all in it together and they’ll all fall with it together. Gove may have made his greatest career error by not resigning.

    As things stand, Boris comes out the greatest winner. And yes folks, they’re scared witless of Nigel Farage – still. Astonishing:

    Ashamed at the BBC. More interested in the protests against Donald than the meat of his working visit. All they’ve been able to muster in Glasgow is a crowd of about 5,000, many trucked in for the event.

    Still, we await events over the weekend, though it’ll be a fine day for a round of golf tomorrow.,-4.83?par=google

    Then it’s off to Helsinki to meet with Vlad on the 16th. The Presidential Palace set aside as the only really safe place at such short notice.

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